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  1. 25 minutes ago, Patine said:

    To be fair, if the DUP can survive the retirement, and later passing away, of Ian Paisley, whom the party was practically built around, I think Labour might just pull through post-Corbyn.

    Absolutely. Labour will come back :)

    Even if it takes a few more years 

  2. 2 hours ago, jtr93 said:

    Add unplayable congress election in presidential infinity so you can campaign for a party for congress. And see who hold majorities at the end.

    Districts in states in President Infinity. Mainly for rallies and fundraisers. <-Basically district off a state in 4 parts and be able to hold events, polls in those districts. So ohio, florida and Pennsylvania you could appease the rural parts or the urban parts. Instead of One rally in the whole state who knows where. Also show results broken down by district. this could also be county wise as that would be nice but harder to develop. 

    There was an old feature that allowed users to add city names to states in President Forever 2008. I think a return of that feature would be really helpful, especially to scenario creators. 

    @admin_270 would that be too hard to recreate?

  3. 1 minute ago, PoliticalPundit said:

    Anecdotally speaking, do you think Trump or Biden will win Arizona (not saying who you WANT to win)? Based on neighborhood, signs, enthusiasm, etc 

    It's rather hard to say because from what I've seen. Both Trump and Biden have high support and enthusiasm in AZ, especially with people that I have talked to. I've seen a lot of Biden signs as well as a lot of Trump signs. 

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  4. I'll be in class on election night, kinda blows because I wanna do some commentary.

    I won't be voting on election night because I voted a couple of weeks ago :)

    My brother is going to go vote on election day and it's his first time since he got his rights back, so he's very excited :D

  5. Mr. House will accept the Legion's offer of a medal.

    Mr. House sends an envoy to Utah where he spreads his wealth up north.

    Mr. House continues his efforts to help the people of Vegas, in particular Westside. He extends the offer he extended the Kings to them as well, any citizen of Westside is welcome on the Strip.

    Mr. House begins a campaign of eradicating wild wasteland life, such as radscorpions, deathclaws and feral ghouls throughout the Mojave Wasteland

    "An independent Mojave is the place to live. We are making everyone richer and everyone safer by launching this campaign."

  6. 23 minutes ago, Edouard said:



    To be sincere everyone was hiped by Obama even in my country back in 2008 (and I was only 4 years and half older than you dudes !)

    But many kids in France believed that John McCain was a french-fries CEO

    Because of this :

    McCain Just au Four Classique 625 g: Amazon.fr: Epicerie

    McCain as a French Fries CEO sounds so wholesome.

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  7. Hello there friends.
    1. Would you be interested in a fictional updated forum scenario if I made one?(Admin you'll be in the scenario too :D )
    If so, would you like it to be in President Infinity, PMI, or CI?
    Would you like it to be of a fictional world or the United States?
    2. What was the last book you read?
    3. How do you like your coffee? (If you drink coffee)
    4. Favorite Politician of this era(2010-2020)?
    You guys get good vibes. Stay classy and remember that I am glad you are here and I thank you for participating.

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