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    Answer Not a Citzen for Part 3, Rhode Island for Part 2, and Alaska for Part 1
  2. I have a lot of catching up to do!
  3. Good Luck too all!
  4. Easy Win a 50 state landslide as Nixon Hard As Humphrey , win the Primaries, then the election. As McGovern, Win the Primaries and then win the General. Impossible As McGovern, win the Electiok Starting with the General
  5. I'm more of a Republican, but i'd like to see Lincoln Chafee run.
  6. So my goal was as Micheal Bloomberg to win New York.... I succeeded. results.csv Results Trump : 299 EV 74,560,953 Popular Clinton: 210 EV 77,010,328 Popular Bloomberg: 29 EV 3,962,636 Popular
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