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  1. I do not believe that I have auto-spin on. Start date for primaries is October 1st 2015.
  2. Yes on 7 days per turn, but no on the movement. It does not move at all until the particular turn, where it moves 2/3rds off the screen as the newspaper pops up, then once I close the paper, it disappears completely and unable to return. I try to drag it before closing the paper, it doesn't work. I have tried alt-tabbing to it, trying to maximise it from the taskbar, but it does not do any good.
  3. Hi, I downloaded President Infinity today because I am a big fan of the series. However, it seems that the 2016 campaign (that I want to play) keeps crashing on me. I get a few turns in - typically until around October of the Primaries playing as Bernie - when the game just disappears off my screen and I cannot get it to reappear. It is during the resolution of a turn, where I look at the 3rd days headlines and the game window moves 2/3rds of the way off the left of my screen while I read the paper. After clicking off the paper, it disappears completely. The game is still running on my
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