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  1. Thoughts from your friend kitten! Very classy start, both men were civil and Trump contained himself unlike other debates that I have seen him involved in. To me it was a strange sight to see but rather welcoming. The moderator did a good job going through question after question and keeping the flow moving. Did Trump kill the debate? No and yes. He certainly fired up his base but that could fire up independents/centrists/moderates that were undecided. Did Biden pull out a win? I say no but he didn't lose because he was the typical Joe Biden that we have seen in debates as
  2. Oh! I didn't know that he had a brother.
  3. Thank you! I'll post my comments after I've gotten a chance to watch it
  4. Is the debate tonight? For some reason I keep thinking it's next Tuesday
  5. Turnout is still something I am looking for on election day or should I say election month since most votes will be mailed in, etc.
  6. Hello friends, I will be continuing the QFG and I hope to add more lore, modify endorsers and make changes.
  7. All the good vibes for you my friend!
  8. One key thing I'm looking at during this election is turnout, especially since its not like other elections where mail-in was an option almost nationwide. Although in Arizona, we have voted through mail longer than I could vote
  9. Welcome back! Glad to see you back!
  10. Majority Labour government in NZ. RIP NZ First. The Greens and ACT did well. The Maori party also did well as they are back in parliament. The Nationals have to rebuild but 2023 will be interesting.
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