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  1. Thanks. Glad that's chaining, 5 is very low! But does 5 visits mean 5 rallies/barnstorms, or 5 days. If I rallied 3 times in a day, does that count as 1 or 3 visits. Also, if you stay in a state for the whole week, does that count as one or more?
  2. When the general election starts, a popup says that the amount of times a state has been visited has been set to zero and so I won't receive penalties. But I can't find any documentation about these penalties for visiting a state too much? What is the amount of times you can rally in a state before it starts having a negative impact? And when the nomination is locked up, I can't seem to rally in states for the GE without it hurting polls until that number is set to zero, which can be months and months, is it safe to skip weeks without action between winning the nomination and the convention? Thanks all!
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