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  1. Victorian Socialists vs the Greens in inner Melbourne will be interesting.
  2. Managed to win a seat as the Reform Party and come second in a couple more
  3. The cost outweighs anything benefits I say no
  4. Sure i have a few more 2020 match ups then I’ll start doing non Presidential ones
  5. Most of the states west of Texas went to next Nixon by pretty huge margins, California was around 60%+
  6. I’ve started a YouTube series on President Infinity it’s just the Election Night results for now i may do the primaries in future. So far I’ve done Trump Vs Sanders 2020 Trump vs Harris 2020 And Nixon vs Wallace 1972
  7. When preferences get added to the game will we be able to add them to campaigns we've already made? thank you
  8. Would there be any interest in a scenario where Enoch Powell becomes leader of the conservatives or splits and forms his own party.
  9. If she runs trump will have a Reagan like landslide win
  10. I'm probably more of a nationalist but that's about right
  11. Good topic wide ranging questions 1. Agree 2. Strongly disagree 3. Disagree 4. Agree 5. Agree 6. Strongly agree 7. Disagree 8. Unsure 9. Agree 10. Agree 11. Disagree 12. Unsure 13. Agree 14. Strongly Agree 15. Strongly Disagree 16. Disagree 17. Disagree 18. Strongly agree 19. Agree 20. Unsure 21. Disagree 22. Strongly disagree 23. Agree 24. Disagree 25. Strongly disagree 26. Agree 27. Unsure 26. Unsure 29. Agree 30. Stro
  12. Lots of people are abandoning UKIP for the conservatives. They really should have rebranded after the referendum
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