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  1. And you're suporting... Donald Trump? All you have to do is watch their debate final answers and there is no comparison. They were asked what they'd say on their inauguration day to everyone who voted for the other guy. Biden gave a thoughtful and unifying answer, addressing the question. What did Trump do? Continued to use his time to attack Biden. After he'd already won! This President is a habitual divider in chief and over the past 4 years has repeatedly blamed Obama and Hillary while occupying the Oval Office. The reality is he doesn't know how to lead positively, he just knows how t
  2. Indeed, thank you for providing me with the evidence to support my claim, I appreciate it. He clearly says that he's going to work for all Americans. Including the "chumps" that are honking their horns and interrupting his event. That specific group of a couple of people that showed up to be loud and distracting and bring the level of conversation down.
  3. You're right that it wouldn't have helped if it had actually happened. Seeing, however, as it did not, I'm sure he's fine.
  4. I dislike MMP personally, I believe firmly in single-member districts as the basis of legislatures. But I think that the instant runoff capabilities which RCV presents are the best way to conduct a free and fair election in a timely manner. I understand having concerns but I think it's ultimately the best way to conduct an election, including a Presidential, and is actually the most democratic. You'd have to elaborate on your concerns of impropriety because I must admit I don't yet see your point.
  5. Yikes, and I thought you supported liberty and breaking the duopoly.
  6. But.. but.. but, who is saying we should kill people with disabilities? You're not being asked if sterilization is better than execution, you're being asked if forced sterilization is bad. How is this a difficult question?
  7. Reagan04


    Non, rien de rienNon, je ne regrette rien
  8. Well we knew that, he has always said Trump is a racist. But I guess he decided that Biden's tax plan doesn't override Trump's racism. Better late than never I suppose?
  9. 50 cent has also apparently retracted his endorsement?
  10. No, no he is not. Do not let misinformation dissuade anyone from wearing a mask.
  11. Sometimes the obstinance towards immunobiology and virology you show on these topics concerns me.
  12. Having a disease does not grant you immunity, that's a ridiculous claim. Even if we thought that it did, it's absolutely not a scientific fact and low levels of the virus can still lay dormant in you. Overall it is just an incredibly poor judgment call on his part and represents severe lack of leadership for Kentucky.
  13. I'm willing to bet she gets confirmed, I have to say.
  14. Yes, of course. Because I understand how science works. Besides, it's a common courtesy and show of leadership for a country that needs more unity in leaders saying wear a mask. He's endangering the Senate just like he has been all year. I used to be quite the fan of Paul, but this showed a real lack of human compassion on his part.
  15. You're right, he doesn't feel empathy. Silly me, I forgot.
  16. Rand Paul is Not wearing a mask on the Senate floor
  17. Senator McConnell is currently addressing the chamber discussing precedents surrounding SCOTUS confirmation votes.
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