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  1. Biden because of his lower testosterone.
  2. Red Dead Redemption 2 has the most well-written protagonist (Arthur Morgan) I've seen in a game or movie ever.
  3. @vcczar why didnt' you pick Ford? Of all the people here who should know of his athletic prowess I think it'd be you.
  4. I think this model will be more accurate than most of them. Also I noticed that making Oregon swing for Trump on 538's model somehow gives Biden a 40% chance of winning Arkansas.
  5. 1. Caesar sends Vulpes Inculta, dressed in gambler attire to Nero and the Omertas to seek their support in Vegas. 2. Caesar has the 100 dead men brought back to the fort, to be respectfully cremated. Caesar looks on, somber, as the Legion army stands behind him. "When I see the bodies of our young warriors before me I consider it an attack upon myself, as should all of you. We will find who did this and we will crucify him within these very walls." 3. (Attack) In an effort to win over Boomer-hating undecideds Caesar shells Nellis Air Force Base with the artillery and sends a leg
  6. I'm sure this one has been @Reagan04's wallpaper at some point.
  7. High as they are I mean. I would have expected 95% of the gaming population to have played them.
  8. I like capitalist Bernie
  9. Bernie's campaign in one pic
  10. Skyrim, Oblivion, and Morrowind are Elder Scrolls games. I'm surprised the No's on that are as low as they are.
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