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  1. I wouldn't put them as endorsers. But it's up to you.
  2. Ooo sounds like quite the situation. Thanks for keeping us posted.
  3. So how's the update coming along? Any struggles so far? Anything that turned out easier than expected?
  4. Admin you're missing out on a chance to make more money.
  5. Can't wait to make German elections someday
  6. That's what I understood when I read that
  7. I'm kidding of course I'll just continue on making scenarios.
  8. Time to learn to code and make my own election simulator
  9. Aren't you so glad I brought it up? But seriously keep at it!
  10. And endorsements images and the option to set interviews on certain dates and of course fixing the percentage bonuses that is broken!
  11. They're every 4 years. However, snap elections tend to happen. But with the Tories having such a comfortable majority there will not be an election until 2024.
  12. The next UK election isn't until 2024.
  13. I added all Governors, Senators and Representatives. I decided to remove the ex-Representatives but I kept the ex-senators and ex-governors
  14. Yes! They are running for Senate and Congress as well at least in the other scenario I have planned. I'm just adding them in the presidential election for flavor.
  15. The better for America party is fictional! However, they were the superPAC used to help Evan McMullen get ballott access. I have a plan for the Party of Socialism but that's for another day The reform/Delta is actually giving ballot access to better for America. AKIP is just running like the Bloc Quebecios
  16. I'll let you try my fictional scenario it's got a few third parties. Including the AKIP from Alaska.
  17. Merry February to you admin_270
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