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  1. 1. Just got it yesterday. 2. When I try to select it in the Change Campaign function. Same goes for 1800, and 1804.
  2. I'm having trouble with this scenario. It says it can't open file C:\Program Files (x86)\President Infinity\scenarios\United States - 1796\party_images\federalist_party_symbol.bmp, and that the system can't find the path specified.
  3. I'm making a UK into US thing on President Forever, and I need a list of all 7 things it says for the issue, from Far-left, to Far-right. IE: X: Far-left: X is something we all must use. Left-wing: X is somethings most, but all people need. Center-left: X is something some people need. Center: The states/constituencies have to decide for themselves. Center-right: X must be slightly restricted. Right-wing: X must be heavily restricted. Far-right: X must be banned!
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