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  1. Actually it's the incoming delegations. That's why Congressional terms begin before Presidential terms.
  2. The voting for President done by the House is done by delegations, of which Republicans control more. So Trump would actually win, unless faithless electors sway the election before it goes to the House.
  3. I do. He's almost cool enough to make me vote for his dad.
  4. Voting has already started and it's too late to change the ballots. There'd be no easy way for Pence to run at this point.
  5. jnewt

    2018 senate

    Yea, if I remember correctly a lot of the states Democrats won they won by huge margins, whereas Republicans won by much slimmer margins. The fact that California had two Democrats running against each other also padded their numbers.
  6. I used to love DDS Pro Basketball
  7. I disagree. If you want to vote for yourself or somebody else not on the ballot because you don't approve of any of the candidates that's perfectly valid, but voting is a civic duty.
  8. There's no doubt that Boston is racist, as the entire country is rooted in racism. I just don't think it's especially racist compared to other cities. I might say that it is about equivalent with dozens of other cities as the most racist, though.
  9. https://www.wcvb.com/article/boston-city-councilor-michelle-wu-to-run-for-mayor-next-year-marty-walsh-says/33943475# This is important to note because Walsh has long been rumored as a potential cabinet pick for Joe Biden. Additionally, Wu would be the first person who isn't a white male to become Mayor. I think she has a pretty good shot at winning even if Walsh runs for reelection, but if he doesn't, she's a shoo-in.
  10. My hometown is in suburban MA and is heavily pro-Trump, but the city I go to school in definitely does not have a ton of pro-Trump signs. I can't say there are a lot of Biden signs either, but he will no doubt win the city.
  11. I was unaware of this. I've heard the term "Native American" applied to people from the Americas but outside the United States, and assumed the term "African-American" was used the same way. Still, she has African heritage and is an American, so there really shouldn't be any question as to whether she's an African-American or not.
  12. This is just completely false. Her ancestors came from Africa by way of Jamaica (part of the Americas). Not sure where you're getting the idea that she isn't part African-American.
  13. I hope you're right, but I'm not so confident. I'm trying to treat this race like anything's possible.
  14. I thought I heard Trump was breaking tradition and giving speeches each night. Was that an inaccuracy?
  15. It was Susan B. Anthony
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