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  1. I do not care about the Republican party's position. Ask Pelosi four years ago what she thought of ending qualified immunity, ask her now. This movement did something.
  2. Exactly! There are people alive right now that had their house burnt down and family members hung just for being black, they thought it would all change with the Civil Rights Act. It's been 60 years since then and black people are still being killed for the most tame crimes. I mean look at Breonna Taylor, a good person, did nothing wrong and she was literally extrajudicially killed and the AG is trying his best to ignore it. Nothing has changed!
  3. Then maybe politicians should stop failing people? This isn't an issue with people. Throughout history, people have become frustrated with the system they live under and have fought it with violence, innocents are always in the cross-fire. The problem doesn't lie in the rioting, the problem lies in the fact that rioting is actually resolving things that electoralism ISN'T. If rioting keeps fixing things, why would people stop? They've voted Democrat since the 1960s, when has qualified immunity and killings of innocent black people stopped? Qualified immunity finally stopped in a handful of sta
  4. Still have a hardcore base that will stay with them for a long time from the Layton times. Singh is the issue with the party. Don't expect him to be there in 2023 T B H. As I said, Liberals will remain at the top, they still have parties ready to go into a coalition with them if needed be, I think Trudeau is a vulture. He would rather be in power in confidence and supply than a Tory leader knocking him down.
  5. lol another loss incoming for the tories going to be like the uk, a decade of one party dominance trudeau's only downfall is refusing to go into government with the ndp. that would guarantee TWO decades
  6. In terms of the last question, for a country like the UK, I believe in more of a Japanese method, only if there are people attacking us, rare UN deployments for engineer corps or humanitarian to go and build roads as a peacekeeper or such BUT... The USA, through its own belief of American exceptionalism, has put its fingers in so many pies that it'll be impossible to dethaw from. Until the fall of the US as an empire in another World War or economic collapse, the USA government will remain to exist to be global police of its own making, so I went standard. (I also in some ways, despite be
  7. Lol, minorities have fought since the 1960s to end unfair policies like qualified immunity. They have tried democratically, they have tried peacefully. As soon as a city is on fire, people are outside the governor and AG's mansion camping looking for answers and standing up to police we suddenly see states folding and respecting minorities. Why should we stop? Electoralism is being exposed in modern day America.
  8. George Floyd didn't die of Fenty. Would have went out a much different way. I've known people that have died from Fenty, right in front of me, you get drowsy, you start slurring words, you practically overdose and then you fall asleep. You go blue about a hour later. Floyd was choking actively and went blue much earlier, it may have assisted but that doesn't mean a knee on the neck doesn't kill. We have footage in both cases. Any resistance to the fact the police were responsible in both times is pure partisanship and sticking to your guns and refusing to falter.
  9. There is no single reason why Kennedy ran. It feels like he's being spoilt. Pelosi saying that shes endorsing him cause the entire Democrat party is now sullying the "Kennedy legacy" is hilarious too. I really hope Markey trounces him. Kennedy could have ran in 4 years or so, when Markey retires (Markey is literally 74) but Kennedy felt the need to jump the que. Now he's going to be further set back, probably ended his own political career and any ties he had, even now with the future of the Dems looking more and more away from his politics.
  10. I could continue. I didn't have internet for a month as I was out of town. I am back now though.
  11. Anyone else think the polls are gonna start tightening soon?
  12. Rand Paul runs scathing TV ads targeting Paul Ryan and Curt Schilling in Iowa! Taxes and ecology a focal point of campaign. A new series of TV ads have arrived to Iowan televisions this weekend as Senator Rand Paul has begun running state-wide attack advertisements targeting Paul Ryan and Curt Schilling. Rand Paul, who has made ecology and taxes important issues in his campaign, has also made them the center point of these attack ads, hitting Paul Ryan on the fact he wanted tax cuts for the petroleum industry, his belief that climate change is fake and isn't real and that he supported dra
  13. position whoever would face Trump in 2020 to win
  14. They, like the GOP when impeaching Clinton, knew that it wouldn't lead to anything but it was just simple political positioning for an upcoming election. The house is irrelevant but the Senate wont let Trump postpone the election.
  15. You are very blind if you think the house wanted Trump to be removed. They just wanted him impeached, Biden vs Pence would have been a death sentence for them, Pelosi being president even more so.
  16. Lowkey tho the delay should happen I mean it cant be constitution but if there is no vaccine or there is a vaccine ready by say, November, then in an ideal world a delay to January/February time would be better
  17. DMR: Rand Paul meets voters in Council Bluffs, Iowa with State Sen. Dan Dawson Senator Rand Paul has canvassed personally in Council Bluffs, Iowa today with State Senator Dan Dawson from the 8th District, which is Council Bluffs is within. Council Bluffs, on the border with Omaha, Nebraska is a target region for senator Rand Paul who reportedly, according to sources from his camp, began to transition towards targeting more conservative and libertarian rural voters rather than moderate suburb voters in the cities who he believes will fall to either Paul Ryan or Dan Crenshaw, if the latter
  18. Like Scotland in the UK, the fear of separation means they'll get everything given to them. The SNP would effectively give Scotland a recession by separating but they love to put their fingers in their ears and go "La la la la". The UK economy and taxpayers from other parts of the country like me prop up their ridiculous spending and then we're told by the SNP that we don't give them enough lol, all while having a deficit 7x higher than the rest of the UK despite a tenth of the population. Their deficit and debt is worse than Greece and Spain was at its peak recession, that is how bad it is an
  19. Julian Castro definitely wasn't the best choice, the best choice she could have made for VP that would have amounted in bringing out working class voters and younger votes as well as independents + those people who slid to the greens was Bernie Sanders. I think Julian Castro should run for a senate seat or governor of Texas if we're honest he took care of SA very, very well but in that election he doesn't have the name recognition or "history" to purposely counteract Hilary's issues with attracting the rural or poorer vote, especially as he was the mayor of a huge city, a member of the Obama a
  20. So Kaine was a better choice? If the Democrats screeching about the Greens was correct, then Warren would have possibly brought progressives to her side and won MI, WI and PA.
  21. The Florida Times-Union: Rand Paul hosts gigantic rally in Jacksonville, Florida with former mayor Lenny Curry and Joe Walsh Jacksonville mayor Lenny Curry speaks at a rally for Rand Paul's presidential campaign Republican and Libertarian presidential candidate Rand Paul held a rally in Jacksonville, Florida today, his first campaign stop in the sunshine state. Following an endorsement on social media by former congressman, Trump dissident and once-libertarian-conservative starlet Joe Walsh, he was billed on as a guest speaker alongside former mayor Lenny Curry who won multiple
  22. Would we possibly be able to get an Iowa poll for the Republicans? I see it wasn't here...
  23. I am going to just go out and say that nominating Kamala Harris or Val Demings will not generate an Obama-like effect for black and hispanic turnout like the Democrats want and if you were thinking "well duh wolves, they know that!" please look at the fact whenever anything goes right for the Democrats they try to replicate it until they figure out it doesn't work (example, Bill Clinton politics)
  24. If I'm going to be honest, for me I am skeptical of a Biden win cause I know how gaffe prone he is and I think the probability of one of those scandals actually hitting the front page and becoming something for Trump to rally on is high. I also think Trump's ads are very effective from the ones I've seen and the fact that polling is so close in Ohio. Perhaps the end of its perfect record since 1968?
  25. Rand Paul gives a speech in Nashua, New Hampshire with frmr. Rep Jim DeMint about the federal reserve In Nashua, New Hampshire today, Senator Rand Paul gave a speech with former South Carolina representative and tea party favorite Jim DeMint about taxation, inflation, the economy and specifically, views on the federal reserve and the IRS. Rand Paul called for a complete audit of the federal reserve, marking that it had been able to effectively go so long without oversight because politicians are too scared, the inflation rate and exchange rate needs to be looked into and the federal reser
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