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  1. “I am positively enthused to serve the American people as Attorney General. I will be an independent voice in the President’s cabinet, and be sure to uphold the law to ensure the safety and prosperity of our country.”
  2. Robert Wentworth: ”This great display by the electors showed that this great experiment has passed its first test. I want to congratulate President Blunt, and Vice-President Lewis on their victory. They have a balance of experience, and the type of conciliatory views that our nation needs, and I was glad to support these men for the offices they now hold. I also wish to help them achieve success, either in a cabinet position or in Congress. Once the new administration announces its intent for the cabinet, I will make a decision whether to represent the great state of New Hampshire in Congress. Our country has done its first duty, now comes the hard part, uniting behind our new President and Vice President.”
  3. Robert Wentworth Electoral Vote: President: Judge Jefferson Blunt VP: Amb. Samuel Lewis
  4. Name: Robert Wentworth State: New Hampshire Political Party: Independent (pro-Constitution, personally opposed to slavery, more friendly to France over Britain, pro-national bank) Age: 38 Current Profession: Lawyer Short-term goal: Become a Senator Long-term goal: Become Majority/Minority Leader Background: Robert Wentworth was born to a governing family in New Hampshire, which came along with some prestige. His family had been friendly to Great Britain; but he always viewed them as out of touch oppressors. Before the war, he was educated to be a lawyer, and continues to practice. Robert has an independent streak, and worries the Federalists will lead to too much centralization, whereas the Anti-Federalists will tear the newborn country apart.
  5. Seeing as I missed this chapter, can I sign up for the next? I've got my character ready if so!
  6. Two weeks will be perfect. Work responsibilities over the next few weeks are all that prevented me from joining right away. But, if it's going to be a delay, I will be able to join. I'll make a character and submit soon.
  7. It was TOUGH. After the primaries, I was down to basically what actually happened in 84. My method was to balance positive campaigning and negative in states where Ferraro's platform was closest. Kennedy seemed to give the best bonuses for this tactic. I would save up a few scandals and drop them at once, and then run newspaper ads in the closest states (literally had practically no money). I really had fun playing this campaign. But, also this:
  8. Agreed, I think Texas and Ohio should have flipped before Kentucky or Arkansas.
  9. Just finished a play myself, MT, KY, GA, AZ, AK, AR, MS, WI, PA, MI, and LA all flipped to Gillibrand-Castro, while OH and TX remained Trump country, with the popular vote being roughly 60-38.
  10. Ah okay, that makes sense! I also noticed that there are a few events ("Report: Economy stagnates but unlikely to fall into recession" and "Protectionist policies have not backfired") have the issue profile of the environment. I'm loving the new events so far.
  11. Made the mistake of playing this scenario with the beta update, and it crashed. I'm going to try again with version 2.5.8 instead of the new 2.6.9. I did notice a few endorsers aren't correct, specifically the governor of Puerto Rico, other than that small detail, everything looks good so far.
  12. I just downloaded this scenario and noticed something minor, Mitt Romney has Jon Huntsman's bio.
  13. I tend to think that Biden, Sanders, and Warren all get a dip in the polls, whereas Gillibrand and Harris both strengthen their positions. I do think 18% is probably pretty close to where Gillibrand starts the primary season, she’s a compromise between the establishment and progressive wings, and has lead the charge on the issue of sexual assault for years. I think Booker takes the more establishment wing, as well as in the south. His primary base would be the mid Atlantic, and would be a great VP option. I think Harris has some strength in the West and south, while also having the progressive and establishment support, due to her past as AG and consistency in opposition to Trump and support of progressivism. I think McAullife will have strength in VA, but not much outside of that, due to the field already being large and split. Klobuchar is one to watch, as she could be strong in the Midwest and may be positioning herself as a more moderate voice, though I’d keep her support in the low single digits. HRC won’t run, but would poll around 7-10% tops. In terms of matchups, I think democrats retain a generic ballot lead of 7-9% against Trump. Biden polls about 47-38 against Trump, with strength in the Midwest. I think Sanders is probably around the same. Gillibrand gets 46-37, Harris 45-39, Booker 45-37, and McAullife gets 42-36. I think HRC would poll 42-38 against Trump, with basically the same electoral map as 2016.
  14. When I go in to edit, it says "Access violation at address 004E4EE0 in module 'PI.exe'. Read of address 00000018," and it reverts back to the old ID. I've redownloaded both scenarios, and it still happens. Strangely, it's only those two I've had an issue with.
  15. I’ve been playing through many of the scenarios and noticed a problem in 2000 and 2004. When I try to add a candidate and or edit their ID, an error pops up about access. However, this isn’t a problem with any of the other scenarios.
  16. Sue Bell Cobb and a write in (third party in terms of gameplay) for Luther Strange would be incredible.
  17. What if Ferraro had run instead of Mondale? This was quite the nail-biter, as it was tied at best, and the last day of the campaign showed me getting 230 electoral votes. I used @vcczar's 1984 scenario (but I changed Ferraro's portrait).
  18. I thought I saved a screenshot. But it seems to have not saved, so I don’t remember the exact number. I could play as Clinton as well, but it will probably be the weekend before I get too much free time.
  19. I may have to wait until Sunday for this one, but I did play through 1788 as Adams with no problems. I didn’t come close to beating Washington, to no one’s surprise!
  20. I'm currently playing 2020, and I will get to several this week and next. I'll be able to be more helpful with the next round of updates, as work is slower in the first part of the new year.
  21. It's working for me too! Thanks for all of the great scenarios.
  22. She actually was, especially in 04 and 08. I would love to see her in a few of these, myself. Plus, the name Landrieu is one of the biggest in Louisiana politics, which carries a bit of weight.
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