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  1. Today lol Imagine saying this on the debate stage. If "I've got binders of women" is so bad that it was blew up why does no one care about this. It's like we're normalizing it for Biden but holding Trump and every other politician to a higher degree.
  2. Pollsters trying to learn from 2016 but failing. Pollsters also trying to gauge proper turnout and samples. It's hard when most votes this year are expected to be by mail. Lots of variables to voting by mail and it affects minorities and democrats a lot more, e.g. having to send it off two weeks before, ballots not arriving, them arriving and you lose it, etc etc etc.
  3. I would never call Joe Biden a better speaker lol. He's horrible.
  4. He said COVID-19 has killed more people this year than it has in 100 years.
  5. He got out like you wanted. Had a gaffe immediately. He needs to stay inside.
  6. Just a reminder that a lot of the people that are rallying are younger and minority voters. Ones that almost never turn out. That is also a great point, if Biden alienates even one of these two category of voters, he loses. Trump getting above 15% AA support is game over for Biden, something I don't see happening unless AA turnout is incredibly down. Voting by mail could result in that despite how everyone says it won't. Theres a lot of gimmicks to it (send in your ballot two weeks early, has to be done by usps, etc etc. I'm a mail-in voter here and I've voted twice. I nearly forgot both times cause you see the mail and just put it somewhere thinking "I don't need it now") Biden and the Democratic establishment know its time is almost up. It's trying a last hoorah to woo Republicans and prove to the progressive youth wing "Look! It works! Liberalism works!"
  7. You do know sports have been cancelled since April right? People aren't going to vote cause of CFB. They acknowledge the cancellation of sports is a common side effect of COVID-19 but if they're that into CFB, they would be following it and probably be reassured by the talks to start the season in Spring instead.
  8. According to RCP, Michigan and Wisconsin are closer than Florida is. I am not surprised. Florida has a large pensioner population. Ages 60+ have turned against Trump due to COVID.
  9. If that happened, that's the closest the US will come to a political scenario advocating civil war since the civil rights era.
  10. Cause this is a dramatically different race than 2016.
  11. I mean we knew the race would tighten but Biden being +5 nationally is still not amazing for Trump. I would be giddy over winning Ohio if I was Trump though and that recent YouGov poll showing Trump winning Independents +10. We always knew Biden had an independents problem though.
  12. And how many hours did he prepare for these interviews on TV and rallies he did in 2008 and 2012? Must be a lot cause his brain didn't seem like it was melting then. He really needs to up his preparation in 2020 and change his campaign team around cause clearly it's appearing to everyone that he is senile. What a horrible candidate. Can't imagine why you'd vote for this man in a primary outside of being over the age of 30.
  13. Yes he would make it up lol, cause he made up meeting Nelson Mandela when he walked out of prison, he said he taught at Penn, said he visited Afghanistan to honor a dead Naval officer who rappelled down a ravine to retrieve the body of another soldier, said he was ARRESTED in South Africa for trying to see Nelson Mandela, said this several times, lied about his vote on the invasion of Iraq, plagiarized British labour leader Neil Kinnock, lied about anti-segregationist activity when he was on the wrong side of history during the civil rights era. So why wouldn't he lie about a stutter? He lied about honoring dead soldiers, he lied about seeing Nelson Mandela, he lied about not being racist above all things. Why would the track record show that Biden isn't a liar here? You can provide whatever anecdotal articles you want, there's a three hour debate from 2012 and another from 2008 showing him not stutter once. There's countless interviews from both presidential runs, countless rallies, that he attended and didn't stutter once. These are all situations in 2020 when he turned into a mess, stuttering, lying, not knowing what he was running for, not knowing what was going on, forgetting things like the word "constitution", forgetting he was running for PRESIDENT, LOL. Once again, Kamala Harris, president by 2022.
  14. Difference is that he never had it until this year. Now he's trying to normalize it like that video of the kid at the DNC "Oh Joe Biden made me realize having a stutter is okay", Joe Biden has a decade worth of videos of him talking at length for hours at a time not stuttering, now all of a sudden he is stuttering. He needs to draw a clock on TV.
  15. The difference is that one made gaffe's his entire political personality and has so since he ran in 2016. The other has videos talking for 4 hours at a time not stuttering and then all of a sudden can't keep himself from saying the wrong thing, stuttering or needing time to collect his thoughts. Kamala Harris is president by 2022.
  16. On the note about Joe Biden being absolutely either senile or on his way there: once again, another gaffe.
  17. Well of course, I see Cuomo trying for it but he is pretty unpopular outside of Covid-19. Don't see him being popular like this ever again.
  18. I actually agree that Biden is attempting to use this unrest to stoke racial tensions. The world will never return (thankfully) to the days of Black Panthers and people legitimately thinking there will be a race war but that doesn't mean that saying a sitting president is quite literally a neonazi is fine, it's disingenuous and its going to anger Republicans against pro-black movements. What a stupid thing to say.
  19. Well this election is literally the equivalent of being told "So your choices are shooting yourself and poisoning yourself" There is no positive outcomes in my eyes. The only positive outcome is Biden being the last hoorah for moderate politics. I don't see 2028 being anything other than a progressive orgy, mind my language.
  20. I doubt that. Thinking its something like with Clyburn in the Dem primaries after Super Tuesday "Oh yeah well Biden won Super Tuesday, why should he have to debate?" They push the idea so that Biden doesn't have to. The issue here is that Biden himself has to pull out of debates. He won't do it. He's maxed his support so there is obviously the fear he will lose more but I don't think that'll happen.
  21. Wouldn't have mattered cause people would have seen cancelling the RNC speech is political positioning, Americans are hyper-aware when Trump is political positioning cause they love looking at him with a lens. I think Hurricane Laura is supposed to be a lot more tame now, it made landfall at a Cat 4 isn't of Cat 5 right? (That's not saying its much more tame.) This isn't Katrina level but he could make this work for him, this is his last chance to look good I don't see another situation like this arising lol. I remember people thinking he was doing well with Harvey though.
  22. Why not both? Lmao. I see where you are coming from. I definitely think the rioting is causing elected officials and the Democratic party to swiftly act as well as change its positions on a lot of issues important to black people and leftists that have been ignored for so long in favor of reaching to the right. I also do believe the Democratic Party is the hope in all this in terms of effective reform, yes, as well as effective defunding and demilitarization of the police. I just think it's very obvious to everyone that protesting marching for Philando Castile, Tamir Rice and Walter Scott did nothing. It did literally nothing, these people died in vain. Rioting over Rodney King and Michael Brown actually *achieved* things. This is the problem we are facing, violence *achieves* things while it should not.
  23. Am not arguing its the right thing to do, am arguing that it is achieving goals.
  24. Lot of variables to that. You need to really think about what has changed. 60 years ago, African-Americans had hope for once in their existence since the ending of slavery that they were going to be on the up. Affirmative action was introduced and they were finally allowed in good schools cause of desegregation PLUS whenever crimes such as lynching occurred in Southern states such as Georgia, it was a crime that was forced to be taken seriously or else the GBI would be involved (or the state's equivalent) and that would be really bad for said-department. Look where they are now though. Where that hope ended up at. Black people still live in the same communities that were made popular by Jim Crow and in a lot of states like Illinois and California, were forced into communities due to gentrification. They don't get access to good schooling, they are such huge users of crack-cocaine and other stimulants that were literally PUSHED onto their communities by the government to arrest them, we have more black people in prison than any country has prisoners, we have systematic racism and institutional racism (white people and black people both get caught with marijuana at the exact same rate, white people more actually, guess who gets arrested for it more) and on top of all that, I can safely say to you that black people are scared when they're around police officers. A lot has changed but the right foot is walking forwards, the left back.
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