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  1. Welcome back! Glad to see you back!
  2. Majority Labour government in NZ. RIP NZ First. The Greens and ACT did well. The Maori party also did well as they are back in parliament. The Nationals have to rebuild but 2023 will be interesting.
  3. Sending them good vibes to @Patine I hope you are well and the forum misses you
  4. For some time now, bonuses have been broken in President Infinity and it is really frustrated because they're one of the things that makes campaign design interesting. I hope that this will be a priority fix because i just want to make good scenarios for all of you guys and percentage bonuses would help that so much
  5. Biden as center left is fine. Libs as CR is fine too. Greens as left is fine too.
  6. Center left for Dems as default is fine Center right for Reps as default is fine too.
  7. Campaign designers (aka me) look forward to a full workable editor PR electoral votes when?
  8. I agree. She's very qualified. Frankly I'd vote in favor of her confirmation based on her qualifications
  9. You are correct. PP V. Casey is the one that altered Roe v. Wade
  10. Utah goes blue because of Romney being mentioned lol
  11. I saw that earlier and I was like "Oh he's talking about Mitt!" Lol
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