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    Politics, of course! Also very into music, especially the 80s and 90s. I do a lot of online DJing...if you're interested in hearing some great stuff, tune into my stream when it's on. Check out my online radio station at https://www.facebook.com/Radio-Free-Connecticut-680518518760296/ . :)

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  1. Now upgraded to "Political Monster".  Woohoo!! :D

  2. I see we're getting into some of the more modern elections now. Sweet!
  3. Whew! It's been a busy week.  Going to resume work on a couple scenarios in a few.  :)

  4. Well, for her sake, Hillary better win Minnesota. No Democrat has EVER won the presidency without picking up that state. Little known facts FTW, LOL.
  5. Part 2 of the MTV Tribute Show is streaming right now on Radio Free Connecticut. Tune in! http://us1.internet-radio.com:8006/listen.pls or https://control.internet-radio.com:2199/start/fairbol

  6. Some actually say that CT could be in play (gasp!) for Trump this year. Personally, I doubt it, but anything can happen.
  7. I see I've been bumped up to the "political geek" level....huzzah!! :D

  8. If Trump manages to pull that off, I will "eat my hat". LOL. :-/
  9. Radio Free Connecticut is ready to go with Part 1 of the MTV Tribute Show. Tune in! http://us1.internet-radio.com:8006/listen.pls or https://control.internet-radio.com:2199/start/fairbol

  10. Quote

    "I thought I told you never to interrupt me while I'm WORKING!" -- Gene Wilder, Young Frankenstein  :)


  11. Quote of the day....."glorified screaming cantaloupe" (Reagan04)

    1. Zach


      I support this. 

    2. FairBolFL


      Good to know, LOL.  :)

  12. Just got bumped up a level....I'm now a "political hack"! LOL!! :D

  13. Oy.  Too much political stuff for one day....was hitting the night owl scene.  Think I need some sleep, LOL! :D

  14. Took a while, but I created a new candidate for your player scenario.  It sounds like a very cool idea....thanks for the inspiration! :)

  15. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to load some saved games without getting an error.  Sigh.  :(

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