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  1. If the Democrats nominate Warren, Sanders, Castro or Steyer, I would cast my vote for Trump
  2. I think he get decisively Defeated in Iwoa then drops
  3. bloot911


    I think when he says won popular vote both time he is talking about the democratic nominee who ran after their presidency so Gore and Clinton. As least that how i read it
  4. bloot911

    MT Rushmore

    That would be my pic too
  5. I'm surprised that Booker was chosen in the six
  6. my opinion on tonight Warren won but that was expected O'Rourke was one of the biggest losers tonight Castro, Gabbard and De blasio gain some points in my book Booker and Klobuchar did as expected , both showed potential and presidential leadership but lack in likeability Inslee, Danley and Ryan are awful and should not be in the July debates
  7. I have officially caught up on all of them. Warren seemed to have the best performance of the night while Klobuchar and Harris seem to have the worst. Sanders confirmed for me that even though I supported him in 2016, I will not support him in 2020
  8. I always get to this error message and the game freezes and I can't continue the same campaign. Can someone help?
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