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  1. FN has been playing the long game for 20 years, if Macron's status quo policies don't lead him down the rabbit hole, his lack of experience with handling politicians will do it for him.
  2. Hmmm So she moved away from the fringe? To understand Ms. Le Pen's de-demonization of the Front National, people need to look at how the party has radically changed its stances from when Jean-Marie Le Pen was in charge. Jean-Marie Le Pen was adamantly catholic and opposed gay marriage, abortion and was ultraliberal on economics, believing that people shouldn't have a safety net to land in if they fail in life. He inspired his daughters to think this way, using the stories of his time in war and other horrible life events like when a far-left terrorist bombed his apartment and trie
  3. When I started to make the scenario, the UK edition didn't allow editing at the level the Canadian edition did (I started this a while back.) Ever since, the UK edition has had some improvements (I would have made it for the UK edition if I started it a bit later) Maybe if I can finish this one in time. I may need to edit the map to show a representation of some more overseas constituencies (hopefully I can transition to the offficial France map by then) and I have about 100 more seats to finish editing as well as adding in additonal candidates.
  4. I'd prefer the EC because its a representive democracy but probably some kind of PR being used to determine EC votes by state.
  5. So yeah, I've been making this for a while, it's at a point where I think I can post about me making it but I'm really REALLY slow (mainly due to the fact that it's such a big thing also I'm making some scenarios for PI maybe also focused around France) So yeah, if you want something to get hype for, here you go. Just wait a little bit more. I've got a few more regions left to work on and also policies as well as adding some more candidates in. JUNE 29TH UPDATE - BETA OUT NOW A month after I promised the release date. Here it is. WIP. What needs to be added ar
  6. 2002 was an election that set in place the fall of Marine's father and the slotting of her into the seat of leader of the party which has obviously made the party into the force it was. I guess it was a proxy election in that way, the way I'm using proxy election is saying that it's an election that doesnt really matter because the real election will come in 5 years time.
  7. Aye it does, 2012 was a lot closer than they estimated, and 2007 was pretty off, 2002 too. I honestly don't mind what happens tomorrow, just seems crazy that french people are still electing the status quo, they've had above 10% unemployment since the 80s and horrible economic growth too.
  8. It's fine limiting classes to say, 20-30 students but 12 students is just ridiculous. It'll crumble the social climate for schooling, force schools to build more classrooms to deal with the excess (with money it most likely doesnt have) and then on top of that, the school would need to hire more teachers which costs even more money. Macron seems like hes going to be a failed project, I go back to what I said previously.
  9. That was my favourite part of the debate. I feel like she should have questioned his policies a bit more though, his policy about limiting classrooms to 12 pupils to create jobs is absolutely ridiculous and will just cost schools more money as they will need to build rooms for left over students.
  10. Nigel Farage is honestly the only politician I have ever seen who feels like he is actually interacting with you instead of sounding like a lifeless technocrat. I met him once, hes a nice guy.
  11. The only way that free market healthcare can work are within the limits that Milton Friedman set as they will allow healthcare to be cheap and function in the free market. Sadly, that won't happen because the right has lost its way and can't decide on what to do and the left wing is the same.
  12. There's no bother in caring for this because the inevitable loss of Le Pen only strengthens her in 2022, and her popular policies would guarantee her reelection in 2022 too so. This is just a proxy election, no more, no less.
  13. Centre economically, pretty right socially
  14. wolves

    Right to Work

    I don't know why you have to imply right to work as fascist then and have to use that as some kind of argument. Then, I'll state it's authoritarian, which is what it is by context, correct?
  15. wolves

    Right to Work

    Well I don't mind, my job is merely one I'm doing until I'm trained in a trade, I just like the extra cash.
  16. wolves

    Right to Work

    There's literally no reason to not support right to work unless you want people to be forced to pay into a union to work a job or something, right to work only protects peoples right to freedom to association. It's more fascist really to FORCE people to join unions.
  17. wolves

    Right to Work

    I'm fine with stopping workers from being forced to pay union fees, I have to do it and it's honestly a pain and just sucks off my wages. Anyone who doesn't endorse this has never been forced to pay union fees, it's pretty ridiculous how much they charge nowdays.
  18. My problem is that I think the Reagan/Bush/Clinton era was good, but I can't say it was good and support Trump's protectionism for #3.
  19. That makes perfect sense, thank you. I was thinking of it like that.
  20. How exactly is the vote transfer system going to work? Like say, I had a 2017 french election scenario, how will Fillon or Melenchon or whatever endorse a second round candidate. @admin_270
  21. Aye, I had it mixed up at the time, only additional MSPs are elected via PR.
  22. But if we're talking about legacy, looking at it retrospectively.
  23. The main advisor who literally created these laws and has his name on them is to blame, it's more like Francois is to blame by association. You may be crazy about Le Pen's anti-business pro worker policies though.
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