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  1. It's important to remember that polls in Nevada seriously overestimate Republicans and underestimate Democrats by weighting Upstate Nevada too heavly against Clark County.
  2. Imagine thinking that Trump supporters are capable of not shouting just how much they love PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP HE HAS US SAYING MERRY CHRISTMAS AGAIN GOD CHOSE HIM FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DOG BLESS
  3. Hogan actually wrote-in Ronald Reagan for President. This is highly likely to be posturing for 2024 when he is asked why he didn’t vote for Trump and if he voted for Biden, he can easily throw back in their face “I voted for Reagan” and emphasize how he got his political start on the Reagan campaigns. Citing his father is also a strong move. (Lawrence Hogan was the first House Republican to call for Nixon’s impeachment but also introduced the Hogan Amendment, which would recognize the unborn as persons)
  4. DiFi is one of my favorite Democrats in the Senate. A highlight for me was how she handled the sunrise kids. Every time I watch that video I find myself cheering for her uncontrollably. Major point of sympathy for me that definitely improved my opinion of her.
  5. A French man was beheaded today in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, Ile-De-France. Witnesses claim the assailant shouted "allahu akbar" and the victim is allegedy a professor who showed muhammed cartoons in his class.
  6. My favorite thing about Twitter reserving its rights as a private corporation is it turns "conservatives" into socialists like *that*. Looking at you Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton you jokers.
  7. I think the big story is that Biden stayed an hour after Trumps event ended to discuss with voters. Biden’s strength is empathy, he wants to hear from voters and real people.
  8. You are very difficult to listen to.
  9. Probably genuine shock and awe that he praised people of color or said something nice about someone that makes less than 500,000 dollars a year.
  10. I’m really trying with you buddy, but cmon.
  11. @vcczar I think your count is one day off.
  12. Elevate Neil Gorsuch Confirm ACB Block Brett Kavanaugh Gorsuch has been a rock star and a great Justice so far, my favorite on the court. We could do with his leadership. ACB I hope will join with Gorsuch in her interpretations but since she's not yet on the court, I'll just add her to the court. While I don't think Brett Kavanaugh is a rapist, I don't think he's a good judge. I think he's neither the temperament nor the record for me to trust him with a seat. I am particularly troubled with his takes on the 4th amendment.
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