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  1. Bernie's campaign in one pic
  2. Skyrim, Oblivion, and Morrowind are Elder Scrolls games. I'm surprised the No's on that are as low as they are.
  3. Bad poll... where is the "perhaps????"
  4. Give me more time to think about it
  5. 1. Caesar, in front of the new missiles and artillery from the Boomers, gives a victory speech in front of the Fort's armory. "We stand here today victorious. Just as the Legion of the East has done for years we have once again reigned victorious against the Bear. No longer will the people of the wasteland have to suffer with the NCR's bureaucratic tyranny. The influence of the Legion is growing, and soon enough our Great Empire will encompass all who stand in our way." "Ave! True to Caesar!" 2. Angered with Jacobstown's refusal to endorse Caesar, Caesar sends Legate Lanius and
  6. My mistake. I assumed the "yes" in the poll meant joining at the start of WW1
  7. He probably saw his melanin draining after not supporting Biden
  8. Lil Pump (one of the biggest rappers in today's modern rap world) endorsed the President.
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