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  1. HW Bush actually played in the College World Series
  2. Actually, I have played Cities: Skylines, not sure if that counts though
  3. How old are you? (If you're comfortable sharing) early 20s Do you like Mountain Dew? Yes Have you played Mass Effect? No Ever been to Arizona? No Ideal place to live? Boston Did you vote? Yes Preference: Cake or pie? Cake
  4. Portland's a nice city. It'd probably be near the top for my ideal places to live.
  5. Massachusetts has a ballot question for it this year, and most people seem to support it. But it doesn't extend to Presidential elections...
  6. Humans also don't need to eat meat to maintain their nutrition, so I view both as a wrong (I'm a hypocrite though - I eat meat). And I would probably say killing livestock for meat is worse than hunting since animals that are hunted at least get to live a free life until they die. I always feel guilty about eating beef or poultry since these animals were raised for the sole purpose of being killed and eaten.
  7. I mean, he's not even a journalist, he's a hacker who makes data breaches and insecurity known to people for ethical reasons. He also hacked Trump's account four years ago.
  8. Actually it's the incoming delegations. That's why Congressional terms begin before Presidential terms.
  9. The voting for President done by the House is done by delegations, of which Republicans control more. So Trump would actually win, unless faithless electors sway the election before it goes to the House.
  10. I do. He's almost cool enough to make me vote for his dad.
  11. Voting has already started and it's too late to change the ballots. There'd be no easy way for Pence to run at this point.
  12. jnewt

    2018 senate

    Yea, if I remember correctly a lot of the states Democrats won they won by huge margins, whereas Republicans won by much slimmer margins. The fact that California had two Democrats running against each other also padded their numbers.
  13. I used to love DDS Pro Basketball
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