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  1. Happy hoildays! Have a good one! Also the cities worked really well! I added a single city to a state to try it out and then tested it! It worked like a charm! This will make any future fan made scenarios super awesome!
  2. Looks awesome! Can't wait to try it myself!!
  3. @admin_270 I have a simple suggestion that can be a big difference to scenario creators. Could it be possible to add an option for certain interviews to be set during certain days of the week. In example, Fox News Sunday only happens on Sunday and not on the rest of the week. The interface can be similar to the endorser positions where the user can set certain positions that the endorser will only endorse but instead of far left to far right, just make it Sunday to Saturday
  4. Same! Especially for my fictional scenario!!! All we need is endorser images and I'm hooked on the game
  5. If I recall they were just for flavor
  6. That looks really good! Can't wait to try to give you proper feedback
  7. @admin_270 I have another suggestion for you! This one is concerning polls. So you know how you can set polls to be on during the general election. I was wondering if it would be possible to set them to be based around candidates. Currently they can be set around a generic party. For example, Generic Republican could get 45% generic Democrat 45% But let's say it was Trump 45% Biden 50% Or if another candidate is the nominee Trump 45% Sanders 45% Does that make sense? I hope I'm making sense
  8. I hope you'll add them to endorsers too That is my little wish
  9. Yes! Hopefully surrogates still have surrogate pictures
  10. Whoop! So keep at it admin! You certainly got me hyped
  11. That's fine It's understandable and I appreciate the transparency
  12. Like how it was done before preset colors
  13. Can you also allow users to also create their colors too?
  14. Can't wait till you add the event creation and region bit. That way the state momentum bit can be added and it would allow users to have some real fun with scenario making!
  15. Thank you! Happy late Thanksgiving to you Y'all celebrated back in October.
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