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  1. Yes. It is common for law schools to be named after late judges or justices. It wouldn’t surprise me if the more textualist faculty members had a part in the new name. Scalia Law has a reputation as being more textualist/originalist in a good portion of its curriculum.
  2. How did this end up going? I ED’d George Mason and am hoping to get accepted into their Scalia Scholars program for full tuition. Otherwise I’m likely heading to Miami, Belmont, or Florida.
  3. I’m a big fan of his music but his general reputation and his mental health issues should likely weigh in to make his integrity below average. He’s not scandalous per se but he’s definitely not someone who comes to mind for “integrity”. I give him a 4. Maybe an argument for 5 but I don’t really see it.
  4. I’d be cautious of doing that before fixing some of the issues with the game like dog piling in the primaries. I just don’t know how good the reception would be when steam users are typically fairly critical.
  5. It looks like we’re applying to a lot of the same schools. I’m on the fence short Belmont - their program is so new but I’m sure that with my LSAT score they’d give me a full ride. What makes them appealing to you?
  6. What schools are you looking at? I’m taking the LSAT a second time on Saturday but I’m hoping to attend George Mason.
  7. I think that if Trump loses the election, then conservatives and liberals alike will point to his so incredibly poor response to COVID as what cost him a guaranteed win.
  8. It sounds like someone is trying to get brutally assassinated
  9. “This is Radio New Vegas, and it's just about time to get you some news. In the news this week folks, man, I’m troubled just to hear it, and I’ve not even got ears! The NCR Congress withstood a potentially devastating attack today at the hands of the Boomer terrorist organization. A battalion of Boomer soldiers disguised themselves as supporters of that blast from the past Goldwater and launched an ambush in Shady Sands. While the NCR suffered some casualties among the legislators, the Boomers were ultimately unsuccessful in achieving the destruction of the NCR Congress and have solidified the
  10. "This is Radio New Vegas, and I'm your host, Mr. New Vegas. And in case you're wondering if you've come to the right place, you have. All the latest news, coming your way right now. It's Mr. New Vegas, bringing to you the latest news on the happenings of the West, folks. First on the docket for the day, we've got that politician from the Old World who's been causing a ruckus across the Mojave. Barry Goldwater has made a name for himself as something of an icon of life here in the wasteland, and he has certainly shown himself to be dedicated to its peoples. The pre-war man has been urging his s
  11. @jnewt hasn’t played a Paradox game. SHAME!
  12. I chose the three that seemed to be the most clearly wrong decisions based on my understanding of the Constitution.
  13. Yes. Anyone who votes no is an uneducated buffoon and a xenophobe. That's not a personal attack - just a fact.
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