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  1. I mean most elected Republicans are already distancing themselves. The "Follow the Leader" GOP seems to be hedging their bets against Trump. I think his son will have a hard row to hoe if it's not a victory.
  2. If this is true, then I am not. As I've said before, if Trumpism is the best my party can do, I'm not so sure that we're a party worth having. Might be better to migrate on over to the land of freedom and actual limited government, our golden friends. Then again, I have hope for this country and my party that we'll soundly reject Trumpism.
  3. Harris/AOC is a hell no and so is Don Jr. Under this timeline it can be assume that for Don Jr. to be relevant, his dad had to win in 2020. This likely means he has taken over the GOP and divorced it from actual conservatism. The only choice that a principled conservative like me would likely have given this series of events is to become a card-carrying Libertarian. Buttigieg/Yang is not awful but I don't think it's by any means good. Cotton is gross and I'd hate to see him nominated in 2024 but Rand Paul makes it fine, I could stomach it. The last one is a no-brainer. If Romney
  4. i.e. the only sane ones left Unfortunately, if Donald Trump is re-elected, America will no longer have a conservative party. That's why electing Joe is so crucial, it will save the conservative movement from self-destruction and in doing so save the country.
  5. C'mon man. You know better than this. We Libertarians aren't soulless monsters without compassion and empathy and it's not helpful to frame it like a debate of empathy vs. apathy.
  6. I will let you get away with many things. Conflating Donald Trump and conservatism is not one of them.
  7. No, second choice votes don't count unless the first choice is eliminated by finishing last in the state.
  8. Sorry it took me so long to do this, but for what it’s worth I think the last question is pretty much just bunk.
  9. Except it's literally defended within itself? Within the next 30 years we'll have hopefully mostly transferred off fossil fuels, this should be a pretty bipartisan position. They're not losing jobs when they're being created in other energy sectors. This isn't rocket science and it isn't worth blowing smoke about it. The tape itself is an affirmation of what Biden has always said, no subsidies for either. I personally don't believe in energy subsidies for anything. But if I had to choose between subsidies for fossil fuels or renewables? That isn't a hard choice.
  10. Notice how Trump is still attacking Biden during his inaugural. That is called being a Divider-in-Chief.
  11. "I don't know where this guy comes from" God it's great to have folksy Joe here tonight.
  12. Hoppin thru hoops 4 AOC + 3 should be a children's book.
  13. Biden bares the legal pad
  14. I actually think calling them the Poor Boys can come across as a contrast to Trump who showed them revrence.
  15. Dogwhistle as big as a fog horn, excellent
  17. "Don't tell me you're an innocent baby" Dude what
  18. Also, Biden never called black people superpredators, that was HIllary. It seems Trump thinks he's running against a combo of Hillary or Bernie. I'm sure he'd prefer having to run against either of them.
  19. Trump back on his Lincoln bullshit
  20. Then you're not actually talking about socialism, which is what I figured. Again, most Americans don't know what socialism is.
  21. Joe is racking up points during the back half here, especially with that ending line about the separated kids.
  22. I think you're confusing socialism with social democracy.
  23. He is totally dodging the reuniting question.
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