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  1. 1) Which political party would you run under? GOP 2) What is your ideal party platform (I recommend using the issues and answers on https://www.isidewith.com/) Populism vs Elitism: Populism 76% Multiculturalism vs Assimilation: Assimilation 68% Pacifism vs Militarism: Militarism 34% Tough vs Tender: Tough 84% Regulation vs Deregulation: Deregulation 20% Traditional vs Progressive: Traditional 44% Unilateralism vs Multilateralism: Mulitlateralism 90% Small Government vs Big Government: Small government 54%
  2. Yeah and 2 percent white voter turnout both college and non college will nullify all that even if it is actually true which is still very unfair to Trump given that Trump has the largest amounts of hispanic supporters when you compare him to other GOP candidates and General Election candidates such as George W. Bush. And you KNOW that white voter turnout will be soaring this year. We are talking about a man who gets his votes from "disenfranchised voters" and who also got the highest amounts of primary voters by far among any other GOP candidate in a rigged primary election noneth
  3. It's not a valid discussion unless you actually disprove my point. Its just circlejerking.
  4. To win Georgia, you need a overwhelming amounts of black (and minority) voter turnout. Not even Obama has accomplished that in Georgia and Arizona. It is foolish to think that Georgia and other "contested red states" such as Arizona and Utah will go blue this year. The polls don't calculate turnout. From what we all may know the polls might've oversampled democrats and blacks in general. And considering I have read the page myself. It doesn't even say how many people or what the samples were in the poll. One other point is, if Georgia really supported Clinton, she would
  5. Utah and Texas won't vote for a open borders and pro-choice candidate. And surprise surprise Clinton and Johnson are the same on that regard.
  6. There's a difference between losing and getting destroyed.
  7. Herman Cain is one of my favourite politicians beside Ron Paul, however there is no Herman Cain in 2012. Why is this the case?
  8. So people who are the biggest supporters of outsourcing will win Pennsylvania... How? Before you even explain consider the following: Rubio is a pretty conservative guy where the only democrat side of him is that he is pro-amnesty which is one of the big reasons that I don't like him. But he is also pro-free trade just like any other republican. Kasich is even a bigger pro free trade fool. He even vehemently supported NAFTA and said so in a debate so forget the possibility of Kasich winning Pennsylvanian blue collar voter bloc which is pretty huge. Now a standard republ
  9. Sorry but no GOP candidate other than Trump has a legit shot of winning Pennsylvania because he is the only one who wants protectionism in free trade. Pennsylvanians who lived throguh nafta will definitely vote Trump but they won't vote for a pro free trade candidate. Especially not a republican one considering pennsylvania is historically a blue state. This GE map compilation seems to be just your fantasy OP. Same goes for Ohio. Although any other republican has a shot for ohio, especially John Kasich. But he is just a reagan democrat who incidentally was a republican.
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