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  1. This play by play is off topic and should be moved to the election play by play section of the forum Just kidding of course! LOL!
  2. Having those 0.5 % sounds fun for scenario makers
  3. What photos are you referring to?
  4. What still needs to be worked on for the editor to be fully functional/fully complete? If I recall correctly I remember that last thing that was added was about the regions. No need to to give a ETA
  5. Admin did you add endorser surrogate images
  6. Bonuses working again. What a day.
  7. Rocky IV is pretty good. I like the Rambo movies so if you count First Blood part 2 as a cold war film then that's one I also like the James Bond films which involve the Cold War as a reason why the baddies are pitting the world's superpowers against each other.
  8. It sounds really interesting Patine! It reminds of the PF 08 scenario of the alt 1996 where Perot wins in 1992.
  9. Happy Fat Tuesday to you too
  10. That sounds cool Can't wait to try it out when editing a campaign.
  11. Did the bonuses issue get resolved?
  12. 1 is far too low. A 2 would be much better. In fact I could even justify a 3 if I was making the scenario.
  13. I think Patine can't vote because he's a Canadian citizen
  14. Issues for the scenario. If anyone cares to give a second opinion.
  15. Abortion Far-Left: Full reproductive rights for women! Only appoint pro-choice judges to Supreme Court and extend abortion rights! Expand funding for Planned Parenthood as their services do more than just provide abortion services! Left: Keep abortion as it is presently. Safe, legal, and rare. Keep late term abortion legal. Increase funding to Planned Parenthood as their services do more than just provide abortion services. Center-Left: Protect responsible choice. Ban late term abortions except in the case of life of the mother. Keep funding Planned Parenthood as their services do more than just provide abortion services. Preserve Roe v. Wade. Center: Abortion is not an issue for government intrusion. Oppose government control over abortion. Leave it to the states. Keep funding Planned Parenthood as their services do more than just provide abortion services. Center-Right: Some restrictions on abortion. Allow abortions in cases of rape, incest, or life of the mother. Ban late term abortions. Defund Planned Parenthood Right: Only allow abortion in cases where the mother's life is at risk. Ban late term abortion. Overturn Roe vs. Wade and move it back to the states. Defund Planned Parenthood. Far-Right: Abortion is murder! Total ban on abortions including rape and incest. Planned Parenthood should be shut down completely! States’ Rights Far-Left: Government always knows best! Left: The federal government usually knows what to do, but we can let some small issues be handled on the state level. Center-Left: We shouldn't take away the rights of the state, but the federal government should step in when it needs to step in! Center: Maintain a healthy relationship between the federal and state governments. Center-Right: The federal government doesn't need to take an active role in every little thing. Give more power to state governments. Right: The federal government is usually a force of evil. Give state governments much more control. Far-Right: Government is scheme meant to keep we the people down! Devolve power now! Government Spending Far-Left: A deficit and debt is fine. Focus on social programs and how the government can better people's lives. Left: Increase government spending on social programs, a deficit is acceptable for longer term gain such as the New Deal. Center-Left: Focus on real priorities. Social spending is more important than the deficit. Center: Balance lowering the deficit with other priorities. No long-term deficits. Center-Right: We need to curb spending in order to balance the budget. Respect taxpayers' dollars. Right: A large decrease in federal spending. A Balanced Budget Amendment to ensure responsible fiscal management. Far-Right: We need to eliminate all debt as quickly as possible. Outlaw deficit spending with a Balanced Budget Amendment. Higher Education Far-Left: Forgive all student loans immediately. Pass legislation to make public colleges free or inexpensive. Left: Forgive student loans after 10 years of income-based repayment. Pass legislation to make college affordable. Reduce university tuition costs significantly. Center-Left: Forgive student debt after 20 years of income-based repayment. Work to make college affordable. Reduce university tuition costs. Center: We have other important matters right now - keep things as they are, including income-based repayments. Modest reductions in university costs. Center-Right: Remove current forgiveness policies, but consider national service or other work-based alternatives as a way for forgiving loans. Emphasize trade schools. Tax incentives and other indirect benefits to help with the costs of education. Right: Students voluntarily took their loans - remove all forgiveness policies. Significant emphasis on trade schools. Far-Right: Remove loan forgiveness policies. Support insurance agents in their desire to increase interest rates for profit. All universities should be privatized, and no federal loans for tuition! Education Far-Left: Completely public school system run by the state. Massive increase to funding to public education. No school vouchers at all! Left: No school vouchers, large increase to federal funding for public education. Modernize school system with more after-school programs and more pay for teachers. Center-Left: Make teachers accountable with performance-based pay. Increase funding. Remain open to options such as public charter schools. Center: Support public school system but allow room for vouchers. Lower-income students should be able to use school vouchers. Center-Right: School vouchers for lower-income students. Privatize failing schools. Charter schools provide competition. Right: Support school vouchers and charter schools. Reduce federal government's role in education and leave it to the states. Far-Right: Support school vouchers and charter schools. Reduce federal government's role in education! Abolish the Department of Education! Energy: Far-Left: We need massive restructuring of our society and economy right now to prevent Environmental collapse! Renewable energy all the way! Ban all polluting forms of energy like oil and coal. Left: Global warming catastrophe will happen if we don't take massive action now! We need to transform the economy to - 100% of power through clean energy sources, overhaul transportation to zero-emission cars and rail. Center-Left: 50% of electricity from clean energy sources within a decade. Subsidize renewables and end oil company subsidies. Cut oil use significantly by 2025. Center: Balance renewables and fossil fuels, with the aim to move to energy sources that emit less CO2. Center-Right: Continue to reduce dependence on foreign sources of oil. Support the development of all forms of energy domestically, and let renewable energy sources come along largely by the free market. Address climate change through technological innovation. Right: Skepticism about aspects of global warming is warranted. Focus on encouraging clean coal, oil, and natural gas. Continue to move away from dependence on foreign energy. Encourage more drilling. Let free-market research other energy. Far-Right: We don't need to worry about renewable energy sources. Climate Change is a hoax! Environment Far-Left: The environment should be our first national priority. Expand National Park System. Large government programs. The Paris Climate Accord isn't nearly enough! Left: The environment and global warming is a major concern. Full implement the Paris Climate Accord, and then more. Increase environmental regulations significantly and pollution cleanup. Center-Left: We need to leave a healthy environment for our children. Work to reduce emissions and harmful toxins. Slowly implement the Paris Climate Accord. Center: Balance environmental policies with sound economic policies. The Paris Climate Accord needs a few key changes. Center-Right: The environment is important. Find market-based solutions to environmental problems. Right: Economic policies and priorities take precedence over environmental concerns, and strong economies lead to more money to solve environmental problems. Far-Right: The environment is fine. We don't need to worry about it. Gun Control Far-Left: The Second Amendment does not protect an individual right to bear arms. Make a national gun registry and a mandatory confiscation of the most dangerous guns. Left: We need gun control! Reinstate the assault weapons ban. Require registration/background checks. Gun control protects children. Make a national registry and start a voluntary buyback of assault weapons. Center-Left: Universal background checks, reinstate the assault weapons ban with a buyback program, but don't intrude on Constitutional rights. Center: Maintain current laws, otherwise leave it up to the states from now on. Universal background checks but avoid stringent regulations. Center-Right: Ban bump stocks and support gun safety but avoid Second Amendment restrictions. We should be wary of gun control. The Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms. Right: Gun ownership is constitutionally protected. Ban bump stocks but oppose other expansions of regulation. Far-Right: The Second Amendment is not negotiable! Gun ownership is constitutionally protected. No restrictions on firearms! Health Care Far-Left: Full single-payer healthcare and ban private insurance. We need a completely public healthcare system! Healthcare is a right! Left: Our healthcare system is broken, with the focus on insurers and drug companies making profits instead of Americans being healthy. Move towards single payer but allow for the existence of private insurance like it is in much of the rest of the first world. Center-Left: Keep Obamacare - it is much better than what came before it. Consider expanding public coverage by creating a public option for health insurance. Private insurance can exist and compete. Center: Obamacare has problems, but make improvements to the existing Affordable Care Act Center-Right: Repeal the Affordable Care Act but keep the pre-existing conditions mandate. Right: Repeal all of the Affordable Care Act but keep other existing government health care services Far-Right: Get government out of healthcare! Eliminate all government health care services, let charities help people instead. Immigration Far-Left: Completely open borders. No human is illegal! Left: Abolish ICE! Immigration is great! The more immigrants the better. Just require a criminal record check. Full blanket-amnesty. Center-Left: Legal immigration is great. Zero-tolerance is immoral. Dreamers make our communities stronger - pass long-term legislation for DACA. Support a guest-worker program must be at the core of our strategy. Reform immigration laws. Center: Comprehensive approach combining increased enforcement with a guest-worker program but no wall. Support path to normalization for most illegal immigrants already here. Reform immigration laws. Center-Right: Illegal immigration is a serious problem. Tighter border security. Reform immigration laws. Right: Tighten border security with stricter immigration enforcement provisions. Trump is right - build a wall, deport illegal immigrants tougher on illegal immigration, merit-based legal immigration. Far-Right: A guest-worker program just rewards illegal immigration. Wall, deportations, dramatically reduced and merit-based (including English requirement) legal immigration levels. Stop all immigration completely if possible! Otherwise, our country risks spinning spin apart. Racial Injustice Far-Left: Black Lives Matter! We need to end systemic racism, provide economic aid to the Black community, and properly punish cops for brutality! We need to take steps now to a more accepting nation! Left: We need to work to prevent police brutality, to bring about change in our institutions, and to properly address injustices in the Criminal Justice System. Center-Left: Our nation needs to address racial injustice by reforming the police force, by helping Black politicians and entrepreneurs succeed, and by addressing the need for social change in our society. Center: We need to open a discussion on race by bringing all sides, from BLM activists to police officers, to the table to work through the issues plaguing our nation through pragmatic means. Center-Right: We must not demonize our brave police force or the Black community when talking about race in this country. We need to approach this issue with a mind of helping prevent racism on the personal level, without over-reaching government. Right: We need to get the government out of the discussion on race, and accept that even as racism exists, it will always exist. You cannot regulate away racism with big government! Far-Right: Police brutality is a myth meant to protect law-breakers! We need our government to get out of racial issues, and let our people choose to be racist because you cannot outlaw opinions! Defense Spending Far-Left: Drastically cut military funding as to focus on social spending, establish a Department of Peace. No overseas deployments. Ban drones from being used for any reason other than use in wartime. Left: The armed forces are using too great a percentage of the budget. Cancel unneeded future weapons systems and focus on spending for humanitarian relief. Enemy surveillance should be the drone's main job. Center-Left: Reorganize the armed forces to deal with modern threats. More emphasis on drone use and less on ground forces, air and naval assets. We should decrease military funding. Focus on other priorities like Homeland Security. Center: The military is in a solid position right now, look to be more efficient. Drones should be used more, even in combat. Center-Right: The military needs additional funding, but not all future and current weapon systems are required. Find ways to be more efficient. Continue drone bombings against terrorists. Right: The military requires a major expansion in capability to deal with potential conflicts with Russia and Iran. Drones should continue to be used as a large attack force on terrorists. Far-Right: The armed forces must be capable of fighting a multiple-front war including engaging with China. We need to increase the size of our military and mass-produce armaments. Drones are ineffective. Military Intervention Far-Left: Remove all U.S. troops from foreign soil. No intervention! Our military need never be used in foreign land. The Founding Fathers warned of overseas entanglements, we should listen. Left: We have an obligation to prevent genocide, but we should leave as soon as we stopped it. We should work with the UN and peacekeepers. Center-Left: For humanitarian causes or if we are attacked. Center: Only if we are attacked should we retaliate. War is okay to stop ethnic cleansing. Center-Right: We should intervene when our national interests are threatened. We should use our military forces for good in the world, but we should also do so on a case-by-case basis, no UN resolutions needed. Right: We must never hesitate to defend America! Unilateral attacks are fine for national security purposes or when our interests are threatened. We must bring the light of Democracy to the world. Far-Right: We have the most powerful military in the world! We should exert our power across the globe. Role of Government Far-Left: More government is always a good thing, and should be expanded into every part of a citizen's life. Left: Government is an activist force for good. Center-Left: Government is not inherently a good or bad thing, but plays an important role in society. Center: The Government needs to be more efficient, but is otherwise fine. Center-Right: Reduce the role Government plays and transfer power to the states. However, Government is not inherently good or bad. Right: The smaller and less activist the Government, the better the country. Local control when possible. Far-Right: Government can run the military, the police, and the courts - that's it. COVID-19 Far-Left: COVID-19 is an international health crisis. We must stay locked down until there is a vaccine! Cede all decisions to health care experts. Left: COVID-19 is a major health crisis! Lock-downs in hot spots are warranted to stop COVID-19. Limited opening as conditions improve. Federal mask mandate. Use opportunity to increase social spending Center-Left: COVID-19 is a major concern. Limited opening as conditions improve. Slowly open back up as conditions improve but listen to the science on the coronavirus. Coordinate with governors to achieve what is practically a national mask mandate. Center: COVD-19 is a concern. Cede control to the states, but encourage social distancing and continued lockdowns as needed. Continue opening schools carefully Center-Right: COVD-19 is blown out of proportion. End the lockdowns in phases and encourage social distancing. Have to look at societal health, not just the coronavirus. Lockdowns tend to hurt more than they help. Masks in certain situations. Open schools except in hot spots. Focus going forward on free market innovation for therapeutics and vaccines Right: COVID-19 is something that can be solved with common sense. End the lockdown immediately and encourage social distancing. Masks don't do much and might make things worse. Economic health = health. Open all schools now. Sweden approached it the right way Far-Right: COVID-19 is a hoax! This is a bio-weapon by China, and we were tricked into lock-downs to destroy our economy! Masks are just a way to control us. Open everything up now! Free Tarde Far-Left: Free trade just exploits the poor and is a form of neo-colonialism! Protecting American markets comes above all else! Heavy tariffs on foreign goods! Left: Any future trade deals must include strong labor and environmental conditions. Protect local and foreign workers. Center-Left: Protect workers over profits. Any Free trade deals must include labor and environmental conditions. Center: Free-but-fair trade. Consider new free trade deals carefully, and create incentives to keep jobs in America. Center-Right: Free-but-fair trade, but with an emphasis on free. Expand free trade to encourage economic growth. Right: Over the long run, free trade helps the U.S. and the world. Don't worry too much about reciprocal free trade, just get cheaper goods. Far-Right: There's no such thing as unfair free trade. Eliminate all barriers to free trade! Complete open markets! Global trade is important to international relations and globalization and we need as many free trade agreements with as many nations as possible. LGBTQ Rights Far-Left: LGBTQ Rights are a fundamental human right. We need to more so our society can be equal. The Supreme Court's decision was the only moral one. Left: Pass more anti-discrimination laws for LGBT citizens. Push to globally decriminalize homosexuality. Celebrate accomplishments of the transgender community! Protect Transgender soldiers! The Supreme Court made a great decision. Center-Left: Protect LGBTQ Rights. Push to globally decriminalize homosexuality. Consider more efforts toward protecting the rights of the transgender community. The Supreme Court made the right decision Center: Defend all existing federal protections for LGBT. Prefer any future laws on the subject to be made by the states. The Supreme Court made their decision, and we must respect it. Center-Right: Marriage ought to be between a man and a woman. Any further pro-homosexual legislation should be discouraged. Right: Marriage is between a man and a woman. Support a constitutional ban on same-sex marriages. No transgender athletes, no biological males in female bathrooms. Attempt to reverse the Supreme Court's decision. Support a constitutional ban on same-sex marriages Far-Right: Homosexual and transgender people need to be treated for their condition! Ignore the Supreme Court's overreach! Transgender people have a mental disorder, and society shouldn't celebrate their behavior. Social Security Far-Left: No to any private investment, dramatically increase funding! Left: No to private investment and personal retirement accounts, increase funding. Center-Left: No major changes to Social Security in the immediate future. Center: Some reform is needed, but not necessarily private accounts. Center-Right: Let workers privately invest some of their retirement payments. Right: Gradually scale down federal involvement and implement privatization of social security over time. Far-Right: Let workers privately invest all retirement payments. Social Security is a Ponzi scheme! War on Terror Far-Left: Terrorism will be reduced if we stop meddling in other country's affairs. Civil liberties are deeply important Left: We should develop an antiterror strategy with the United Nations to stop economic and social injustice Center-Left: A renewed focus on multilateral foreign policy aimed at engaging terrorism as a police issue. Protect civil liberties Center: We must focus on ISIS/ISIL, not Syria. Civil liberties are important. Center-Right: We should not hesitate to use military force against terrorism. At home civil liberties must sometimes be sacrificed. Military force should be at the center of our anti-terror strategy. Right: Terrorism can only be stopped with military force. Unilateral attacks are justified as are limitations on civil rights. Far-Right: Unilaterally attack countries suspected of supporting terrorists Partisanship Far-Left: Everyone on the right is stupid and should never be taken seriously. Left: The right has made it clear that they don't want to work with us! We must return the favor. Center-Left: Although we would like to be bi-partisan, the right isn't exactly very welcoming. Center: The hyper-partisanship and failure of conversation this country is experiencing is very bad for the overall health of our nation, and we should try to remedy the issue as soon as possible! Center-Right: Bi-partisanship is always welcome, but it becomes harder as the left continues to radicalize. Right: The radical left has made it clear that they don't want to work with us! We must return the favor. Far-Right: The radical liberals have taken over and are infiltrating our great nation as we speak! We must be ruthless towards them no matter what! Syria Far-Left: Syria isn't a concern. The more time we busy ourselves in the region, the more time people spend dying in the region! We need to help the people of the region, by removing ourselves as a factor! Withdraw, and never look back! Assad is not a threat! Left: Syria isn't a concern. Quickly pull out of the Syrian conflict. Work through the UN to fight back against Assad! Withdraw US aid, and move in UN involvement to support democracy and the FSA. Center-Left: Pull out of Syria gradually, but maintain an anti-Assad stance. Require congressional approval for further action. Strengthen US involvement in the region to stand against Assad! Organize a No-Fly zone, and prepare to increase involvement in the region through indirect means. Center: Remain in Syria, at least for now, while maintaining an anti-Assad stance. Center-Right: Assad is a potential threat. Remain in Syria and increase our involvement! We need a new regime in Syria based on the FSA, and we need to get Assad out through the quickest means possible! Right: Assad is a major threat and we should take the situation in Syria more seriously by deploying troops. The FSA needs our help! They are under siege by extremism, and Assad, and we need to be prepared to invade the country, if it means protecting the FSA and Syria. Far-Right: Seek to oust Assad completely and install a new government. Assad and the soon-to-be radicalized FSA are all destroying Syria every day! We need to destroy the power of these groups, and move to invade Syria in the name of the Life, Liberty, and Happiness. Regulations Far-Left: Return to New Deal era regulation on corporations to prevent free market abuse. Nationalize certain corporations. Left: We must build a 21.st Century system of regulations in order to protect consumers. Previous Presidents went too far in deregulation. Center-Left: Moderate increase in regulation to prevent abuse and could be adjusted to take into account recent developments. Center: The current level of regulation is fine. Center-Right: Regulation only harms America's economy, we must continue deregulation in certain areas. Right: Regulation only harms America's economy, we must continue deregulation in all areas. Far-Right: The free market will always be better than government regulation. Financial Regulations Far-Left: Implement a tax on financial transactions to soak the rich! Ban proprietary trading. Reinstate Glass-Steagall. The Federal Reserve must stay, but it should be audited and heavily regulated Left: Ban proprietary trading. Reinstate Glass-Steagall. Increase regulations on the financial sector. Center-Left: Reinstate Glass-Steagall. Center: The Financial Sector is fine as it is; bailouts may be necessary at times. Center-Right: Repeal Dodd-Frank to increase market liquidity. We should decrease regulations. Right: Repeal Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley to increase market liquidity and IPOs. Greatly decrease regulations. Far-Right: Repeal Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes-Oxley, and FATCA to increase market liquidity, IPOs, and FDI. Privatize clearing houses. The Federal Reserve should be abolished! Business Tax Far-Left: Businesses are destroying our country! Nationalize major industries! Left: Significantly increase business taxation, especially on companies that control a large portion of the economy. Center-Left: Increase taxes on large corporations. Tax breaks for businesses that uphold workers' rights and protect the environment. Center: Leave business tax rates alone for now. Center-Right: Reduce taxes for small businesses to encourage growth and investment. Right: Significant business tax rate cuts are needed to spur the economy and encourage growth and investment. Far-Right: Eliminate all business taxes! Tax Reform Far-Left: Raise income taxes in a highly progressive tax system. Eliminate corporate loopholes. Cut the sales tax in half. Raise all others such as property taxes and income taxes. It is time to make the rich pay their share! Left: Give states tax breaks, shift the balance to income and property taxes. Make the tax system more progressive by increasing the marginal rate on the wealthy. Reform corporate tax system. Center-Left: Reduce the sales tax burden on essential items. We need to be shifting to a more progressive tax system. Raise taxes on the rich, reduce taxes on the middle class, and reform the corporate tax system (eliminate loopholes). Center: Sales taxes are fine as they are. Leave income tax as it is presently. Keep progressive taxes and remove small hidden taxes like marriage tax. Center-Right: Decrease sales taxes on necessary items. Reduce corporate and income tax moderately Right: Keep sales taxes where they are, cut income and property taxes significantly. Major tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations to spur economic growth via trickle-down. Far-Right: The USA will only be run on the sales tax. A single rate flat tax for citizens, and a very low tax rate for corporations. It works for the Baltic States Business Policy Far-Left: Corporations are evil. Socialism and guaranteed income for all! Government should attain complete control of businesses Left: Businesses can exist, but government solutions where possible. Center-Left: The business of America is business. But we need unions and laws to protect workers. Center: The interests of business, employees, and consumers need to be balanced. Center-Right: Pro-growth business-friendly policies must be implemented. Unions get in the way. We need strong labor laws. Right: Trickle-down economics rules. Reduce taxes and remove barriers to economic growth and wealth creation. Far-Right: Business knows best. Government just gets in the way. No government involvement in business. Hawaii Far-Left: We must Ho‘oponopono (to make right what is wrong and restore that which was lost or taken) the Overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i in 1893. The Mainland has no right to meddle in the affairs of Hawai’i! Immediate independence for the islands! Left: These damn mainland folks don't know nothing about the needs of Hawaii! We must declare independence to make sure the interests of Hawaii are protected! Center-Left: We should be keeping the union unified not dividing it. Don't explore this idea any further. Center: This issue is in no way important to us. Center-Right: Hawaii should stay in the union and that’s final! Right: Quash these silly notions of Hawaiian Independence. They couldn't last a day without America before becoming a shithole country! Far-Right: The annexation of Hawaii was unconstitutional, so we should make Hawaii a territory like Puerto Rico. Remove their voting Representatives in the House of Representatives and in the Senate! Minimum Wage Far-Left: A $15 minimum wage is not enough! We need a living wage of at least $20 an hour, adjusted for inflation each year! Left: Start by raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, to ensure fairness. Then look at raising the minimum wage further in the future. Center-Left: Raise the federal minimum wage to $12 an hour, $15 over time. Center: Leave federal minimum wage where it is, but support state efforts to raise it. Center-Right: Be skeptical of minimum wage legislation, as it tends to cause the elimination of low-wage positions and reduce upward mobility. Right: Minimum wage laws don't work very well. Lower the federal minimum wage, and trust the free market to generate high-paying jobs. Far-Right: Abolish the minimum wage! The free market will determine what the proper wages should be, no politicians in Washington! Homelessness Far-Left: The Government should provide free housing for all in order to eradicate Homelessness. Left: Give all Americans access to affordable housing. It is a fundamental right! Center-Left: Increase funding for affordable housing in order to reduce the Homeless rate. Center: Balance housing investment with other priorities. Center-Right: Focus on protecting property rights over affordable housing. Reduce property taxes. Right: The prime issue affecting housing is that of property rights. These must be protected at all times. Reduce property taxes significantly. Far-Right: Leave this matter entirely to the market, remove the government from discussion. Eliminate all property taxes! Coal Far-Left: Work to end the coal industry in America. Work for very tough regulations until the coal industry is gone! Left: Work to greatly reduce the role of coal in America’s economy. Work for tough regulations. Center-Left: Keep the restrictions the same, but work to reduce the coal industry. Center: Keep the industry how it is. No more restrictions, but we must protect our coal industry while also stopping its growth. Center-Right: Try to reduce the toughest restrictions, but keep the coal industry at its current size. Protect the coal industry. Right: Work to increase the coal production which will benefit the economy. Try to get smaller restrictions. Protect the coal industry. Far-Right: Work to greatly reduce regulations on coal. Expand our current coal production. Russia Far-Left: Is Russia a threat to world peace? America is if we continue to use Russia as justification to intervene in countries, we have no reason to be in. Let the UN deal with it, and leave the scene. Left: The US needs to be putting its trust in the international community, and in working through the UN to control and penalize Russia. We can neither let Russia slide for its actions, or launch ourselves illegally onto the scene. Center-Left: We need to take indirect action to control Russia, and to protect our allies. Use sanctions and rally allies, but make sure we do not throw ourselves into war. This can be solved without conflict. Center: Open a dialogue between ourselves, Russia, Europe, and the UN in an attempt to find pragmatic solutions to contain Russia. Center-Right: We need to rally NATO, and put troops on the ground to deter Russia. Work with our allies to create military deterrents against Russia, and use force if necessary. Right: Russia is a growing threat on the world stage! We need an influx of troops into Europe to form a clear wall against Russia, and we need all options on the table. Far-Right: Russia is a threat to the freedom of Europe! Get as many nuclear weapons, troops, and other military resources into Europe to force Russia to either go into a hopeless war or capitulate their aggression in Europe. Cuba Far-Left: Viva Cuba! We should stop our imperialist ways, and adopt Socialism! Left: We should lift the embargo, and work with the Cubans. Maybe we can learn something from Cuban Socialism. Center-Left: It is an unfortunate reality that Communism is here to stay. The sanctions are hurting the people of Cuban, more than they hurt the government, so we should lift them. Center: We should wait a few years, and see what Diaz-Canel does in office before we make any changes to our Cuba policy. Center-Right: Only loosen the embargo if Cuba actually starts moving in the direction of Capitalism, and Democracy. Right: Stand fast, and maintain the embargo. We must not capitulate, or compromise in the fight for democracy. Far-Right: Invade Cuba, and liberate the people from the yoke of Communism! Drugs Far-Left: Legalize all drugs, except psychotics - end the expensive and unwinnable Drug War. Left: Legalize medical marijuana. Let states decide on the issue of recreational marijuana. Center-Left: Legalize medical marijuana and work to reduce penalties on non-violent drug users. Center: Leave it to the states. Keep recreational marijuana illegal. Center-Right: Fight the legalization of marijuana, but leave medical marijuana to the states Right: Increase funding for the War on Drugs, no legalization, and increase penalties. Far-Right: Major increase in funding for the War on Drugs. Increase penalties. Punish cartels and countries harboring cartels. Actively crack down on even casual drug users. Infrastructure Far-Left: Bring construction and maintenance industries under public ownership. Massive investment in infrastructure to create jobs. Left: Massive increase in infrastructure spending in order to create jobs and strengthen the economy Center-Left: Create jobs by increasing funding for new projects and renovation of existing infrastructure. Center: Balance infrastructure investment with other public priorities. Center-Right: Lower the cost of infrastructure by reducing regulations. Right: Cut infrastructure spending; current levels are unsustainable. Eliminate burdensome regulations. Far-Right: This is a state responsibility, eliminate most regulations. Use private-sector incentives to encourage building and renovation Native Americans Far-Left: We should give the Native Tribes independence. It’s the right thing to do after what our ancestors have done to them. Left: We should give Native Americans reparations, and maybe look into giving them representation in Congress. Center-Left: What we did to the Natives was awful. The government should do something to counter act the lingering side effects of our history of anti-Native policy. Center: Native Americans didn’t deserve to be treated like they were. That said, is this really the most important issue in the modern age? Center-Right: What we did to the Natives was terrible, but what can we do? It’s in the past, too late to change it now. Right: Indians need to get over it. How can something that happened hundreds of years ago still be negatively affecting them? Far-Right: The Indians shouldn’t have lost if they didn’t want to be killed. To the victor go the spoils! Iran Far-Left: Intervening in Iran will lead only to millions of needless deaths. Iran has been following the terms of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Left: We should deal with Iran through the United Nations and consider war only if we are attacked and have congressional approval. Center-Left: Diplomacy and economic sanctions should make Iran see things our way. War is not necessary as the Iran Nuclear Deal is being followed. Center: Keep diplomatic channels open and use economic sanctions. Go to war as a last resort and if we have congressional approval. Center-Right: Exert diplomatic, economic, and military pressure on Iran while preparing to attack Iran if needed to remove nuclear sites. The Iran Nuclear Deal is a failure. Right: We should launch a pre-emptive attack on Iran and destroy all potential nuclear sites. The Iran Nuclear Deal must be scrapped. Far-Right: Iran has troubled us long enough! Launch a full-fledged attack and invade them. Status of Alaska Far-Left: Alaska as it stands is being controlled by big American oil companies and exploited by its bourgeoisie! The only way to stop this madness is to declare independence and release the shackles imposed on us! Left: Alaska can still find ways to sustain itself even if we start cutting the oil, and we should explore the idea of independence more. Center-Left: We should be keeping the union unified not dividing it. Don't explore this idea any further. Center: This issue is in no way important to us. Center-Right: Alaska should stay in the union and that’s final! Right: The left threatens Alaska and our main resource as they spew their alternative energy nonsense. We should look at independence as a viable option. Far-Right: These damn mainland folks don't know nothing about the needs of Alaska! We must declare independence to make sure the interests of Alaska are protected! Unions Far-Left: Organized labor is essential to a worker's state and unions provide the source of our prosperity. Left: Labor Unions are a worker's best protection against exploitation. Center-Left: Labor Unions provide job security and allow workers to collectively better themselves and be paid a fair wage. Center: Labor demands must be balanced with business concerns. Center-Right: Unions are undermining our economy - support right to work legislation. Right: Unions are hindering our economic prosperity with their constant bickering Far-Right: Unions should be outlawed Agriculture Far-Left: Agriculture should be government controlled. Mass programs of land collectivization. Left: Government should drastically aid agriculture production. Nationalize agriculture in order to enable farmers to produce the adequate amount of food for our nation. Center-Left: Raise production by exploiting unused land, using public ownership where individual farmers are unable to do it. Center: Invest in rural development. Farmers should be encouraged to join in cooperatives to extend their bargaining power. Center-Right: Reduce regulation on farmers in order to facilitate more efficient produce. Open up the agriculture market up to the competition of free trade. Right: Government should aid only in extreme emergencies. Far-Right: Government should never play a role in agriculture. Scrap all Agricultural subsidies and regulations. Corruption Far-Left: Capitalism has corrupted our system! The system needs to be completely rebuilt! Left: The Republicans are completely corrupt. Center-Left: Republicans are more corrupt than Democrats. Center: Washington, D.C. is corrupt. We need better oversight and reform Center-Right: The Democrats are more corrupt than the Republicans Right: The Democrats are completely corrupt Far-Right: Socialism has corrupted our system! The system needs to be completely rebuilt! China Far-Left: Free Tibet! Use the international community to compel China to adhere to human rights! Defend Taiwan. Left: Support a pro-labor tariff, but avoid any bellicose diplomacy that could exacerbate the problem. Take diplomatic steps with regard to human rights. Defend Taiwan. Center-Left: Our trade with China is fine. Focus more on human rights. Defend Taiwan. Center: Find mutual diplomatic solutions to our ongoing issues with China. Defend Taiwan. Center-Right: China's trade and monetary practices are worrying, but be very careful with actions that could lead to a Trade War. Project influence in the South China Sea to counter their actions. Defend Taiwan. Right: America First! Use tariffs against China to get better trade deals, even if it risks a Trade War. Confront their territorial aggression in the South China Sea. Defend Taiwan. Far-Right: China is America's #1 enemy! Slap heavy tariffs on China now, and rein in their military! Offshore Drilling Far-Left: Remove all instances of offshore drilling in America’s domain immediately Left: Put an end to subsidies to Oil, make Oil companies pay for their damages because of offshore drilling! Center-Left: Drop plans for expanding Offshore Drilling and get into alternative energy; like Nuclear, Solar and Ethanol. Center: I just want oil prices low Center-Right: We need to use the resources we have, there is oil in our coast and we should make it available Right: There’s no better way to get gas cheaper than offshore drilling Far-Right: Drill and Drill offshore until there is nothing left Homeland Security Far-Left: We do not need to be concerned with homeland security. No infringement on civil liberties! Return home all U.S. troops! This is the worst form of tyranny and it violates the Constitution. End all warrantless activity and make warrants very difficult to obtain. Left: If we were more respectful to other nations, they would respect us in return. Reduce security measures and funding. Dramatically decrease electronic and physical surveillance of American citizens. Always require a warrant. Center-Left: We must defend ourselves only if attacked. Increase some security, funding for natural disasters. Oppose Patriot Act. Government surveillance is needed. Require the government to obtain warrants in those cases. Center: Homeland security is a priority, balance between natural disaster relief and anti-terrorism. The government on occasion needs to wiretap or spy on its citizens to defend the U.S. against enemies. Require warrants. Center-Right: Homeland security is an important priority. Focus on fighting terrorism but also provide disaster relief funding. Require warrants in most cases, but allow room for warrantless activity in exigent circumstances. Right: Homeland security should be our #1 priority, regardless of terror alert level. Renew the Patriot Act. Maintaining American National Security often requires electronic surveillance and spying on our citizens. Far-right: Homeland security is foremost priority. Tighter airport surveillance. Patriot Act should be permanent. No need for warrants! Electoral Reform Far-Left: Power to the people - popular vote for President. Lower the voting age to 16, and allow non-citizens to vote! Left: Get rid of the antiquated Electoral College with popular vote for President! Automatic voter registration. Overturn Citizen United and get corporate money out of politics. Center-Left: Overturn Citizens United which gives too much power to corporations. Automatic voter registration. Election Day a national holiday. Fight discriminatory voter ID laws. Statehood for Washington, D.C. Voter-verified paper audit trail Center: Gerrymandering reform, but no other dramatic changes to our electoral processes. Voter-verified paper audit trail. Center-Right: Tougher voter ID requirements. Open to gerrymandering reform at the state level. Citizens United was the right decision. Oppose the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact or any other scheme to abolish or destroy the Electoral College. Voter-verified paper audit trail. Right: Keep the Electoral College, which protects from the tyranny of the majority. Strong voter ID laws are important safeguards on the integrity of elections! Citizens United restores free speech to the Republic. Far-Right: Democracy is too weak! We need a new monarchy! Calexit Far-Left: California doesn't want to be a part of the US, release it immediately! Left: Allow California to have a referendum on the matter of independence. If it passes ensure a transition period to make sure both sides get the best terms in the independence. Center-Left: Leave it to the legislature. If they vote on a referendum allow it and then let the citizens decide whether or not they want to leave. If they do then California can work with the Federal Government for terms of independence. Center: Let the legislature decide on whether or not to have a referendum but only allow the vote for independence to pass if there is a two-thirds supermajority in favor of leaving. Center-Right: California must not become independent. We should campaign against this idea and remind people why we are a part of the United States. Right: The integrity of the Union is of the utmost importance to our nation. California shouldn't be allowed to become independent. Far-Right: Send Federal Troops into California! Ensure that talk of independence is kept from mainstream talk! Supreme Court Nomination Far-Left: Pack the court with as many liberal judges as possible! Expand the Supreme Court! Left: Appoint liberal judges that will consider the Constitution is a living document. Consider expanding Supreme Court. Center-Left: Appoint moderate to liberal judges that will be activist within reason. Center: Maintain a court balanced between liberals, moderates and conservatives. No litmus tests. Center-Right: Appoint moderate to conservative judges that will respect past rulings. Right: It's time to appoint conservative judges who will roll back the federal overreach of the Government. The Constitution should be read according to original intent. Consider amendment to set Supreme Court at 9 Justices. Far-Right: Pack the court with strict Originalists who will interpret the constitution the way it was written. Keystone Pipeline Far-Left: We should completely scrap the all Pipelines! They damage sacred Native sites, pollutes and leads to water contamination. Left: Stop the construction of the Keystone Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline and invest heavily in clean energy production. Center-Left: Cancel in-progress pipeline projects such as the Keystone Pipeline in order to reduce emissions and provide incentives for growth in other sectors. Center: Support the Keystone Pipeline, but also aid new businesses and create job opportunities in other sectors. Center-Right: Get the Keystone Pipeline built as it will create jobs. Support in-progress pipeline projects. Right: Oil is our greatest economic asset and we should work to strengthen and expand the oil sector with new pipelines. Far-Right: Pipelines and fossil fuel energy creates jobs for America! Native Hawaiians Far-Left: We oppose the Akaka bill because it blocks our attempts to establish our independence from the government. We need a sovereign Hawai’i!!! Left: The Akaka Bill does not go far enough; Native Hawaiians need more than the federal benefits Native Americans have. Center-Left: The Akaka Bill will provide Native Hawaiians at least all the same federal benefits that Native Americans have. It is the right thing to do after we overthrew the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1893. Center: The Akaka Bill must be considered by congress in order to Center-Right: The Akaka Bill must not be supported because the Constitution does not allow for a separate, sovereign, race-based government. Right: By dividing government power along racial and ancestral lines, the Akaka Bill would represent a significant step backwards in American history and would create far greater problems than those it might purport to solve. Far-Right: The Akaka Bill is unconstitutionally race-based and could begin the process of secession of a single racial group from the United States. Hawaii was legally annexed! The Johnson Administration Far-Left: A Political Revolution is needed! We must elect a true Progressive who will put the people first! Left: Johnson has done some good things but has not gone far enough. We need to elect a true Progressive President. Center-Left: Johnson has done some good things but his policies on spending have been slightly out of the mainstream. Center: Considering the circumstances, Gary Johnson has done well as a President despite having opposition on all sides. Center-Right: Johnson has done some good things but his policies on social issues have been slightly out of the mainstream. Right: Johnson has done some good things but has not gone far enough. We need to elect a true Conservative President. Far-Right: Venezuela Far-Left: Vive Venezuela! We must spread their socialist movement here! Left: Lift sanctions on Venezuela immediately Center-Left: Gradually phase out Venezuelan sanctions Center: Maintain sanctions until Maduro steps down Center-Right: Maintain sanctions for the foreseeable future Right: Total embargo of Venezuela Far-Right: Launch a CIA backed coup against Maduro! D.C Statehood Far-Left: Elevate D.C to statehood status immediately, and place the federal buildings under the State of Columbia's jurisdiction! No taxation without representation! Left: The people of D.C deserve representation in the House and the Senate! Center-Left: The people of D.C deserve at least representation in the House of Representatives. Center: If the people of Washington, D.C. wish to pursue formal statehood, they will have that chance but no Senate seats. Center-Right: D.C should be absorbed by Virginia or Maryland if they desire representation in Congress. We need a constitutional amendment on this matter. Right: This is about expanding the Senate map to accommodate the most radical agenda of the Democratic Party! D.C statehood must be addressed by a connotational amendment Far-Right: Statehood is a joke! The Radical Left just wants to ruin the Founding Father’s vision of our nation’s capital. It is unconstitutional and a Democratic power grab! It is time to remove D. C’s electoral votes! Puerto Rico Statehood Far-Left: Puerto Rico should be free from the Yankee Imperialists! Vive Puerto Rico libre! Independence now! Our national identity is at state! Our language is at stake! Left: Puerto Rico should be a Free-Associated State Center-Left: The people of Puerto Rico support statehood. It is time to give them that. They deserve representation in the House and in the Senate. Center: The people of Puerto Rico have the right to the political status of their choice, obtained through a fair, neutral, and democratic process of self-determination, wither it be statehood or independence. Congress should act upon their decision. Center-Right: The people of Puerto Rico should stay as a Commonwealth at least until there is a proper Referendum unlike previous years. Right: No to statehood as it could give Democrats four seats in the US Senate. Past referendums have not had enough voter turnout to establish a proper result. Far-Right: No to statehood! The United States would become responsible for Puerto Rico’s financial troubles. Statehood will allow Democrats to pack the House and Senate! Guam Status Far-Left: Guam should become an independent country! It is time to end our colonial past! Left: Guam should be admitted as a State and given representation in the House and Senate It should be allowed to vote at the Presidential level. Center-Left: Guam should be given representation in the House and Presidential level. Guam should become a Commonwealth like Puerto Rico. Center: The status of Guam should be the same for now. Perhaps give the residents proper Representation in the House. Center-Right: Guam’s status should not change and they should not receive any representation in Congress as they are a territory. Right: Guam is dependent upon our military bases there. It does not have the financial stability to be a State or Commonwealth. Far-Right: Guam is a strategic point. They should remain a territory and we should build more military bases there so that the Island may prosper. American Samoa Status Far-Left: American Samoa should become an independent country! It is time to end our colonial past! Left: American Samoa should be admitted as a State and given representation in the House and Senate It should be allowed to vote at the Presidential level. Center-Left: American Samoa should be given representation in the House and Presidential level. Guam should become a Commonwealth like Puerto Rico. Center: The status of American Samoa should be the same for now. Perhaps give the residents proper Representation in the House. Center-Right: American Samoa’s status should not change and they should not receive any representation in Congress as they are a territory. Right: American Samoa is dependent upon our military bases there. It does not have the financial stability to be a State or Commonwealth. Far-Right: American Samoa is a strategic point. They should remain a territory and we should build more military bases there so that the Island may prosper. Native Alaskans Far-Left: Secede from America, form an independent Alaskan republic with Native Governance! Left: Alaska Natives deserve a full congressional delegation working on behalf of their interests. Offer reparations to the natives Center-Left: Cede land from Alaska to form Native reservations and majority Native districts. Center: Alaskan Natives are just fine as they are. Center-Right: Cede Native land for Oil Drilling with compensation. Right: Alaskan Natives should learn to speak English. Cut funding to native language courses, and write road signs in English only. Far-Right: Appropriate Native Alaskan land for Oil drilling. Israel Far-Left: Demand Israel solve the Palestinian issue through a two-state solution and return to its 1967 borders. Left: Encourage Israel to work towards a "grand bargain" with the Palestinians and hostile Arab states. A two-state solution is needed. Center-Left: Support Israel's right to exist. Maintain good relations with our strongest ally. Provide financial assistance and weaponry. Center: Support Israel's right to exist. Provide foreign aid and develop contingency plans to support them militarily. Center-Right: Along with military assistance through foreign aid, commit our military to come to Israel's defense as needed. Right: Provide foreign aid as well as coordinating defense strategy between Israel and NATO. Far-Right: Support Israel's right to exist through diplomacy. Avoid military entanglements as we have no vital interests there.
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