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  1. I never said you need to win in order to be a good candidate. But you at least have to be relatively competitive.
  2. Again, totally depends on who Warren picks as a VP
  3. By definition, a good candidate would win or at least make a competitive race. Just because he did better than a generic Republican (which I don’t think he did anyways) doesn’t make him a good candidate. It just means a generic Republican would be an even worse candidate. A good candidate will never get obliterated in a race.
  4. Diehl outperformed Gonzales by 3 points actually. And that still doesn’t make him a not-awful candidate. (Gonzales was too.) He was still absolutely obliterated. It’s basically factual that he was an awful candidate.
  5. jnewt

    Head to Heads

    Hard for me to vote in this poll (for question 2). It totally depends on who Warren picks as a VP. There’s rumors she’d pick Andrew Gillum, and I have issues with him, but he’d be better than other options. I’d probably suck it up and vote for Warren if she picked Gillum.
  6. Geoff Diehl was a horrible candidate (a pro-Trump Republican in the bluest state in the nation) and lost almost as badly as Gonzalez lost to Baker.
  7. Lots. He wouldn’t accept any Syrian refugees and he endorsed Geoff Diehl are two.
  8. Personally, I have to disagree on Kasich and Romney. I agree with Ron Paul though as long as we're also ignoring pretty much everything besides his anti-war positions. I'd add Jon Huntsman. He's probably my most respected current Republican. And since somebody else will probably mention him, I'd like to preemptively say I have no respect nor admiration for Charlie Baker.
  9. In my state government class, we talked about a specific instance in which a Governor used his line-item veto to remove individual letters within words from a bill to add a completely new appropriation. I forget what it was for or what state it was in, but the Governor was able to appropriate funds to something he wanted (and that the legislature never truly approved) by removing individual letters (and thus creating new words). (I believe whatever state this was in reformed this so you can no longer remove individual letters to create new words.) If this was instituted at the federal level, T
  10. I voted for limiting the Presidency to one term, but ideally it would be a 6 year term. I'd rather have Presidents focus on doing their actual job instead of focusing on running for reelection after just two years in office.
  11. How is that a conspiracy theory?!? It's pretty well documented what Bush did, and if you actually follow the Nuremberg Principles, it's also pretty clear that he (along with most other Presidents) committed countless war crimes.
  12. And after doing a "modicum of research", you'll also find out that Bill Clinton never actually had a heart attack. He had a procedure done and "narrowly avoided a heart attack", but never actually had an infarction. So I take back being wrong about him.
  13. What does that have to do with anything? He never said strictly national polls and why would I assume he's strictly talking about national polls when there is no national primary and early state polling is included in the DNC's criteria.
  14. Now you're just being an asshole. Claiming I didn't do "a modicum of research"? You didn't do "a modicum of research". Nevada is an early state and Sanders was tied for first with Biden in CNN's last poll, and in first in CBS's poll last month. North Carolina is an early state (Super Tuesday), Sanders is second there. Admit you were wrong about Sanders not being first or second "really". Grow up. I was wrong about Clinton not having a heart attack and I admit that (though I still think your statement that virtually all people who get that procedure have had heart attacks is false, I have
  15. War crimes ARE "actual, real crimes." The fact that you would actually say they're not speaks a lot to who you are as a person and how you value life. Yup. I assure you, not wanting the President to commit war crimes is indeed a very, very low standard.
  16. Why would it be clear he was just referring to national polls? There's no national primary and the DNC uses early state polls as polling criteria too.
  17. Come on now. You made an absolute statement about Sanders not "really" being in first or second anywhere and you were wrong. Admit it. I suggest you do a better job making an absolute statement like that without looking it up next time.
  18. No it doesn't actually. Look it up for yourself next time. https://abcnews.go.com/Health/HeartDiseaseNews/president-bill-clinton-hospitalized-routine-stent-surgery-heart-chest-pain/story?id=9811364 https://emersonpolling.reportablenews.com/pr/ohio-2020-statistical-dead-heat-with-biden-sanders-and-warren-in-democratic-primary
  19. Neither of these statements are true. Plenty of people undergo this procedure without having a heart attack (Bill Clinton did, as @admin_270 mentioned previously). He's also leading or in second in some polls. A quick google easily proves both these statements are false.
  20. You are an idiot. You can easily look up all the bills he's proposed. I'm not going to hold your hand through this because you're literally too stupid to use google.
  21. You're an idiot if you think the most significant thing Sanders has done is renaming a post office. And the media is quite obviously biased against Sanders. He's 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in literally every poll yet they're treating it like it's a two-person race. Just another idiotic statement from an idiot...
  22. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/04/us/politics/bernie-sanders-hospital.html So it turns out Sanders actually had a heart attack...
  23. Doctors say the average recovery time for this operation is 4-7 days. I don’t think it’s nearly as serious as people are making it out to be, either. If it does take him weeks to recover, then I’ll be more worried.
  24. In literally what universe did I ever say that? Yang is just more honest and I actually know what I’m going to get with him. Plus, anybody with a functioning brain stem can tell you he is in fact more progressive when it comes to foreign policy, which I value highly.
  25. I'm strictly talking about the last ten years. Voting for the Hyde Amendment, saying she'll accept "dark money", advocating for Green bombs, citing Madeleine Albright as her key foreign policy influence, waffling on Medicare for All, remaining silent on the Dakota Access Pipeline until it was convenient etc, etc. These are all concerns shared with me by most actual progressives.
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