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  1. Updated the graphics for my bellwether watch, added a few bellwethers that predict who wins the states (Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) as well.
  2. @billay this is what the Bellwether report will look like tomorrow. Those results are the 2016 version (they're live from a Google docs which I imported the HTML from the NYTimes vote count. Obviously I'll replace it with the 2020 version tomorrow.)
  3. Check @vcczar's forum, I'll also update there but I'll try to have live updates on the results on my website.
  4. Like talking to the bodies in the Paris catacombs.
  5. I was only 2 years old. That's crazy to think about. Time flies.
  6. Thought y'all should see the first post since the last one might be in the near future.
  7. Agree, he needed to be called out but this doesn't make us look like the good guys.
  8. Agreed, but I also feel like he may be neglecting Florida, he could lose Florida. Also I just noticed your bio, what is celebrity populism?
  9. Pls post your own poems on this fateful day.
  10. Idk about "guaranteed" but he was definitely favored on every sportsbetting site I was on, sometimes even by 80%.
  11. First they came for the leftists, but I did not speak out because I wasn't a leftist. Then they came for the rational thinkers, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a rational thinker And then they came for the centrists but I didn't speak out because I missed that thread PP hasn't gotten banned yet, a quandry I'm not good at poetry Rotary
  12. A genie gives you three wishes, though you can only choose to hear the results of a state on election night with them... What state do you choose?
  13. He was more conservative back then. Ted Cruz, Fiorina and Ben Carson in that order I think right? @Reagan04
  14. Yeah watching your change during his presidency was interesting. You tried to support him in 17, became undecided in 18, and supported Biden during the primaries I think. I would have voted for Gabbard, and did in the Ohio Primaries.
  15. Don't get me wrong, I prefer Trump's policies to Biden's, but there's no chance.
  16. A lot of us entertained the realm of possibility concerning a Trump presidency. I forget if I did but in particular @vcczar gave him a good chance and @TheMiddlePolitical I think actually called Trump's victory in the rust belt super accurately. However no one who predicted him winning in 2016 says that today. There's no chance.
  17. it's ok our precious little dumpling you can think that
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