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  1. added uruguay 2019 and will make some's updates
  2. adding some's BrazilGovSen elections BrazilGovSen.zip
  3. Uruguay 2019 with 2round partys off Uruguay- 2019.zip
  4. Ecuador 2017(i thinking about what do to moreno platform) Ecuador- 2017.zip
  5. Brazil - Minas Gerais Gubernatorial 2018 now are more balanced than this pic 40%zema vs 29%, are possible to make competitive
  6. Brazil - Rio Grande do Sul Gubernatorial 2018
  7. Argentina 2019 the back from kirchenism(just 4 years of centrist gov) have alt leaders Argentina - 2019.zip
  8. i will do but i will create one by country first
  9. paraguay 2013(i work on paraguay 2018 too) Paraguay- 2013.zip
  10. I think a big reason for the Liberals hanging onto a minority is that the Conservative leader Scheer was underwhelming to many Canadians. It seems Scheer's plan was to be as boring as possible. If I were a Conservative party member, I would be looking carefully at who could replace him before the next election. i think at this moment trudeau are hillary and scheer are similiar to mccain/romney boring weak candidate
  11. yukon and anothers are natives territory or what ? ?
  12. you think if bernier have win conservative leadership will have more voters /seats? ? he looks ok comparated with boring scheer despite this if i vote in canada will vote for him
  13. now i read post, not an american and not elegible to vote
  14. what one's you are in advanced work or ready to release
  15. Argentina 2015 election( will create 2019)
  16. i say B+ because i analysed anothers thing over these 3 not because just theses ones i put my rating number of government
  17. hehe, i busy from forum but sometimes i enter here for just to vote in polls that interest me or just reading things
  18. Economics: C+ Foreign Policy: B Social Issues: D+ Overall: B+
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