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  1. It is truly tragic that James Garfield was assassinated and died only six months into his comic strip...
  2. That question #2 is quite interesting; i find the corrupt business-first Arthur to be quite similar to Trump in many ways, except that Trump isn't really interested in cleaning up the corruption he is helping proliferate. I reckon the GOP won't be renominating ol' Trumpy, either...
  3. It's tough to beat "Please clap," but the way Trump just generally tormented him in the debates was well cringe/laugh-worthy...
  4. Is it gauche to quote your own tweet? No matter. This was my hot take when i hard about this flap:
  5. Franklin Pierce: He would've been a fantastic modern-style US colonial dictator if he hadn't been so wasted the whole time he was president...
  6. I wish there was a way to vote *down* some of the truly insufferable on this list: Rachel Maddow, Bill O'Reilly, Wolf Blitzer... Please note for total accuracy that i meant to vote for Adam Silver, but did not. So give him +1 when you read this poll. Also, no Trevor Noah? He's been killing it lately...
  7. I dig on these polls and am anjoying the discussion on this one, but... Why no "socialist" category in question 1? Social Democrats are not really Socialists... Aside from this niggly bit, awesome poll, this.
  8. As a card-carrying member of a third party myself, i'm sorry to dampen the general enthusiasm i'm feeling among many here in this thread vis-a-vis a viable third-party candidacy in 2020 or any time soon. The younger voters today are, in general, seemingly following the same language as teh parents and grandparents, which goes like so: I won't vote for third-party candidates because third-party candidates can't win because I won't vote for ahird party candidates because thrid party candiidate can't win because, etc. The system that the duopoly has establishes emphasizes the importance of dumbshow debates, primaries, the electoral college system and all the other traditional trappings of campaign season which simply do not include -- indeed, patently exclude -- third parties. Third-party revolution? Nothing to see here, i'm afraid...
  9. I'd love to do a fictional future world government election scenario, but what i'd really need is for someone to make me a useable world map for it, with 25 to 50 regions included. Anybody up for *that* mammoth task...? By the way, 1976 scenario is not far off, true believers!
  10. This is just to say that if somone makes a scenario of this past Netherlands election, i will buy Prime Minister Infinity just to play it.
  11. I'm gonna disagree slightly with @LokiLoki22 here and say that Clinton vs. Bush part 2 would have been the absolute worst in terms of obviously 1%-fellating candidates. THE worst possible "choice." On the other hand, maybe that matchup would've gotten folks to vote for fruit loops no. 3 and 4, a.k.a. Johnson and Stein. (Wait a minute, those are bad options, too...)
  12. To think that the Democratic Party exists only because Jackson didn't like the electoral college system and Van Buren was one of the all-time great opportunists. And today the party exists only for the Clintonites...
  13. I feel pretty confident in saying that African-Americans, Native Americans and lots of other folks in this country have never seen a "good" decade in the USA....
  14. Okay, this is a decent argument against the electoral college system, though others in this thread have pointed out that these outcomes seem unlikely at present. On some level for me, though, it's mostly irrelevant which voting system is used in this country, thanks to the dominance of the duopoly. I believe that, if third parties are ever to come to prominence in this country, it will be due to the electoral college, e.g. a Gary Johnson-type (but far like idiotic) wins his home state and neither party gets a mjority of the electoral votes....
  15. I bet Bernie didn't win in Tennessee either, right?
  16. I've said it before and i'll say it again. You want a businessman in there who's not out of touch, speaks his mind, does not advocate or participate in cybersurveillance, and yet is competent? Cubes in 2020! What's good for the Dallas Mavericks is good for America!
  17. And someday soon, this list will conclude with: 44. Pence 45. Trump
  18. I didn't get PCLR, but you probably could've seen that coming. What's funny is that i got NCLR, which i believe you had, @vcczar! :D! I think the wave of PCLRs is more of a zeitgeist thing. It doesn't seem to matter what side you're on (unless for some bizarre reason, you're still with the Bush Clan), folks want change to be exacted soon. Like, now. Which takes care of the C, L, R, i think.
  19. So i'm thinking of this in terms of building, say, a 2040 scenario for PI... I like all of those origially mentioned, but maybe throw in: -- Robot rights -- A big one in science-fiction (see Blade Runner or Spielberg's A.I. if you must) that goes into questions of philosophy and ethics. When you have intelligent or near-intelligent machines, are they individuals with Constitutional (!) rights? -- faster space travel technology (whatever it may be) -- The truth is that rocket technology hasn't changed since Godard; it just gets better. An entirely new technology will need to be built, preferably before Mars colonization. Maybe call the issue "Space Race II"? -- Finally, though not tehcnology per se, i'd include "Religion" as an issue. What will the (presumably waning) faithful population make of these cloned/cyborg/GMoed abominations unto God...?
  20. Two reactions: -- On this playthrough itself, OUCH. Maine, Minnesota, WTF? Also, who was Bernie's VP? Stein? -- On the electoral college ... anyone who wants to dismiss the electoral college want to see presidential campaigns reduced to campaigning in the big cities, at huge bread-and-circuses events elsewhere, and on TV. The truth is that the electoral college keeps candidates coming to places not named California,Texas and New York, which is what would happen if the electoral college were dispensed with. For those who think the 'college is unfair, here's my suggestion: keep it winner-takes-the-state format, but get rid of the 2 points automatically awarded to every state, thus making things (almost) strictly proportionate. What we really need is preferential voting, but that'll never happen.
  21. Soooo .... i guess you don't believe the Pentagon's stance since 1999 that climate change will be/is a top national security concern, then? (Not that i'm necessarily advocating such a viewpoint; i'm just role-playing the character's. Although i do advocate that viewpoint.)
  22. Absolutely, he would have gotten some electoral votes had he stayed in. I remember '92; people LOVED this guy. The three-way debates were amazing and still worth a look today if you have time. Ross kills it over and over with the joking remarks, Clinton plays the prototypical Sensitive New Age White Guy of the 1990s, and Bush tries desperately to look like he wants to be there. The best presidential debates of the post-cable TV era!
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