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  1. "This is Radio New Vegas, and I'm your host, Mr. New Vegas. And in case you're wondering if you've come to the right place, you have. All the latest news, coming your way right now. It's Mr. New Vegas, bringing to you the latest news on the happenings of the West, folks. First on the docket for the day, we've got that politician from the Old World who's been causing a ruckus across the Mojave. Barry Goldwater has made a name for himself as something of an icon of life here in the wasteland, and he has certainly shown himself to be dedicated to its peoples. The pre-war man has been urging his s
  2. @jnewt hasn’t played a Paradox game. SHAME!
  3. I chose the three that seemed to be the most clearly wrong decisions based on my understanding of the Constitution.
  4. Yes. Anyone who votes no is an uneducated buffoon and a xenophobe. That's not a personal attack - just a fact.
  5. You may need to make it a multiple choice poll then
  6. If you like news, you're gonna love our next segment. An important update on the Siege of Nellis Airforce Base. The battle has come to a close, and it looks like the NCR has managed to fend off the unlikely coalition forces of Caesar's Legion, Mr. House, and the Boomers. The battle has changed relatively little in the struggle between these heavyweights here in the Mojave, but the tactics employed were worrying. Reports are coming in that the Boomers utilized child soldiers once again in significant numbers. More worrisome, there are at least a few child casualties that came at the hands
  7. Radio New Vegas Finally Resumes Broadcast Mojave, mo' problems. Am I right folks? That's the catchphrase that Mr. New Vegas has been known for, and for over 300 years he has done the bidding of Mr. New Vegas and reported on the news, having a pro-Vegas influence on thousands of the unscrupulous men and women of the West. However, times are changing in the wasteland. The Courier, who's name has become a mix of real stories and legend, is responsible for one of the most subtle yet dramatic changes in the Mojave: The media. Perhaps if the bombs had never dropped back in the day,
  8. I’m in that same boat. If Admin decides increasing mods is the way to go I’m all for it, but I think he could likely handle it. I’d think maybe one additional moderator with limited power would be better than a whole panel, however. There’s really not that much toxicity and I still believe it will be much better come December when election tensions are back down.
  9. This is going to probably be the nerdiest thing ever, but one of my favorite gaming experiences ever was playing modded Fallout 3. I had a TON of mods on, one of which allowed you to recruit anyone you wanted. I used this rarely, but mostly to bring certain characters with me that I felt I could justify through roleplay. I kept a journal of my character at the time where he chronicled his adventures and quests of him and his trusted companion Leo Stahl, who journeyed with him after the Lone Wanderer helped him through Jett addiction. I don't remember too much of the details but him and the cyb
  10. I personally advocate for Koneke and JohnnyK to make their grand returns as the greatest mods this forum has ever seen...
  11. You'd think so, but a lot of those buttons are so unimportant that you can pick them up for fifty cents at a time. I collect political memorabilia, and I'm guilty of taking some long drives across the state to try new places and even have the phone number of a vendor in Chattanooga who usually lets me know if he has something I might enjoy. I've got buttons from pretty much every major campaign from 1960 to the modern day, and it's rare that I've had to pay more than 2$ ever. What can be more elusive IMO is t-shirts, posters, and where you can find it actual campaign literature. A Marian
  12. I remember when Admin tried to enforce the rules to keep political discussion out period and to just focus discussion on 270soft products a few years ago... it didn't go well First I think we had a football thread, and then it didn't take long for the usual political posts to get back through. The rules are good but we as a community have been very selective about which ones we've followed and which ones we have ignored. I wouldn't be surprised if Admin revised them sometime soon, but I would hate for comments to be turned on for THAT post just because it would be a mess
  13. This topic has been brought up before and @admin_270 has expressed his own concerns for expanding moderation. If he ever changes his mind for whatever reasons I would be willing to lend a hand in moderation. I fully expect tensions to calm down after the election - when I first joined the forum back in 2015, it similarly ramped up in the leadup to the 2016 election with a lot of colorful personalities as well. If Anthony ever decides to open up moderation applications I'd likely want to help where I can but also I understand if he wants to just see if tensions fizzle out in the next few weeks.
  14. You can use Vortex which does more or less the same thing.
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