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  1. Same here, this is great. Very well thought-out. I was thinking it'd be interesting if Kanye was wrapped up in all this, and then there he was! I wonder if he'll actually make good on that promise. At this point, I wouldn't be all that surprised. I also really like the aspect of the election potentially going to the House. How would that be handled in-game? Is there a system in place for that? Either way, keep it up! I hope you're able to put this together, I'm loving it.
  2. Nice, thanks for the tips! I've tried running as "clean" a campaign as I could, emulating Bernie's actual campaign, which has meant I've talked a bit of trash but haven't really tried digging for any scandals. Stuck to the issues, tried to boost myself up (while using some spin points to emphasize Clinton scandals that came about without my help). I've always left O'Malley and Webb alone, they seem harmless and tend to help out during debates by trashing Clinton while I focus on myself. How do you keep up with finances? Fundraising helps, but that well runs dry pretty quickly, and to be
  3. If so, what was your strategy? I was doing really well in a game I had going last night, destroying in the early states. Took a whooping in most Super Tuesday states, which I expected, but after that it was just hard to keep up, financially. It's gotta be possible, I'm probably just bad at the game. If you've pulled it off, what tips would you give? Thanks!
  4. Being able to mount an independent campaign after failing would be great! I imagine you'd take a hit in momentum, but having a chance to keep it going independently would be very cool.
  5. Oh man, even 10 states is much more than I've been doing. I figured you'd hit a wall with it much sooner than that, been trying to keep it to 4 or 5 states at a time, then shifting focus after those states' primaries end. Good to know it's a money thing and not a manpower thing, too. Thanks!
  6. What happens if you just target every state? I can't imagine it's a viable strategy, but at what point do you hit a line of diminishing returns?
  7. Hahahah fair. So do you think laissez-faire capitalism could actually work for an extended time in practice, and just hasn't been correctly implemented yet? Or that it's always doomed to fail, but it's a good idea to stick as close to as possible? It kind of seems like the same argument I hear about socialism. Which, oddly enough, I can totally see the benefits of both a correctly functioning socialistic system and a correctly functioning laissez-faire capitalist system, but neither of them have ever just been totally nailed in the past, that I know of. They're pretty directly opposed to
  8. Oh, missed that bit in your response somehow. Huh, interesting. Do you think it's really that the politicians just thought that business owners had too rough a time? That, to me, reads as "business powers bribed politicians to give them tax loopholes and corporate welfare." It seems like no matter which way you're looking, business and government are going to find a way to work together that necessarily excludes the common man.
  9. Fair enough, I'm with you there. The argument I've heard against that, though, is that eliminating the tax loopholes increases the effective tax rate, which would drive business out of the country. Do you think this would have any reasonable impact? EDIT: Also, I hope double posts are alright. The "read this first" post says nothing of them, but I'm not sure what the unwritten rules around here are. I'm just replying as things come up.
  10. Ahh, gotcha. So it's not that he had something specific regarding this topic in mind, just that you believe that system would solve the problem by itself. The question is, how do you really implement that system in a sustainable way? I don't think a government will ever exist that doesn't push for its own involvement. Maybe at first, but eventually the cycle continues. I can see the benefit of laissez-faire capitalism in theory, for sure, I'm just not sure how long it could last without the government getting involved, then the corporations getting involved with the government, leading the com
  11. Are you of the belief that we currently have a free system and should keep trucking ahead? Or do you believe that the government has started favoring businesses unfairly and we need to restrict that corporate access to government by making the government itself smaller?
  12. I'm honestly not very aware of John Locke past knowing the name. Trying to research this specific area is proving a bit difficult (meaning there's a whole lot out there and I've spent like, three minutes on it before figuring I'll just ask you for clarification). How would Locke's economics apply, as far as maternity leave goes?
  13. I don't see it as the government protecting them as much as the government providing them with what I think should be a pretty basic right. You just popped a kid out, take some time and be involved in the early weeks of their development. I don't think paid maternity leave is a right, but it should be incentivized by the government, at least. But yeah, I don't think a mother should have to risk getting fired to spend some time with their newborn, and to have a break for themselves after what's surely a very stressful and tiring experience. This, I've got a bit more trouble argu
  14. But surely there are incentives companies can offer to make their positions more attractive even if the government says "women should have some time off work after giving birth?" Hell, they could even just offer extended maternity leave.
  15. Oh man, so many ads! 5-6 ads per person that's ahead of you? That's gonna take a while haha. Is there some way to make it so that state-specific ads can be re-run? Going through and deleting/re-making ads for each state takes a decent chunk of time. I've noticed you can re-run national ad campaigns, but state-specific ads always say they've hit their limit or whatever after one week. Good to know that campaigning more than once a week in a state has diminishing returns. So far, I tend to do one or two rallies per week in each state I'm targeting, as well as a few barnstorming events.
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