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  1. As someone from Europe I can say that calling Sanders, let alone Obama or Clinton socialists or communists is quite mindblowing. I'd call Bernie Sanders a social democrat at most. Obama and Clinton would be center right politicians in Europe. And no, Europe isn't run by communists or socialists either.
  2. Definitely social-liberal, but in a European context. Which means probably a bit more center on social and economic policy then social democrats, a little more left than liberals on government and progressive on ehtical issues and liberties.
  3. It's still mainly used for silliness. Could be a great game, but too much trolling.
  4. I don't agree with the notion that Marine Le Pen has brought FN away from the fringe. She has done so in the second round yes, but in the first round she maintained the same tactics of left-leaning social policies with anti-immigrant/anti-Islam/anti-EU stances other right wing/populist parties in Europe use as well. I think both the general electorate has moved to the right as well as the political spectrum in Western-Europe in its entirety. You can see how UKIP's support decreased post-Brexit because of the Conservatives partly using the same platform/rethoric. Same goes for VVD and PVV in Th
  5. Hello there, new to the forum. I have a question regarding President infinity 2016. Now I don't know if I'm bad at this game or that it is a bug, but I was playing the primaries campaign with Joe Biden (along Clinton, Sanders, O'Malley and Webb). I was second in % (23,3%), an estimate of 1200 seats, and about +2 momentum while all others were in negative momuntem. I do know that there can be a difference between the poll in the right hand corner, and the actual intentions of the voters. I also won the last two debates. Now when Iowa came I was surprise. I had 9% in the polls, campaigned a
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