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  1. Yea I know this would never happen, but I just thought it'd be cool to make a scenario for. This fictional scenario is going to be a result of drastic legislation passed by President Clinton and the newly Democratic-controlled congress, such as an amendment abolishing the death penalty, legislation completely banning any guns larger than a pistol and the carrying of any guns in public places, and requiring every single police officer in the country to wear a body camera. All of this and the promise of more to come is what I'm making the cause of the secession. I know this still w
  2. I wanted to make one of the new parties the Tea Party because I feel like if this were to ever actually happen, they would probably be the ones leading it. My idea was that it would start out as a far-right nation, but eventually the new Republican party would start drifting towards the contemporary Democratic party. You bring up a good point about liberal politicians just allowing the country to become right-wing, so I will add more liberal politicians.
  3. Yesterday I started making a scenario in which Texas successfully secedes from the United States after a few months of the progressive and liberal administration of Hillary Clinton (I'll go more into detail of why and how Texas secedes when I post the scenario). I came up with a long list of candidates that may be included, and I'm posting this here in hopes of some suggestions of who should and should not be candidates in the game (as well as endorsers). I'm thinking of splitting republicans into two parties: the Republicans and the Tea Party. Tea Party Candidates (Ted Cruz is the onl
  4. I'm just curious if any democrats dislike Hillary enough that they would vote republican if Trump weren't the nominee, and vice-versa.
  5. 1) A positive event that you could see yourself doing on campaign. [my response: Mayor Newton runs the Boston Marathon 3 years after the terrorist attack on Boylston Street] 2) A positive event that you could see happening to you. [my response: Former Governor Deval Patrick appears at rally for Mayor Newton.] 3) A negative event that you could see yourself doing on campaign [my response: Mayor Newton says "Far-right extremists pose a bigger threat to Americans than ISIS"] 4) A negative event that you could see happening to you. [my response: Governor Char
  6. Couldn't agree more. I live just outside Boston but it's definitely my favorite place I've been
  7. 1. Jay Newton 2. I really want to run as Mayor of Boston 3. Mr. Shareef Khan 4. Massachusetts and northeast and California 5. vcczar, patine, and middlepolitical as top 3, but would consider any democrat 6. the 3 I listed for vp would be my most likely to endorse, but I wouldn't rule out anyone 7. Jay for USA 8. Can the 38-year-old Mayor of Boston make the leap from city politics to Leader of the Free World?
  8. jnewt

    Taxation Ideology

    I almost put far-left but I don't think it should be quite that high. I'm a Bernie Sanders supporter, so that should tell you how I feel about taxes
  9. A computer's primary purpose is to help people communicate and learn, while certain guns' primary purposes are to kill. You don't need a gun with a 100 round drum in order to exercise your right to bear arms, nor do you need it to protect yourself.
  10. I would say I'm an ardent constitutionalist but at the same time it's very outdated. For example, I don't think the Framers intended to give Americans the right to own certain guns from today's society
  11. I was also wondering are we going to be politicians or just regular people? And if we do run as politicians will we be able to choose what office we hold?
  12. left to far-left, though I do think unions' powers should be limited
  13. 18th: Alexander Hamilton and John Jay 19th: Henry Clay and Charles Sumner 20th: Robert La Follete and Robert Kennedy 21st: Bernie Sanders and Wesley Clark
  14. definitely left, my favorite current politician is probably Elizabeth Warren
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