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  1. Could we also get a copy of President 2000?
  2. Lol I think a -1 would be a bit much lol. If we're going by that thought, didn't Trump have a hard time going on a ramp last year? Let's give him a -1 too lol
  3. I don't think that'll hurt her too much. But then again that's just my opinion.
  4. I like the idea of polls being random on the day they release. It sounds like a good feature.
  5. I remember when I was looking at voter registration in Alaska last year while doing research for a scenario I am still making for president infinity, I saw that there are far more independent/no party preference voters in Alaska then Democrats or Republicans. But that was a while back and I'd have to check again to see if it is still accurate.
  6. Lol ah yes. Remember Loeffler's 100% voting record
  7. I don't necessarily think a Democrat will win the seat if that happens but if Murkowski gets into the top four and then in the General Election she might win because of the run off But that is just my opinion
  8. Doesn't Alaska have ranked choice voting in its general election? I do recall that their primary is the top four moving on to the general election.
  9. Editor should be a top priority
  10. Oh I see! So how would one have to update the format? By making a completely new scenario?
  11. Well I updated the format and made the backup. Then I played a game and then decided to try another game using the now updated backup file. So I clicked on it and it once again asked me to update and backup hence why it became "Scenario_backup_backup"
  12. Admin here's my thoughts on the update. Very good job. The editor definitely needs to be finished to allow users to create full scenarios In its shape its still a little bit hard to make a proper scenario. Howeve, I like how the editor is coming along. Can't wait for endorser images to be added I think the game ran a little bit faster in my trial run. Bonuses working really was a great sight especially for scenario makers What else can I say? EDITOR I only speak for myself.
  13. Pretty Random post right here.
  14. A thing I noticed is if you're using a custom scenario, it asks you if you want to make a backup. I clicked yes then tried it out using the backup. Then I tried using the backup scenario which I just used and then it asks to make another backup of the already backuped scenario. So it's like Scenario_backup_backup
  15. Just tested it using a custom scenario and two different vps for the same party but different bonuses and it worked!
  16. One thing for sure, BONUES HAVE BEEN FIXED!
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