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    Not Playing Sound

    Turns out,i somehow turned sound off in options menu.Im an idiot,sorry for disrupting.
  2. Rodja

    Not Playing Sound

    @admin_270I dont hace a subscription,so im playing one of the older versions.
  3. I didnt play President Infinity for quite some time,and decided to start again today.When i launched it the game played no sound and it didnt play it at all my entire gameplay.What could be the cause of this issue? @admin_270
  4. 1.АOC holds rally in Las Vegas,NV focusing on immigration reform. 2.AOC tours Iowa promoting M4A 3.AOC releases ad promoting Green New Deal
  5. 1.AOC holds rally in Iowa focusing on minimum wage increases 2.AOC releases ad focusing on her time as bartender and position of working class in America 3.AOC barnstorms in Nevada.
  6. 1.Bernie Sanders holds town hall focusing on student loan debt in Portsmouth,NH 2.Sanders tours South Carolina 3.Sanders tours California
  7. REPUBLICAN DEBATE SUMMARY Kasich:10/10 @The Blood Kasich had a night he needed,he had a strong and clear moderate message and attacks Don Jr. laid on him only made him stronger.Perfect performance Scott:6/10 @Reagan04 Sen.Scott failed to appeal to minority voters,but he had a strong message of his family background and sucessfully attacked Don Jr. Cotton:6/10 @Conservative Elector 2 Sen.Cotton had decent performance,and was only candidate in both debates to not attack his fellow candidate. Trump Jr:3/10 @ALiteralNeoliberal Don Jr. had a weak night and was damaged by attacks from Kasich and Scott Haley:3/10 @Hestia11 Haley had a very weak night,her pander was unsucessfull,her message not strong and Don Jr. defended himself from her attacks. Winner:Kasich Loser:Trump Jr.,Haley
  8. DEMOCRATIC DEBATE SUMMARY Booker 7/10 @buenoboss Sen.Booker made a very strong plea to Never Trump Republicans possibly getting some of their support,and his message of Obamastalgia was pretty strong.He tried to attack AOC but she sucessfully defended herself. Buttigieg 7/10 @tzmb Buttigieg epicly failed to appeal to black voters,but he had a very strong night overally.He dealt a fatal blow to Cuomo with attack on waiting to close New York in COVID crisis of 2020. Bennet 5/10 @MishFox Bennet had an average night.He made a strong appeal to working class vote,and tried to challenge Cuomo who sucessfully defended himself. AOC 3/10 @Rodja AOC had a much weaker night than she needed,and was damaged by attacks from Andrew Cuomo on her electability. Cuomo 2/10 @PringlesN7 Andrew Cuomo had good message and argumentation and would have had a good night if he found a way to walk out of a trap Mayor Buttigieg set up for him.He couldn't. Winner:Booker,Buttigieg Loser:Cuomo
  9. @ALiteralNeoliberaldidnt post his events again,he will get some extra time until i do die rolls to do so,otherwise we will proceed turn with Don Jr. absent from campaign trail.
  10. 1.AOC holds town hall called "No We Cant Democrats" in Concord,NH in which she focuses on denying Cuomo's claims about her being unelectable and portrays moderate Democrats as "politicians without ideas" and "actually unelectable" 2.AOC tours South Carolina 3.AOC tours California
  11. Reminder to do following: @The Blood@ALiteralNeoliberal@buenoboss @Reagan04 Send me your debate strategy @ALiteralNeoliberal @The Blood post your events
  12. Week December 15th-December 22nd can officially begin! You have time until midnight to post your events and send me your debate moves! Debates:In this week both parties will hold their debates.Candidates should send me following in the private message:Pander (group of voters they are focusing on),Attack(can be another candidate but doesnt have to you can also attack billionars,military industrial complex,liberals etc.),Message(key message your candidate will send on stage) For Republicans:National Right to Life Committee will be announcing its presidential endorsement at the end of this term so you might be interested in focusing your events on issues important to them(Abortion).Every event focused on that issues will be impacting your chance on getting the National Right to Life Committee endorsement.National Right to Life Committee counts as one of the major endorsers and can improve your week and polling numbers. Current points for endorsement: Cotton:25 points Scott:22 points Trump Jr:18 points Haley:15 points Kasich:8 points @PringlesN7 @buenoboss @MishFox @Hestia11 @Reagan04 @ALiteralNeoliberal @Conservative Elector 2 @The Blood @tzmb
  13. National Polling on December 15th 2023: Democrats: Cuomo:30.1%(+3.4%) @PringlesN7 AOC:25.7%(-1.2%) @Rodja Buttigieg:11.9% (+11.9) @tzmb Bennet:1.8%(+0.4%) @MishFox Undecided:19.1%(-13.9%) Republicans: Haley:23.8%(+2%) @Hestia11 Trump Jr:18.7%(+2.2%) @ALiteralNeoliberal Scott:18.6%(-0.7%) @Reagan04 Cotton:10.7%(-0.5%) @Conservative Elector 2 Kasich:3.2%(+0.5%) @The Blood Undecided:25%(-3.5%)
  14. Republicans: Event 1:Die Rolls 8!Haley's foreign policy message resonates very well with voters in her home state! Event 2:Die Rolls 7!Average number of people showed up,but those who did were very happy with what they heard. Event 3:Die Rolls 3!Town hall was a bit of weak,as Haley mostly repeated talking points instead of giving direct answers. Summary:6/10.Haley campaign has a bit of a comeback,but it is still not great. Event 1:Die Rolls 2!Tour is very weakly attended and Scott doesnt seem energized at all. Event 2:Die Rolls 5!Tour attracted SC Scott supporters,but nobody else was interested. Event 3:Die Rolls 3!Small crowd gathers to greet him. Summary:3/10.Bad week for Sen.Scott. Event 1:Die Rolls 9!Rally energizes the audience as Don Jr. hits all the conservative talking points. Event 2:Die Rolls 7!Good attendance and decent energy mark this tour. Event 3:Die Rolls 8!Republicans love to hate Obamacare! Summary:8/10.Great week for Don Jr.God help us! Event 1:Die Rolls 5!Just an average tour,just an average speech. Event 2:Die Rolls 2!Small business owners call Cotton out to his face! Event 3:Die Rolls 3!Small number of voters show up. Summary:3/10.Bad week for Sen.Cotton Event 1:Die Rolls 5!Just an average rally. Event 2:Die Rolls 2!Tour draws abysmal crowds. Event 3:Die Rolls 7!Seems that Kasich finally hit the right chord as foreign policy message impress some moderate undecideds. Summary:5/10.Average week,but also some hope is getting born for Kasich campaign Ranking: 1.Trump Jr. 8/10(im scared!) 2.Haley 6/10 3.Kasich 5/10 4.Cotton/Scott 3/10
  15. WFP endorsement: Cuomo @PringlesN719+4 points=23 points AOC @Rodja24-6+4=22 points Booker @buenoboss15 points Bennett @MishFox6+4+1=11 points Buttigieg wasnt considered because he joined the race after WFP endorsement process started In a surprising turn of events,Working Families Party endorses Andrew Cuomo for President over progressive star AOC. Endorsement Roll:Die Rolls 8!Endorsement is very well received and will give Cuomo a boost among working class voters.Cuomo will most likely get the position of the democratic frontrunner after this fantastic week for his campaign.
  16. Week December 8th-December 15th 2023 Democrats(With WFP endorsement and Buttigieg joining race it was very interesting week for Democrats): Event 1:Die Rolls 8!Cuomo convinces many undecideds that he is better choice than "too radical" AOC(+4 points for WFP endorsement) Event 2:Die Rolls 10!Tour was very sucessfull and very well attended! Event 3:Die Rolls 10!Pledge appeals to the entire Democratic base!People are excited about it,speculation on who it could be flood the news networks and social media! Summary:9/10.Fantastic week for Cuomo,just the one he needed given small advantage he has over AOC and Buttigieg joining race. Event 1:Die Rolls 1!Protesters storm the event and boo AOC off the stage!They were yelling "Communist" and "Job Killer" at her(-6 points for WFP endorsement) Event 2:Die Rolls 5!JUst your average campaign tour Event 3:Die Rolls 8!Rally is well attended and message resonates!(+4 points for WFP endorsement) Summary:5/10.Average week,AOC's momentum seem to be blanding. Event 1:Die Rolls 6!Slightly above average launch,not bad but Pete needed a bit of a better start to breakthrough Event 2:Die Rolls 6!Pete slightly improves standing with African Americans,but it is far from enough. Event 3:Die Rolls 5Message works with more conservative Democrats,but not that much with anyone else Summary:6/10.Slightly above average start for Buttigieg,but questions remain is it good enough for a late start. Event 1:Die Rolls 4!Slightly below average rally! Event 2:Die Rolls 8!Very good well attended rally! Event 3:Die Rolls 1!Cory stuttered while answering questions and didn't seem to know what he is talking about Summary:4/10.Cory stumbled this week but he is still very popular in SC. Event 1:Die Rolls 8!Voters enjoyed a conversation with Bennet and many are covinced by him.(+4 points for WFP endorsement) Event 2:Die Rolls 5!Just average political ad!Real Deal still fails to impress!(+1 point for WFP endorsement) Event 3:Die Rolls 5!Average turnout,black voters are not too impressed. Summary:6/10.Voters like Bennet as down to earth guy,but his ideas fail to resonate Ranking: 1.Cuomo 9/10 2.Bennet/Buttigieg 6/10 3.AOC 5/10 4.Booker 4/10
  17. @tzmbWe were doing announcements a bit differently but it's ok.Welcome to the game Mayo Pete!
  18. @ALiteralNeoliberal timeline to post your events has expired,i will give you some extra time so you can post your events until i finish dice rolls.Otherwise,we will proceed the turn with Don Jr. absent from campaign trail.Real life comes first ofc,but i would appreciate it if you could notify me next time you are unable to play a turn.
  19. @buenoboss @Hestia11 @Reagan04 @ALiteralNeoliberal @The Blood 3 hours to do your events!
  20. @buenoboss @MishFox @Hestia11 @Reagan04 @ALiteralNeoliberal @Conservative Elector 2 @The Blood Reminder to post your events.
  21. 1.AOC holds town hall in Manchester,NH focused on issues facing working class in America 2.AOC barnstorms throughout Nevada 3.AOC holds rally in urban South Carolina focusing on minimum wage increase.
  22. Week December 8th-December 15th can officially begin! You have time until midnight to post your events. For Democrats:Working Families Party will be announcing its presidential endorsement at the end of this term so you might be interested in focusing your events on issues important to WFP(Economy,Jobs).Every event focused on these issues will be impacting your chance on getting the WFP endorsement.WFP counts as one of the major endorsers and can improve your week and polling numbers Current points for WFP endorsement: AOC 24 points Cuomo 19 points Booker:15 points Bennet:6 points @PringlesN7 @buenoboss @MishFox @Hestia11 @Reagan04 @ALiteralNeoliberal @Conservative Elector 2 @The Blood
  23. National Polling on December 8th 2023: Democrats: Cuomo:27.7%(+1%) @PringlesN7 AOC:26.9%(+1.3%) @Rodja Booker:10.5%(+0.4%) @buenoboss Bennet:1.4%(-0.3%) @MishFox Undecided:33%(-2.4%) Republicans: Haley:21.8%(-0.3%) @Hestia11 Scott:19.3%(+1.2%) @Reagan04 Trump Jr:16.5%(+0.6%) @ALiteralNeoliberal Cotton:11.2%(+1%) @Conservative Elector 2 Kasich:2.7%(-0.8%) @The Blood Undecided:28.5%(-1.7%)
  24. Republicans: Event 1:Die Rolls 4!Most Scott supporters like the speech,while some are disappointed by his stance on trade. Event 2:Die Rolls 8!Tim Scott builds a powerful operation in Iowa and will absolutely have a shot at winning the state! Event 3:Die Rolls 8!People like Scott's immigration plan and it even convinces some undecideds to support his campaign! Summary:7/10.Good week for Tim Scott who absolutely has a shot at the nomination. Event 1:Die Rolls 3!Iowa is unimpressed by Haley,farmers don't trust her words! Event 2:Die Rolls 3!She received a very cold reception from a neighboring state. Event 3:Die Rolls 5!She is greeted very warmly by her longtime supporters in SC,others remained indifferent Summary:4/10.Bland week for once considered promising campaign. Event 1:Die Rolls 2!People dont believe in a wall narrative anymore after 8 years,Trump family must try something else if they want to keep power Event 2:Die Rolls 4!Cries against liberal attacks on freedom of speech resonate only with strongest MAGA crowd but not that much with anyone else. Event 3:Die Rolls 10!Republicans always love to hear a good business success story,so this message draws some momentum for Don Jr. in SC Summary:5/10.Good week in SC,not too good everywhere else.Seems like typical Trumpian talking points dont work as good as they did for his dad. Event 1:Die Rolls 6!It was a decent tour,Cotton had good time reaching to his base but not much beyond it. Event 2:Die Rolls 3!Cotton's message didnt resonate in NH. Event 3:Die Rolls 10!Cotton threw meat to entire GOP base with this one!More conservative voters definetly open to him as presidential option! Summary:6/10.When Cotton gets to the more conservative tone he really hits the chord,otherwise not so much. Event 1:Die Rolls 3!Kasich impresses just a handful of centrist indenpendents most of whom wont be voting in GOP primary. Event 2:Die Rolls 3!Tour is very weakly attended. Event 3:Die Rolls 2!Ad is attacked and ridiculed in right wing circles and ignored in left wing circles. Summary:3/10.Seems that a moderate like Kasich has no oxygen in modern GOP,but things could get better. Ranking: 1.Scott 7/10. 2.Cotton 6/10 3.Trump Jr. 5/10 4.Haley 4/10 5.Kasich 3/10.
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