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  1. The game likely has awhile before it’s truly amazing, but it’s the best launch title for Paradox in many years, and I’ve been playing since HOI3/EU3.
  2. I live in Knoxville, Tennessee, and see almost exclusively Trump campaign signs and other campaign stuff.
  3. As someone who’s lived in Jacksonville, Jacksonville is complete shit and totally isn’t what people imagine it to be like. But MAN Do you just have to love it.
  4. Gravel caused all of this chaos with his convention stunt @Cenzonico
  5. BREAKING NEWS UPDATE Tom Steyer announces that he is withdrawing from the 2020 Democratic Primaries. In the same speech, he officially endorses the candidacy of Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-IN) @ALiteralNeoliberal, who Steyer praises as committed to the cause of environmental conservation and protection more than any candidate in the race. Steyer praised Buttigieg's performance in the primary thus far and on his multiple Super Tuesday victories, and acknowledged that his own candidacy was statistically unlikely to break through a crowded field at this point in time. Steyer took time to urge Senator Klobuchar, Representative Gabbard, and Mr. Bloomberg to drop out of the race.
  6. Absolutely the most fit president ever. Have you seen his hands? The bigliest, I tell you. And the bigliest hands throw the bigliest punches. That's true. That's the truth. The best people are saying that. They are.
  7. Tom Steyer parties hard in California this cycle, spending his first action of the term in California discussing his progressive plans for healthcare reform and pledging to bring Universal Healthcare, stating that his business career shows he can work with other people in a way that many politicians cannot. Tom Steyer continues his rager by visiting San Francisco and talking passionately about the need to protect the environment, and the need to do it NOW! Tom Steyer is still on his bender. Now in Los Angeles, he's speaking at UCLA about the need for youths to come out and vote against Donald Trump, and arguing that his outsider status and his progressive policies make him the best man to turnout voters against Trump. San Diego, here we go-go! Tom Steyer is talking to crowds of Democratic Primary voters about his plan to ban the sale of semi-automatic weapons and promoted his voluntary buyback program. We're ending the week somewhere new... Sacremento, California! Steyer is hosting meet and greets like crazy at Stanford University, a campus that he once served on the board of trustees for. Steyer is hoping to swipe away youth support from Bernie Sanders and to pick up support from Warren suddenly dropping out of the race.
  8. Tom Steyer holds a rally in South Carolina about his plan to expand Medicare. Tom Steyer holds a rally in Charleston where he promises that, if elected, he will choose a VP that has a long record of government service to pair with his long record of executive experience. Tom Steyer tours rural South Carolina, attempting to draw in moderate to conservative voters who are wary of voting for Biden after his poor performances thus far.
  9. 1. Tom Steyer holds rallies in urban centers of South Carolina, hoping to draw in the crowds that once intended to vote Biden but are now unsure. 2. Tom Steyer holds a rally in North Myrtle, speaking about how if Americans stand by and let Republicans continue to wreck our environment, beautiful beaches and natural landscapes like Myrtle Beach will be polluted and irreversibly changed. 3. Steyer continues to talk up his business chops in Charleston, promising that not only is he a more successful businessman than Donald Trump ever was, but that his candidacy attracts moderates that were attracted to Trump's campaign four years ago.
  10. Tom Steyer holds a televised rally in Greenville, South Carolina, in a part of his tour of the state where he touches on President Trump's lack of response on racial issues. He calls for reparations and pledges to support small businesses for people of color. Tom Steyer pledges to protect Medicare/Medicaid, claiming that his presidency would not touch the funds and would provide much needed funding for the programs. He promised to protect the retirement age. Juvenile, a rapper who endorsed Steyer early in the campaign, performed a song titled "Steyer's America" where he talked about how the policies that are proposed by Mr. Steyer would help underprivileged black youths at rallies with Steyer in South Carolina.
  11. 1. Tom Steyer rallies in Reno, Nevada, arguing for a more lenient immigration policy. 2. Tom Steyer speaks on healthcare reform in Columbia, South Carolina, speaking on his personal experience as a business owner and what a relief government provided healthcare would be to small businesses. 3. Tom Steyer rallies with Lindsey Graham’s likely Senate challenger in South Carolina in a show of leadership of the Democratic Party.
  12. If it’s fine, I’d like to take Steyer. If not I’ll just take Biden.
  13. The right was not upset the past four years, the left was. Does March for Our Lives Ring a bell? There’s been countless incidents stroking tensions over the pro-gun and anti-gun crowds the past 4 years.
  14. You know who can promise that we’d have no Malarky? Former Vice President Joe Biden. He will personally challenge all malarkey spreaders to a push up contest and humiliate them when they fail.
  15. I think that many undecided would break for Trump and that there may be an under polling of groups that would vote Trump. Not to mention, Republicans are more likely to come out and vote rather than Democrats who are much more concerned with COVID. Biden has a lot of work to do on appealing to independents that he hasn’t reached yet and really hammering in an identity for himself other than “Not Trump”.
  16. Aside from the tangent that this post has been taken off course with, I do believe that Trump should pardon Snowden. I think that’s a fairly popular opinion among those who are politically active and on this forum, and absolutely among those who are young and politically active in general in America.
  17. Exactly. He has no authority to do so, so his pondering is pointless. Only Congress has that authority and unless he is blatantly authoritarian, we aren’t going to have a delayed election due to his action. There’s no way I can see it done, and I doubt he’d go that route despite him being very heavy on the executive action over congressional action.
  18. The difference here is that the body with the authority to move the election, the Prime Minister, did so and did it within the time frame that elections must happen in NZ anyway. It was a constitutional move by all accounts. Trump delaying the election would not be.
  19. I did not pick Castro originally because I felt that the current lineup had a good mix of star power and powerful speakers. However, if Bloomberg and Yang are speaking (and lets be honest, both are atrocious as public speakers) then Castro should absolutely be up there too.
  20. Rho Khanna would make an amazing Senator IMO.
  21. The new beta allows you to import IRL politician batches and customize elections and whatnot. Very excited to see where that goes with the community. I see TPP being an amazing game in a years time.
  22. A national emergency is not grounds for circumventing the Constitution IMO. If Congress wants to remain deadlocked and force Americans to suffer, they should be punished by being voted out. The president should not be taking on the role of Congress even if it action that Democrats approve of.
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