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  1. I know in the original P4E versions, name recognition was something that was factored in. There was even a bar in the candidate attributes page that factored in and measured a candidate's name recognition (which I assumed did have an impact on how well you could improve your polling numbers). Is there a way to do the same in President Infinity some place? Meaning that if you are polling at lets say 5%, it would be much easier to have you improve your standing in the polls if people know who you are, similarly harder a little bit if you are at 5% and people don't know who you are. And in P
  2. I have a map of California that I believe you posted on the scenario boards with one of your map packs. Anyway, I can create the scenario and such, but I am terrible of plotting the counties onto the map and making it work. Do you think you could help me out, I would then be able to create a California gubernatorial scenario for 2018 or one for California Senate 2016 if folks wanted an uphill battle. Thanks!
  3. Hi! I've been playing for a long time now and I really enjoy it, including some of the maps and such that you have created. With that said, I currently have a map for California that was used as a template in the gubernatorial 2010 scenario on P4E. Now, I was hoping to use it to create a new scenario for California either 2016 US Senate with some known CA republicans giving them a slight chance, and even more competitive would be the 2018 gubernatorial election. I can easily create the scenario itself, but I am no good at getting the counties to line up with the map and what not to b
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