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  1. I don't agree with this at all. Warren has a very questionable past and certainly cannot be trusted to actually govern like a progressive (she'll most likely be an Obama 2.0 if she's elected). I honestly don't personally know a single progressive who doesn't realize Warren isn't as progressive as she campaigns as or about her questionable past. That's a lot of people who see right through her (and they're mostly not in love with Sanders so they're not "Bernie or Bust" voters, but view him as the only viable progressive running). Clinton losing in 2016 is proof that Democrats need the progressi
  2. Not sure how this could ever be interpreted as good for progressives. Warren doesn't campaign nearly as progressively as Sanders, and she's not nearly as progressive as she campaigns. Without Sanders in the race, most progressives have no one to vote for. I certainly can't vote for Warren with a clear conscience. I'm likely going to have to vote for Yang, who was some very questionable positions, if Sanders has to drop out.
  3. It would also be pretty tough to just ignore a President's nomination to the Supreme Court, but he did that just fine. I'd put nothing below Mitch McConnell.
  4. Coolidge is irrelevant. He's saying Trump is the least hawkish since Hoover. As in, Hoover is the last President who is less hawkish than Trump.
  5. They're all bad people. Not sure there's many (if any) ways that Trump is a better person than ALL of the Kennedys, though.
  6. No idea what you're talking about here... Kerry voted FOR the invasion, and then defended his vote while running for President. The idea that his whole campaign was "War is Bad" is factually incorrect and a disgustingly wrong oversimplification. https://www.cnn.com/2004/ALLPOLITICS/08/09/kerry.iraq/ The only "but" Kerry gives is that he wishes Bush "brought other countries to the table". He still supported the war.
  7. Sapiosexual is not an actual sexuality and should not be included as part of the LGBTQ+ community. I know somebody just "came out" as sapiosexual, but it's not an actual sexuality. All it means is that you're attracted to intelligence.
  8. If he wasn’t a complete failure and fraud as Mayor, he may have been able to dupe me into making him my 2nd or 3rd choice. But alas, he was a complete failure and fraud as Mayor.
  9. I think you’re one of the dumbest people I’ve ever encountered on the internet, but if you actually believe that (which I doubt you do, I realize somebody acting this stupid is most likely a troll), then you’re dumber than I thought. Sanders held plenty of jobs before he turned 40, not to mention the fact that he’s dealt with economic issues as a politician for decades and got a degree related to economics from an Ivy League-caliber institution.
  10. Sanders has more knowledge on economics in the tip of his pinkie finger than you have in your entire body. I’d be willing to say that about virtually every single member of Congress, even the ones I completely disagree with.
  11. I disagree on Warren. She certainly seems to be saying exactly what progressives want to hear. She voted for a military budget higher than the one President Trump requested. Before running for President, she waffled on Medicare for All. She voted for the Hyde Amendment but now is against it in order to appeal to progressives. She accepted money from big donors during her Senate election (and will accept “dark money” - her words - during the general election if she’s the nominee) despite refusing to accept money from big donors in the 2020 primary in another attempt to appease to progress
  12. You’re wasting your time. Anybody who thinks any of the major candidates are a communist or that there’s an Islamic terrorist in Congress is a brain-dead idiot beyond salvation. One of his main attacks is that a woman is ugly…
  13. What? Sanders is doing pretty well among black voters, especially those who are young (Warren isn't, though). Everything I've seen has Sanders in second among black voters. https://www.politico.com/story/2019/09/02/black-voters-sanders-biden-2020-1479234 has Sanders in second among black voters at 20% http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/09/joe-biden-support-from-black-voters.html this article also states Sanders does best among younger black voters https://morningconsult.com/2019/07/09/biden-still-leads-among-black-voters-but-his-support-is-softening/ has Sanders in second among
  14. There's no way on God's green earth that Howard Schultz is a "left-wing progressive". That is asinine.
  15. "Opposed to war"? He voted for the invasion of Iraq...
  16. I don't think these "Bernie or Bust" supporters are really "Bernie or Bust". Most of these people are just anti-establishment voters who are only supporting him for that reason. I wouldn't even call them Bernie supporters, to be honest, because they're not usually progressives. Most of them are Bernie or Trump voters. The actual progressives who support him would probably suck it up and vote for Warren if she's the nominee, but, I admit, voting for Buttigieg or Biden would be too much of a betrayal to our ideology.
  17. “Varsity starters” are nothing compared to professional athletes. Sure, you could beat a high school girl one-on-one. You absolutely could not beat one of the most athletic women in the world though. I don’t think you understand how much of a jump it is from high school to college, let alone to the WNBA.
  18. You’ve once again proved your IQ is nowhere near where you claim it to be. If it was, you’d know that the women at your school are nowhere near athletic as the women in the WNBA. Just because they can’t dunk doesn’t mean they’re not athletic. I recently saw a video of a division 2 men’s colleges basketball player who was also stupid enough to think he could beat a WNBA player one-on-one; she dominated him.
  19. I know. It just seems surprising to me that he was still funneling money into facebook ads for donors as recently as two days ago. If he was about to drop out, it doesn't make sense to me that he'd be trying so hard for donors and not at least wait to see if he miraculously got 4 polls at 2%.
  20. This is a little bit surprising to me. I keep seeing ads for him saying that he's close to the donor threshold so I would have thought he'd at least wait until after the debate to drop out.
  21. That was always my view of business majors. Plus you really learn whatever you need to know on the job. If you're planning on working in business you may as well study whatever you want. Are you still planning to go to college?
  22. I briefly considered law school when I was political science major, but ultimately decided it wouldn't be worth going into that much debt (even though I still plan on going to graduate school). What law schools are you looking at and what kind of a lawyer do you want to be? If I went to law school I would have wanted to be an immigration lawyer and/or work with the ACLU.
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