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  1. 1. Progressive 2. Urban 3. Social 4. National
  2. You may be thinking of Kennedy, who is thought of as a progressive when he really isn't much of one.
  3. Renown businessman and reality television star Donald Trump announces his surprising bid for the Democratic nomination on June 16th, 2015 To the disbelief of political analysts across the nation. the famous host of The Apprentice declared that he would be seeking the Democratic nomination this week outside the steps of Trump Tower. While some are already dismissing his campaign speech as a publicity stunt, he has taken some moves to show he may seriously intend to compete with frontrunner Secretary Hillary Clinton. "Wow. Whoa. That is some group of people. Thousands. So nice, thank you very much. That’s really nice. Thank you. It’s great to be at Trump Tower. It’s great to be in a wonderful city, New York. And it’s an honor to have everybody here. This is beyond anybody’s expectations. There’s been no crowd like this before for us Democrats... ...Now, I have great respect for what President Obama tried to do. He had a vision, he did. But he fell through with it. He failed us, you know. What America deserves, and what I will deliver to her, is a nation that is truly, and I mean truly, one that is equal for us all. Equal for the trucker in Tennessee who's trying to make a living for his family. Equal for the mom, who's struggling to even, and can you believe this, take her kids to the doctor! America deserves a president who can bring great, huge change to America. America needs a single-payer healthcare system. I am sick, and I am oh so very tired, of seeing the little guy have to choose between putting food on the table and his heart medication. America needs to keep focus on US. We are the greatest country in the world, and everyone knows it, folks. But they don't act like it anymore. When do we beat Mexico at the border? They’re laughing at us, at our stupidity. And now they are beating us economically. They are not our friend, believe me. But they’re killing us economically. When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people. When we rebuild America, folks, we can't be taking care of these kinds of people... ...I am going to be the strongest president abroad since Roosevelt, and I mean that. I have great respect for Obama, but he's a joke around the world. The trade agreements that he and Hillary have signed on to are a joke. I would have never signed away the thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of jobs that he did. He had great intentions but he doesn't understand business like I do. When I am your president, America, I am going to be strong on China. We are going to protect our steelworkers, protect our industry here in America. Because really, that's where it's done best. Right here, folks. We do it best. We need a president who has better judgement. Bush was a disgrace, he barely served in the military himself and put is into war after war. How could he do something like that, folks? No, we are going to pull out of Iraq, out of Afghanistan, out of whatever hellhole countries that our brave troops have been dying in, needlessly mind you. That's where you know that Hillary is weakest, she could never have the judgement that I do. She voted for the Iraq War, she did. And she has never claimed to regret that vote. She'd do it again, folks. We don't need that here in the Democratic Party. We are the party for the people, by the people, you know... ...Sadly, the American dream is dead. But if I get elected president I will bring it back bigger and better and stronger than ever before, and we will make America great again. I am Donald Trump, and I am running for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States of America, which I love so much. Thank you. Thank you very much."
  4. New Expansion: I actually concur with @swejie; while the demagogue card was difficult to play, it was not TOO difficult. Part of this may be that other players were not suspecting the card to be played in the first iteration of the expansion, however. @Actinguy noted that he was stunned that the other players allowed me to pick up both Demagogue and the VBS scandal in the same card distribution when I already had so much IP. Maybe the card would be more difficult to play in person with other players carefully watching IP totals and being able to keep track of who may have what card. In a months long game, remembering what cards you passed on can become difficult. I do think that it should be a bit harder to achieve. I would perhaps throw in a dice roll or something with it so that there is some element of chance associated with the card, making it a high risk card for a game winning sweep. General gameplay: I enjoyed the general style of gameplay, and it was well adapted for a forum version of a tabletop game that would realistically take only a few hours to complete. Negotiation, as noted by @swejie, was at times difficult due to the constraints of playing online and over months. Theme: I love the theme enough to have a copy of the game myself, so no complaint there. Host: @Actinguy you did a great job of creating storylines out of nothing at times, and I really enjoyed the lore you built with the first half of the game. @mlcorcoran did great at keeping up the spreadsheet too.
  5. Roberts is a great Chief Justice, but doesn’t seem a natural fit for politics itself.
  6. I’ll go ahead and note for @swejie that foreign failure is already flipped to true, so the only benefit to resolving this is that the Republican Party Leader gets 2IP, but it’s going to take you 3IP to resolve this and also cost you 1 popularity. There is realistically no benefit here, only harm caused to your faction by resolving.
  7. Unfortunately, Pershing sees no need for costly naval buildup. We just came out of a war of epic proportions, and being the victors of the greatest war in human history guarantees our peace for the next century, if not more! Pershing will have to refuse this issue.
  8. Question: do any election keys get flipped due to this card if the combination is successful? Regardless, down with the president! In fact, Pershing is peeved that Taft stole the nomination from him and will spend 1 personal IP to buy 3 votes.
  9. Apparently West has not filed with the FEC at all, lending credence to the idea that this is just a publicity stunt.
  10. Here is my dilemma, my one card I had for this situation does not work due to the VP not being a partisan office. Therefore, I accept defeat and vote a simple nay with my single vote.
  11. Upon review with the game creator I must rescind this offer for other reasons. To vote we go.
  12. I’d like to call for role call voting. If @Leuser would prefer we can settle this with a IP donation of 3 from my faction to his.
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