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  1. What is the difference between Intuition bonus and insight? Is there any way to control/influence what issues I get insight on, or do they just randomly happen at rallies? In the primaries, sometimes during game setup there are percentages by the candidates and sometimes not. What settings influence the initial percentages for each candidate entering the primaries? In the general election, I understand the game uses the "percentages" in the regions tab, but doesn't that apply to the party? Wouldn't this change depending on who the party leaders are? I imagine some candidates from
  2. Thanks for the detailed reply! I'm slowly getting the hang of it but last night was quite frustrating, I didn't mean to come off as impatient. I think my only follow up would be on #7 and #8. How can I tell when my opponent makes a gaffe and then how to turn that into a negative ad? For debates, it seems the only thing I can do is click on "debate prep." How can I tell if I'm doing that enough? One of the momentum slips I incurred came after winning a debate. I think what I'm still struggling with is how to work with ads, insight, research, and how to read the dizzying amount of in
  3. Sorry, a few more... 1. Sometimes if I schedule too many activities, I find that I have negative Command Points left, yet I'm still able to complete the turn with no errors or warnings. Does this mean the command points limit isn't important? 2. How to best choose what state to do a rally/barnstorm/ad, pro/con, and what subject. Is there a way to quickly see which issues will have the most impact in which states, and which the best issues to attack your opponent are? 3. Does it make any difference whether myself or my running mate does a particular activity? 4.
  4. Not so much a feature, but could we pop out or enlarge the polling graphs? When both candidates are round 50%, it would be good to be able to zoom in to more detail.
  5. Sorry, it's me again A few miscellaneous questions from the electoral vote info screen... What do the "4/5", "1/10", etc. numbers mean above the tracking poll and other icons? Is there really any disadvantage to simply targeting every state? What do the numbers in the top two rows mean? I'm really lost with the second screen "platform." I really don't understand the bars and graphs in the first two columns. What do we use this for and what are the key points when figuring out the best issues for us and against our opponents? Incidentally, a suggestion - can we get the abilit
  6. Ok I think I'm starting to get it, thanks so much for your patience! Ok so suppose I'm attacking my opponent in a policy speech on their union policies. Would a "pro-me" speech on Integrity have the same effect (in theory) as an "attack" speech unions? I guess what I'm still unclear on is how to choose issues (pro or attack). How do I know what opponents issues to attack on? I remember when I created my candidate I stated my positions on several issues, is that where these are taken from? How do I know what issues my opponents are strong and weak on? Also, for barnstorming (wh
  7. Ok that makes sense, thanks! A couple of follow-ups if you don't mind... Does +- by itself mean no boost, and therefore useless, even if it's a "High" importance? What's more important, state importance or Is it better to choose, let's say a "Very High +3" or a "Medium +6", in terms of gaining favor among that state's voters? How do you pick issues AGAINST an opponent (for an ad, etc.)? Do you want to look for "High" and negative numbers? Sometimes when clicking policy speech, I get " “No issues left to make a policy speech about!”. Soooo. .. how do I get more issues?
  8. In general, I'm slowly getting the hang of the game just through practice and trial-and-error. I'm in the primaries, and my "strategy" is in the week before each primary, move to each state, do a policy speech, barnstorm, rally, and fund raise. I have no idea what else to do. How to pick issues for a policy speech and ads, states to fund-raise in, what “momentum” and “power”, how to “research” “issues” and “scandals”.
  9. Ok so I see two similar lists when I am picking an issue for Policy Speech (top) and Barnstorming / Rally /Ads (bottom). First thing I notice is that the lists are worded differently, one has +- and one doesn't. Why are some actual numbers and others just +- ? And in the bottom screen shot I have "Medium"s that are +4, "High" that is only -1, so there doesn't seem to be consistency there. But then I'm not sure what these things mean. I assume these lists are meant to help me pick an issue, but I'm not sure how. I would figure different issues would be better to use in different states, bu
  10. I don't mean to complain, but I have to give some feedback here... I have a very good initial impression of President Infinity, but I have deep concerns about the complexity of the game. On many screens I have absolutely no idea what I'm looking at. I'm sure at the heart it's just basic information but it's displayed in what seems like a shorthand code. In the help section of the website we get a document that goes over the basics, and there are Q & A sections but they're not nearly detailed enough to match a game of this complexity. What I’d humbly like to request is a detailed tut
  11. Hello, I've gotten involved in my first campaign and I have to say while I'm blown away by the depth of the game, I'm having a difficult time understanding how these screens work. I made a list of questions, mainly from the sponsor and ad screens, I don't want to overwhelm the board with a lot of questions at once so I'll go just 1 or 2 at a time. I've read through the help files and I think I get the basics, but I'm unfortunately very confused about some of these topics. I would appreciate any and all help with deciphering what I'm seeing and what to do with the information. Thanks
  12. The poll tracking graphs, sometimes they're hard to see on that bottom right corner. Could we, or is there a way to pop them out or make them bigger?
  13. In general, is there any difference between "Off" and "On" but "Not seeking?" I see that the "by default" section indicates that these will be the settings unless overridden by "start actions" section. Does that mean that if any of the "start action" boxes are filled in that "by default" is ignored? Also , as seen in the attached screenshot, what does "Off July 30" mean, and is that different from just plain "off"? To make things simple in my custom campaigns I generally have candidates either in or out. So if I wanted a candidate to not be part of a race at all, I would have to s
  14. Not sure if this is really a bug, but I had recently a frustrating experience... I created the "Bernie Sanders" party to run him as an independent, then copied Sanders from Democrat into "Sanders". When starting the game, everything was fine but it would crash if I saved that game and reloaded it later. I noticed that when going to fundraising, all the funds were listed as $NAN. I realized through trial and error that my mistake was not changing the campaign id within the XML editor (duh), but I'm not sure why that would cause $NAN to appear in fundraising.
  15. If it's already been said, then I second it. Add new party from Campaign Editor, and give ability to switch a candidate's party, or copy from one party to another.
  16. Is there any way to change the folder where user games and scenarios are saved? When I first installed the game, they were saving to my OneDrive folder automatically, but I had to move the location, and the game still insists on looking in the old place. I can't find this setting anywhere in the Registry, or any way to set it in the game.
  17. Thanks so much!!! Actually since my post I have figured out how to edit the XML files. I knew that Computer Science degree would pay off someday For others viewing this thread, make a backup of parties.xml and look for "political items", then go inside the party header, find your candidate, copy and paste to another party header. I think this is easier than re-creating the candidate manually
  18. I didn't know you could make gubernatorial races in this game.
  19. Hopefully this is the right forum, I'm using President Infinity 2016 but could find no folder for it. I just bought a license for the game and it's very impressive so far. I have a general question about campaign editing / creation. If my questions seem weird, I'm just a fanatic about statistics and "what-if" scenarios. 1. How do I determine what party a leader or vice leader is in? I might create my candidate after an existing Republican but want him to run as a Libertarian, or make a scenario where, for example, Trump and Sanders run as 3rd parties, or even having an "all independen
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