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  1. disagree with new hampshire out of any state he got a chance of flipping i think that his best chance.
  2. with the flames looking to have one of ther best playoffs run they ever had you got something to enjoy during your break.
  3. i am a right wing populist not a republican i am considering joining just to vote for trump in the primarys but i got plans to vote for Constitution or libertarian if the the Constitution party isnt on the ballot in 2022 against toomey.
  4. i support this but i know she isnt going to go though with in if she is elected.
  5. also he isnt running against ted cruz NOR in a primary with the best oppeont being some Shitty basketball coach ted cruz made he race close he got no major things done in congress i mean really what was the best he did rename a post office? how ishis support all i see him do is just say generic democrat talking point.
  6. i am not apart of party but i am hoping to switch to the republican party soon (could this be done online?
  7. beto is overhype he is going to end up like edwards in 2008 (minus the scandal but you never know theses days) a hype canidate who turns out not to be contender.
  8. aslo brown dont got a cocktail effect only gains in ohio in the 2018 elections was one ONE state senate seat i am firmly believing he might be the last statewide elected democract in that state for a very long time.
  9. here a suggestion expand house of reps terms by 2 years while keeping the senate elections as they are it help alot with grid lock.
  10. beto would be the john edwards of 2020 ( basicly a hype canidata that do poorly in the primarys.
  11. kystern seat would have to be filled by a dem by state law.
  12. there is nothing wrong with the system just you want the system changed to benefit the dems.
  13. he was 25 years old claim it ws him then made a 360 he want facisal to prove he not in black face but this basicly mean he the one in the klan outfit.
  14. governor and lt governor herring i want him to resign for a republican to take over but he will likely stay on (he is running for governor in 2021 so perhaps he had something to do with the other two scandals leaking.
  15. when should we expect the first of any of these to be release?
  16. wasnt garfield a senator elect?
  17. i dont really count hoover since he served in cabinet before.
  18. how about you dont change the rules because you lost.
  19. keep waiting he might have won this.
  20. so i am guessing he is standing down for his senate seat?
  21. I hope match up like this keep happen it benefit the indoor larcrosse league.
  22. he lose all of trump states plus bush 04 states.
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