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  1. Yes, he's currently moving the game to a new port and re-coding the whole game.
  2. You would have to change how many delegates each state has in the editor
  3. I would prefer Elizabeth Warren
  4. I hope Biden acknowledges that Bernie means something in the party and his ideas matter, we need a unified party going into the general
  5. I am from Florida, this state isn't trending in any one direction. We're R+3 generally, if Biden is winning the NPV by at least 3% he's winning Florida.
  6. Social Democrat, moreso a Warren type progressive than a Bernie type
  7. I keep getting this error during my President Infinity games the game either freezes and I can't click on anything and windows makes a noise when I click or I get this popup and I can never complete a full game. Does anyone know what is causing this? @admin_270 Running this on Windows 10, I have settings for it set to override high DPI settings by system (if I have this setting off, even on the games largest setting I can't read text it's so small), and Desktop Composition disabled..
  8. I campaign and create ads in the states I am focusing on but it barely seems to move at all, am I doing it wrong?
  9. It tends to happen more so when I double click on the state. It really has been happening more randomly, but it tends to happen more if I am double clicking a state
  10. I have also tested this out in other scenarios, including the official ones, and I get the same error, doing the same thing
  11. What do you mean? He's in the game
  12. Here's the scenario attached below, basically I have found the problem occurs during the primary ~super tuesday time, and it occurs when I click on any state, I notice it tends to happen more often when I build up a lot of infrastructure and footsoldiers in a lot of states then once super tuesday comes along and I click on a state it gives me an access violation, then tells it can't create the canvas Personal Scenario.zip
  13. It's started happening a lot since the last update, I generally play a custom scenario someone else made and since the update I keep getting this error midway through the primaries. It doesn't occur in the general election at all. @admin_270
  14. Hey guys, so when I play any random scenario, sometimes I'll have surrogates start randomly being created. Does this happen to anyone else?
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