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  1. My map might be right on, 290-248.
  2. The New York Times has called Wisconsin for Joe Biden!
  3. This is where Joe is going to run it up in the National Popular Vote
  4. Well, that has to do with counting policies. Florida has been counting early ballots for the past week. Pennsylvania Republicans blocked efforts to also count PA ballots early, instead they said they couldn't start opening the ballots until Election Day. This has lead to major delays. It's definetly not fraud and the only incompetence here is on the part of the Legislature.
  5. I had to come back just to get a taste of the cope.
  6. It’s not that I didn’t like him, it’s that he was the worst, least conservative candidate running.
  7. Walker, Fiorina, Carson, Cruz over the course of the primaries. I remain a Fiorina Stan.
  8. I’m a conservative Libertarian. Supported Cruz in 2016. If Trump were an actual conservative, a Reaganite, etc, I’d support him. But he’s not, he’s an alt-right authoritarian. And he is the death of the conservative movement. That’s why I oppose him so viscerally. If he is re-elected, Reagan’s legacy and the conservative movement is destroyed. Liberty isn’t passed down through our bloodstream, we’ve got to fight for it every generation. I’ve got that quote hanging on my wall, beating Trump is how we save conservatism this generation.
  9. Yeah I tried in 17, but a number of things shook me by 18. I supported Delaney, Klobuchar, or Biden in the primaries but really I would have loved a serious GOP challenge. That or Justin Amash seeking the Libertarian nomination.
  10. Hell, I actually supported him in 2016. Lot has changed in 4 years.
  11. Trust me @PoliticalPundit, you can say anything you want bud. You could call him a horsefaced monkey son of a bastard whore chinaman. You’re not getting banned.
  12. You may have your math wrong here but if Trump loses GA, it doesn’t matter if he wins FL and PA it’s not enough. Even if he loses only AZ off that list, PA and FL are still not enough.
  13. I am expecting a Joe Biden victory on Tuesday night. I’d say 65% chance Joe wins on Tuesday, 25% chance he doesn’t and Trump has a chance to attempt to steal the election. 10% chance Trump actually wins fair and square.
  14. I’m seeing more and more to suggest GA might be bluer than Florida.
  15. Gotta disagree here. You’ve got no evidence of this. In fact, I tried to support him most of 2017, but the reality is that he is unsupportable. I apologize, I must have halleucinated one of the most blatant power grabs in US history when he attempted to overturn a budget, assume power of the purse, and usurp Congress’ appropriation power via national emergency. That’s FAR worse than a national mask mandate (which Biden doesn’t even support).
  16. Dude I’m literally offering you the golden bullet and you’re refusing to take it.
  17. Actually let me change something up, Phyllis Schlafly will be seeming the Presidency!
  18. Indeed, but that doesn't preclude his base from getting drunk off their ass 24/7. I mean, how else would Trump have gotten elected?
  19. It’s like voodoo, I’m sure he’s remembering to shout it into his mirror 500 times whilst sobbing and chugging Vodka Crans.
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