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  1. I mean't with estimates of the vote. When I recommended this, I recommended that right when the first results come in (under a popular vote scenario) it'd tell us the estimates for the final percentage of the vote, as I've shown in the France one. When I'm talking about this, I'm not talking about exit polls showing the electorate, I'm strictly talking about the estimation of the result.
  2. Yep Patine, my favourite prime minister.
  3. If you can find me a single video online of exit polls being broadcasted during the coverage of a presidental election in the US alike this one I will give you a dollar.
  4. There's an official scenario coming in a few weeks, you should wait for the map for that tbh.
  5. Also on past results* The matter of the fact is that the US uses exit polls differently in terms of election coverage.
  6. You're telling me that exit polls are used exactly like that video I provided in the US?
  7. People were hesistant to neoliberalism because it was change. Foot was a socialist though. Obviously he was more out of touch in the 80s during the cold war than Thatcher was. The problem the Labour party has is that everytime it elects a socialist, they're old and uncharismatic and though they seem sincere, they're a gold mine when it comes to making gaffs. (Corbyn's shadow cabinet, Corbyn's views on brexit flip-flopping, etc)
  8. I agree about Bernie but not about Labour. Michael Foot is similar to Jeremy Corbyn and in the 70s he got the same amount of support. Corbyn's ideas are popular but he's not.
  9. ha ha ha more people think "unsure" would be a better prime minister
  10. I remember adding Kanye into a 2024 scenario I made where he had Jay-Z as his VP lol good play by play tho
  11. I don't think you're getting the idea of what I mean. almost every country other than the US does exit polls like this, I mean directly like this, and its meant to estimate the result Exit polls in the USA are meant mainly to display the way the electorate voted. What I'm asking for here is for the option to turn these kind of exit polls on. (from the video I linked)
  12. Just want to reiterate this. Exit polls are used in a way much more relevant to the broadcasting of results in foreign countries.
  13. I know what you're talking about but in the 2014 senate elections, 2008 and 2012 I distinctly remember them estimating the results based on exit polls and early results. They never mentioned exit polls in 2016 for states which was weird. It doesn't really debunk my point that in places like Brazil, exit polls are used much more effectively, e.g. as soon as polls close, they have a countdown and announce the winner by exit poll.
  14. You're gonna have to excuse me but exit polls in the USA are only used in conjuction with early results to determine the actual result. Which is much different than what I'm talking about.
  15. By exit polls, I'm talking about estimation of the results.
  16. Can we get exit polls after the release of the popular vote second round feature? Exit polls aren't really common in the US or atleast aren't as notable but they are in France, Austria, Brazil, etc.
  17. Should do an EU election instead more interesting
  18. Also I want to say that numerous times in Trump's presidency has he stated that Comey has stopped him from doing things from trying to do something about Clinton to get basic information. This was right just so the executive power of the office was perserved. No where will you find employees hiding stuff like checkbooks from bosses, the US office isn't much different.
  19. wolves

    electronic endorsers

    I'm sure you can just bundle Alex Jones, Paul Joesph Watson, etc into an infowars endorsements. You did RebelMedia for PMI-Canada and it's not THAT different.
  20. Yeah, this guy is hella ineffective and Comey himself reaffirmed numerous times to Trump he wasn't investigating him. Comey just feels kind of like he doesn't know what hes doing or that hes indecisive, Trump was right to fire him just so we don't have a rerun of a Hillary situation. If Comey actually found something bad on Trump he'd probably let him go anyway that's how lenient he is.
  21. That is very true. You may have a point tbh.
  22. Nah, the media would just go against FPO more than it already is, they branded him as a nazi numerous times and continue to do so.
  23. FN, PVV and FPO in 2017 are political powerhouses in their respective countries, FPO actually was in austrian government in the 90s and the EU got very mad, even placing sanctions on Austria (lol) Sad that Hofer lost, he was incredibly likable. Did you know he carried a gun to every debate to show how pro-open carry he was.
  24. Still waiting on a PR feature for PMI I wanna make my dutch elections scenario
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