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  1. Damn, too lazy to check his source but this is really surprising. Also I vaguely remember checking back a while ago that there were more registered Republicans than Democrats in Michigan as well. (Though it doesn't really mean anything considering Kentucky's had more registered democrats for decades)
  2. I think he's pretty accurate. He was actually one of the first people to criticize the Democrats supposed "blue wall" in the rust belt states, and that was in 2015 before Trump was even the nominee.
  3. We have the same prediction except I think there will be a blue Nevada and Pennsylvania.
  4. [This Steam account has been suspended from secure servers due to several cheating infractions.]
  5. Just discovered a free V Bucks cheat in real life guys this is epic. It takes a little bit of starting money to work though, and hopefully your character still has some after getting the recession debuff, or didn't spend it all on health potions after getting the COVID-19 moodlet. Trust me on this, my dad works for Nintendo. DISCLAIMER: This is only for those of us who picked "easy mode" at the start and spawned in the USA map. Ok first of all what you gotta do is have your guy take an online tax calculator for what you'd pay under Bidens tax plan. If your character has the "Boomer"
  6. @vcczar, just for a slight aesthetic, for future polls could you change "yes and no" to "for and against"?
  7. Good to see you're back man. Sorry to hear about your uncle.
  8. Saw a report on Fox stating that Lindsey Graham, as chairman of the Judiciary committee, is considering a subpoena of social media executives mostly in response to their blocking of sharing anything related to the Hunter Biden emails or images. Could this be the October surprise? To me its reminiscent of Comey's email thing, which potentially narrowed the polls enough in late October to allow a Trump victory. As a supporter of the free market, obviously I support a business's decision to "not bake the cake" by allowing them to block whatever they want, but on the other hand I think i
  9. You do realize "Only Sith think in absolutes" is an absolutist statement too right? Lol
  10. No, house is controlled by Democrats so they'd pick Biden.
  11. You click on the cities that have "!" In them for action scenes and the like. But yeah definitely love the world building in the intro scenes.
  12. Mike Pence kills Trump on the steps of the Capitol building and becomes Caesar Pence Americana I
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