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  1. Man tries to promote himself as the true centrist candidate, yet supports national service and wants to expand visas to high skilled workers which will affect France and it's horrible unemployment already (currently at 10%) He also acts like he is qualified, this is a man that wrote the Macron Law, this is the law that made it easier for companies to fire people and then also destablised unions and made it impossible for unions to support workers and also made it so people can't protest if they're getting fired or laid off. This is one of the most hated laws in French history. He als
  2. Would love it if there were more brits on this forum to back me up, lol.
  3. I'd say so but they're holding steady in the polls. They do represent a crowd of socially conservative working class alike myself that feel disenfranchised by the socially liberal Labour Party.
  4. I don't think anyone right or left should even touch Macron, truly the biggest scam to ever exist. If he does win on the 8th May, I'm going to predict he's approvals by 2022 will be around 20% (I'm gonna bump this post at the time when I'm right)
  5. There was atleast 4 people here that now cannot wait to make the scenario for that lol
  6. Reeeee someone beat me to it, I've been making one of these for a LONG time but I haven't posted it as I know that theres an official one being made. You've given me inspiration to post mine now lol. I'll need to tweak it though.
  7. I found the issue, I had polling on lol, sorry guys.
  8. I was making a Utah 2012 Senate election scenario where obviously, the Republican wins in most counties overwhelmingly. My issue is that, I'll put, say Orrin Hatch, at 60% in a county, I'll play the game, and the democrat will be at 50% while Orrin at 39% in the county. I add a third party, and he has say, 21% in all counties, when I play the game, he has 0% in all counties despite being on all ballots. Help?
  9. Ahahaha same, it felt kind of weird because I was playing the austria scenario someone made a while ago but I put pop vote on, I was constantly checking the different areas before realizing I'm not using electoral college.
  10. Ted and Trump are fine now, they get along well.
  11. Wouldn't this be politically stupid? His approval within the party would drop even more and more republicans within the senate and house would hate him and nothing would happen to his approval among democrats because we all know Occupydemocrats will keep spewing memes out.
  12. well nixon won an electoral landslide
  13. By this do you mean, an alternative scenario where we elect the president of the EU? or EU parliament elections in specific countries like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Parliament_election,_2014_(France) Anyway, most of these scenarios require either FPTP popular vote or PR for PMI
  14. I actually want to make a recommendation that for once, isn't for a new voting system. Exit polls
  15. I agree with this but I don't really know how P4E works.
  16. I mean, I don't really know tbh, I'm saying this because I know there were a lot of protests by Catholics in 2012 about gay marriage and obviously islam is something that France are taking very seriously.
  17. While an official version is in development and I agree with JDrakeify with the fact of the proper electoral system not being there, the problem is that the creator actually has a life and a job and it probably won't be ready for a long time. I'm not someone who has P4E 2008 but I saw this and it peaked my interest, I'm a big fan of French Politics (my profile picture on this forum is of a young Nicolas Sarkozy interacting with former President Chirac when he was mayor of Paris) I'm not good with issues at all, I'm horrible with this in fact but I can recommend a few. Multicultur
  18. lol not gonna lie wasnt expecting that
  19. Well, I think this has finally put him in the limelight instead of making him the one republican that democrats will parade around as "that veteran who HATES donald trump!" John McCain and this entire Russia fiasco will just birth a new form of McCarthyism and stop cooperatation between the West and East that Reagan was striving for, Reagan would be rolling over in his grave to see modern day Republicans stopping Trump from trying to form relations.
  20. Create a new poll and we'll vote there? Seems like the best action to dictate where you should go from here.
  21. And? Conservatives will still vote for Trump and if Trump has a guaranteed record by 2020, he won't lose all of his base. Cuban will probably pick off more democrats due to his social and economic positions than Republicans.
  22. Mark Cuban would probably run as a democrat, or he'd split the dem base most likely.
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