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  1. The gang discovers the 6 "other" moderators:
  2. You act as though these things didn't happen under Bush. I reject the idea that the Tea Party, whose sole purpose was to lower taxes, is an anti-democracy movement. For those of us on the right, the Tea Party was a champion of the republic because we view lower taxes as a good thing for a democracy. We can disagree on that and that's ok but that doesn't make me an authoritarian by any stretch. Furthermore, as I had stated before, Democrats did the same under Bush. Left-wing nuts like Dennis Kucinich called for Bush's impeachment and he was demonised, literally. I agree that the Birther mo
  3. A function of Trump, what I disagree with is the GOP trending in that direction during the Romney days, I do detect a bit of bias based on initial starting location, though I do agree we deserve a large hit based on what Trump has caused us to become.
  4. I can assure you I am not beholden to V if that is the implication.
  5. I’d be down if the forum felt I was worthy. I’d be happy to serve to make this community a better place, I love this community.
  6. Black voters 65+ is the sweet spot for Joe.
  7. Well, if you’ve run out of talking points and logical fallacies to hit me with, perhaps then nothing.
  8. Indeed, she spends her days lambasting black culture and telling black people that they’re sheep unless they think like her. Her game is she gets paid to say things that white people cant say. She’s no better than your run of the mill white liberal. She is a grade A sheister.
  9. No I didn’t. I said who I think are GOOD role models. Now, if you’re asking me who I think good Hispanic and Asian role models are, I can do that. Sonia Sotomayor, Ted Cruz, Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, James Ho, Tammy Duckworth, Nikki Haley, Fred Korematsu, Hiram Fong all come to mind. These are people that can inspire us all and have made great contributions to not just communities of color but our country.
  10. I don’t know why you edited out the last part of what I said.
  11. I actually agree than there are many liberals who feel this way throughout history. LBJ was a great example of master manipulation and an architect of modern systemic racism. I would be careful not to paint all liberals with such a broad brush though, no need for that. There are also conservatives that do this, many conservatives actually. Take Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk for example.
  12. You are impossible. Let me try this one more time, slowly. I never said who other individuals should look up to as role models. I said who I, as a person in the world, believe to be better role models. If someone wants to agree, fantastic! Disagree? That’s ok too! But I will continue to hold my belief and let that affect the way I run my life. If someone is swayed when explaining why I look up to some people more than others, that’s cool! And as a public speaker and someone that takes interest in these things, I always appreciating swaying hearts and minds. And yet, even if no one is
  13. CEO of putting words in mouths. I never said the first two. I made values judgments about 50 cent and Kanye having ulterior motives. Saying that I can’t evaluate their statements and their beliefs because I’m white is ridiculous. I did actually say the last one, so congratulations on recalling that one correctly. But again, that’s just a simple values statement that a President is a better role model than a basketball player. Anyone is free to disagree with me, it’s simply my conclusion and it isn’t condescending to have an opinion that you disagree with. Perhaps you simply just cannot ha
  14. Likewise, if you can’t see that an election is literally an attempt to convince people to think a certain way, then you’re not very good at what your name suggests.
  15. I don’t actually, as I’ve said before. I can explain it for you, I can’t understand it for you. Besides, I’d hardly call Kanye “Slavery was a choice” West an expert on issues affect communities of color.
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