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  1. RFK rallies in California. RFK rallies in California. RFK influences blacks.
  2. Agreed. I happen to disagree with @PoliticalPundit's analysis, but he's been much more civil than @Patine has been lately. You've got to calm down, man. The personal attacks left and right have got to stop. Look at how @vcczar responded - pointed out a perceived flaw in reasoning and politely explained why he finds that to be an important part of the argument. It's very civil, even though you can tell that @vcczar and @PoliticalPundit are disagreeing. V clearly states he disagrees with the assessment, in fact. Likewise, just the other day I was a clown and thought something was unconstitu
  3. It's difficult to answer the second question. I condemn him for not taking it seriously, but didn't see evidence that his condition was as bad as you stated. However, I also don't see it taking his poll numbers down either, so there's not really an answer there. I think that there is some definite bias to that particular question.
  4. RFK influences labor unions. RFK rallies in California. RFK influences liberals.
  5. Taking a quick look at the amount of people running of different ideologies, it would probably be difficult for any progressive to win outside a few states just due to the heavy vote splitting. It would definitely be a moderate or standard Democrat winning almost every single primary. On the Republican side, I'd say it as a cakewalk for @Conservative Elector 2 because every other Republican is courting the exact same base.
  6. Vice President Iredell is in complete agreement with President Hollingsworth on every action taken this term. It is of the utmost importance that the Democratic-Republicans stand united in the face of a collapsed Federalist Party, and by taking a united front the party is best able to take control in the midterms. Publicly, Iredell will yap to whomever will listen about the wisdom of the Georgian president's actions, and he has had no issue placing himself firmly at the President's side. The former Governor of North Carolina additionally wrote his own thoughts on the assassination of Alexander
  7. RFK influences moderates. RFK influences liberals. RFK influences blacks.
  8. Vice President elect Thomas Iredell (DR-NC) sends a letter to Hamilton, Gavan, and Trumbell, congratulating them on a race well run and promising to do his best to represent the entire nation in their defeat. While they may be ideological foes, Iredell would prefer to see the country united in compromise, rather than divided in their policy differences. Our American democratic system is strong enough to handle a peaceful transition of power.
  9. Quick, get in the news for something that's blatantly pandering to your base and your popularity will shoot right back up. You've gotta know how to play the game, Vcczar
  10. It may be on the surface more benevolent, but the countries that China invests in are greatly indebted to China. When China invests, they typically include clauses about the repercussions for non-payment, and they are very serious. It's been some time since I've wrote about it for school, but I remember specifically that for one of their contracts they are able to repossess the most important port in... Kenya? And in another case, they are able to repossess the most important port in I believe Indonesia. The Chinese government lures these governments in with promises of great development
  11. One thing that China has done exceptionally well on is building strong relationships with foreign countries abroad. One benefit of an authoritarian system is that leadership and vision is relatively consistent compared to the United States. The Belt and Road Initiative is incredibly ambitious and has definitely secured international support from many fellow Asian and African countries. The United States needs to step it up and prove that it can work with and lead the world rather than simply bounce back and forth between isolationism and military dick measuring contests. China's growth must be
  12. Yeah, I'm honestly surprised to see him 7th on your list, I was scared that we'd see appointments like Alito going into Trump's presidency. No offense to @Conservative Elector 2 but I see Alito as the most harmful justice on the court and its not even close, if we had more justices like Gorsuch and Roberts then I'd be much more comfortable with Republicans picking SC Justices. Unfortunately for every good pick, there is someone like Alito or Thomas. Granted, Sotomayor isn't amazing either, but I quite like Breyer and would have loved Garland on the court. RBG was good in some aspect
  13. I believe that there will be protests, but nothing violent. It will be similar to the reaction of Trump winning in 2016.
  14. I like the list. Gorsuch has proven to be a much better justice than most expected him to be, and I think that liberals should be happy that Trump put through two pretty great justices despite the hyper-partisanship of the court now. Imagine if we had two more Alitos... 1. Kagan 2. Roberts 3 and 4 tied: Gorsuch and Breyer 5. Kavanaugh 6. Barrett? (Could move up to potentially 3 or 4 depending on what she's actually like on the court, will definitely not move down) 7. Sotomayor (far too activist for my liking) 8. Thomas 9999999999999999999999999999999: A
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