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  1. It seems all of them other than @admin_270 have a last logged in date of 2007.
  2. And when he does go on offense, it's going to be a bloodbath. Anyone objectively observing Joe Biden can tell he can't hack it as a candidate or as President. First debate - it's over. Biden, besides being barely coherent has done more harm to the black community than anyone can even accuse Trump of. Sooner or later Biden's going to have to speak impromptu in public, and when that happens, I'll have my popcorn ready
  3. What's your source for this? And really do we want to get in a battle with Joe Biden over "state of mind"? Do you really want to go there?
  4. What exactly is that supposed to mean?
  5. Yes, I am very proud of my ideologies and if you want to call that blatant, well I guess it is. I argue very aggressively, just like you, but that doesn't give you the right to reflexively giving me personal insult for no reason other than you don't like what I'm saying. When I give my opinion, I say it's my opinion, but when I know I'm right, I say it. Yes, I aggressively attacked your opinion and asked probing questions. I even used the word IMHO for fuck's sake! Are you really so filled with rage you can't see that? From now on, do me a favor and either ignore me or pound sand.
  6. Ah were going back to the white supremacist crap again, huh?
  7. Well, there you go again... Free market capitalism is the only thing keeping business under control. What? You think government regulation is the answer? Where are these angelic and perfect government regulators you libs always think are better than the market forces. Yes businesses seek profit, that's kind of the idea. Do you think all corporate activity is evil and rapacious, because you seem to imply that and make no distinctions. If a business treats its customers or employees badly, it will soon find itself devoid of both. The market ALWAYS knows best.
  8. I never said anything of the sort, and I call on you to take back that sentence, sir. Personal insults have no place in a forum like this.
  9. The people who blew it out of proportion were the media who had to bring it up over and over again expecting a different answer. It's a non-issue, a nothing-burger. It's a joke, we used to be able to make them in this country. Chill out.
  10. If the highlight of the news cycle is "Kung Flu" then the Trump opponents and the media (but I repeat myself) really have nothing left. Especially when they're willing to overlook all of the gaffes and stupid things Biden says. Remember "Poor kids are just as talented as white kids." NO one talks about that. If you're going to get on Trump for his lack of eloquence that's fair, just make it even-handed. I thought the joke was funny, but then again what do I know, I'm a white male so I'm not allowed to have opinions on anything. Welcome to the Age of Professional Victims where everyone's offend
  11. I disagree. And it's not like you've never made unfounded assumptions about my beliefs. So we're even I guess.
  12. So it would be fair to say you're a Bernie Bro? Corporations have their problems, but IMHO I think you're being a little harsh here. I really hate it when people on the left use phrases like "people over profits" as if the two could be separated, as if it were possible to have one without the other. Or the people who want to tear down an entire system because of some bad apples. How about "people AND profits?" You only MAKE profits by making people happy. Because without people you can't run a business and without profits you can't pay the people, or expand your business to create more jobs. W
  13. Despite being a very staunch libertarian, the Libertarian Party has many many problems. I compare them in some way to the Jedi Council in their dedicataion to dogma. They're too hung up on charts and graphs, letting perfect be the enemy of good. They're leaderless, rudderless, have no local structure, no identity and cannot stay above the fray they claim to oppose most. If good ideas were all it took to win elections, we'd be finishing the 2nd term of Ron Paul right now, I think (I actually wrote him in in 2012 disgusted with how the GOP treated him). It's too bad. I kept saying that if I coul
  14. FYI Jo Jorgenson, not even in the built-in campaign at all, was nominated by the Libertarian Party several weeks ago.
  15. To piggyback off of that, it seems that all states come back with their results at about the same time. Often a state will be called before 100% of votes are cast, but here, even a deep blue or deep red state with 90% of votes in can still "flip."
  16. I never really got the point of surrogates, as far as the game is concerned, I think it adds an unnecessary complication, I've never been sure how to use them properly. Especially in Congress Infinity when they're the ONLY people who can campaign.
  17. I've probably mentioned this before, but ability to split electoral votes in President Infinity.
  18. I don't know how that would work logistically, there would have to be a way to project that simply based on the game's outcome, I don't see how that would happen.
  19. What does that mean, completing the port? Are you talking about a new version?
  20. See, we can get bipartisan consensus on something!
  21. Poor sentence structure on my part, I didn't mean to say Stacey herself was a Socialist. And given Joe probably being on death's door, and as unlikely as his win is, the last thing we need is a Socialist President. Plus, no one votes for the VP (but they may vote against one, as in 2008). Still, the woman is WHACK! She STILL THINKS SHE'S GOVERNOR OF GEORGIA, for Pete's sake. Of course when a Democrat loses, it "must" be one of the tired old excuses of "voter suppression," or it's the fault of the cis-gender white male patriarchy or some shit like that. Hell, we'd be invaded and taken over
  22. I'm getting an Index Out of Bounds error when turning off primaries in my scenario. @admin_270 would you mind if I zipped it up and sent it to you? I really think the game could use better error handling.
  23. Don't understand the difference between the top two choices but I picked the 2nd because I don't consider myself establishment, and I really dislike the GOP establishment. My role model would be a Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, maybe Ted Cruz. I also don't think it's fair to classify Republicans as pro or anti-Trump in most senses. The term "Trump loyalist" is thrown around way too liberally. I've always said I DESPISE the term "RINO" because there certainly is no obligation for Senators to vote with their party's President. I was in a Pro-Trump Facebook group when Susan C
  24. That's exactly why he can't choose her. She's one of very few Dems I might remotely consider voting for if at the top of the ticket. Biden is going to have to choose... 1. Someone from the far left to appease the Bernie Bros who will be pissed off and who may stay home. Hillary picked a bland, old white man in 2016. Who knows if she had chosen a Castro brother. 2. Klobuchar being a woman is a plus, but there are rumors of Stacey Abrams. Woman - check. Black - check. Far left - check. In fact picking a Socialist makes the probability of a Trump win bigger, so I'd favor it. But she wou
  25. Fair enough. Terrorists are terrorists, whether Muslim, Christian, or Buddhist.
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