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  1. I actually haven't been there since late April because I only volunteer at the one where I go to school, but I enjoy it very much. All I really do is walk the dogs, but I find it very therapeutic. I also love checking the shelter's website everyday to root for the dogs to get adopted. I love seeing them find real homes.
  2. I'd be curious what majors people were (or currently are/planning to major in) and where they went to college as well as any graduate degrees and what they've done with those degrees. For some reason, I find that kind of thing very interesting. I looked up the college majors and advanced degrees of all the 2020 candidates and found many of them quite fascinating. I'm majoring in economics at a small college in New England. I also went to a well-known Catholic college before transferring. I was originally a political science major, but changed my major out of fear that I wouldn't be able t
  3. I love dogs (and really animals in general) and have a dog that I love very much. I also volunteer at the animal shelter near where I go to school. My favorite movies are Fight Club, New Jack City, Paid in Full, Shutter Island, and Anchorman.
  4. This is something I'm going to need to see in order to believe. I remember there was video of a Chinese AI that somehow translated what Trump was saying into Chinese (and kept it in Trump's voice), but it didn't match his lips if I remember correctly. I can't imagine they would ever need to use that technology if he actually spoke Chinese.
  5. Kennedy is not much more to the left than Biden. Brown is, though.
  6. In what ways would picking a fierce neoliberal like Kennedy appease progressives? And why Brown make progressives less happy than Kennedy? Brown isn’t for Medicare for all, but neither is Kennedy, and besides healthcare, Brown is pretty progressive, definitely more so than Kennedy.
  7. Still, I'd be shocked to see her run that soon. She needs more experience before enough older people even consider voting for her. Her base is too young to win a Presidential election.
  8. I stand corrected. I could have sworn she was only 28 right now.
  9. I'd say Pence is most likely to run for Republicans. I don't see Cruz running ever again, unless Trump's reputation and approval rating plummets. Trump neutered Cruz in 2016 and I don't see him recovering from that unless Trump loses his base. As for Democrats, I'm not really sure who will run, but I'm sure we'll see lots of young people running. Probably more unconventional candidates too, like Mayors.
  10. I'm shocked to see so many people mention AOC; she's not going to be constitutionally eligible in 2024...
  11. jnewt

    Forum presidents

    Haha you were actually leading earlier today, someone else must have voted today...
  12. Under our current system, yes. But we could move to a national primary in which every state would have an equal say.
  13. jnewt

    Ross Perot Poll

    I think I have to disagree there. How has he become a sell-out. By selling his company?
  14. jnewt

    Ross Perot Poll

    I meant to put another billionaire for number 2. I’d say Jay Z or Dr. Dre.
  15. You know exactly what he's saying. He's saying there is no "best" choice. Only differing levels of bad choices.
  16. jnewt

    Gravel to end campaign

    Source? His Twitter says the campaign is nearing its conclusion but never said they dropped out. They said they’re still trying to get into the July debate as far as I know.
  17. jnewt

    MT Rushmore

    None of the current Presidents should be on there and no other additional Presidents should be added
  18. I'd support Warren over Tulsi, but Warren does give off a "fake" feeling to me. I don't think she cares about us as much as she makes it seem she does.
  19. I hope you're joking... almost none of those "far-left" candidates are actually far-left. They're mostly neoliberals and centrists. Swalwell and O'Rourke as far-left? That's laughable. And I was talking about their stances in the game. Gravel is the only one listed as far-left, which means he's the only one AOC can endorse in the game.
  20. @admin_270 Another couple issues (unrelated): - Ocasio-Cortez can only endorse far-left candidates (meaning just Mike Gravel) - it seems like there's too many undecided voters, and that number continues to grow the closer you get to the primaries - despite the huge number of undecideds, it seems next to impossible to win any delegates as a lesser candidate
  21. But they shouldn’t have anything vested in the outcome. They’re there to moderate and broadcast, that’s it.
  22. You are an ass. Nobody wants to read your ridiculous responses to him. It's just as tiresome to the rest of us as his comments are to you.
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