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  1. Believe me I have major problems with the Libertarian Party, and about being jokes... sadly I must agree with you. If two people wearing funny hats are the front runners, and your best chance at electoral success is Justin Amash who apparently can't make up his mind what party he's in, your party is in desperate trouble. It's sad. They could and should be much more. I look forward to the day when we have a true 3-4 party system (or the Democrats implode and the Libertarians take their place, or even better, all parties go away). But I don't even think that's the point here. In making my own sc
  2. This is where we may differ a bit more. The transgender movement starts to lose me when they use language such as "we feel unsafe" or "having our existence erased." If there's a physical lack of safety I'd be interested in seeing the data before passing judgement. I think that, gender identity and sexual orientation aside, I feel much safer walking into a restroom with other men than a women's room where I'm the only male there. I certainly won't feel safe if others feel I'm infringing on their privacy. If I encounter 3 other guys in a mens room, I don't know who they are, what their orientati
  3. But I still think that is pretty rare. I don't think that a child can reasonably be expected to be aware of things such as sexuality, their own or someone else's. Nor should they. I'm hearing reports, even from my own state, of school districts, particularly in Seattle, bringing sex education down to even kindergarten. That's just too early I think. I had no sense of sexual awareness of any kind until I was 13. Let them go through puberty first, rather than make a potentially irreversible decision based on what could just be a phase. I honestly think that any type of potentially permanent gend
  4. I don't mind starting @lizphairphreak. Let me get a few (I hope) points of agreement out first: 1. No one should be coerced, forced, intimidated, or in the case of a minor child, suggested to get any counseling, procedure, hormone or conversion therapy that they do not want to get. A possible exception would be conventional counseling for a child who is having issues with gender dysphoria (or anything else). 2. There's something to this I think - some organizations try too hard by walking on eggshells, I think. People, in my opinion, should be treated as normally as possible and t
  5. Thank you for posting this. It's always good to see another perspective. I'd like to discuss this further too and maybe we can generate more understanding. That's a very interesting perspective on the bathroom issue, for instance. We'll have our differences of course, but I think it will be fruitful.
  6. Did I say I thought Joe Biden was a racist? No, and I even commented that you were correct that Kamala Harris didn't say that. I merely said that the bar for calling things/people racist has been set lower of late. Do you deny that? If so, that's fine but please debate what I actually said, not what you think that I think everyone "suddenly believes." And for Pete's sake don't put words in my mouth. I don't purport to know what "everyone" is thinking. Of course, WHY black voters support him is beyond me. Racist or not, his (and Harris's) civil rights record is atrocious to be generous. Hi
  7. Technically you're correct, but these days that and much less is commonly interpreted as racism. I'm old enough to remember when even the mildest criticism of Obama's policies or any black leader for any reason whatsoever would be called racist. So the bar HAS been set extremely low.
  8. Were you in college in the Fall of 2016? If these things didn't happen to you that's great but there are well-publicized events of these things happening, of young college students going apoplectic over the election results. And this isn't about coloring on one's own time. You're missing my point. And all of the links below were found in a 5 minute Google search. https://www.thedailybeast.com/elite-campuses-offer-students-coloring-books-puppies-to-get-over-trump https://reason.com/2016/11/11/upenn-created-a-post-election-safe-space/ https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion
  9. Oh please, do unpack it, I'm curious. What did I dismiss? I pretty much acknowledged that gender dysphoria is real. What is bigoted about what I said? Really? Can you name even one thing I said that is objectively bigoted? You have the right to your opinion, but at least argue against the points that I made. This is exactly what I talked about in "apology." Instead of directly refuting my points, it looks like you're taking the ad hominem approach here by calling me a bigot without any cause, basically insinuating that a "decent person" wouldn't think the way I think. Well you'd better be able
  10. Hmm, I don't know what you mean by "uneasy" partners. Amash and Johnson now are more libertarian than GOP. But there should be better partnership there especially with the vacuum left by the Democrats going so far left. I would like to see at least an informal partnership. The opportunity is definitely there as I think there are many disaffected Democrats who are looking for a new "home" but are put off by both the radicalism and socialism of the new Democrats, but also the hard-line social views of the Republicans. They're ripe for the picking by a Republican-Libertarian alliance that can rea
  11. Yes and that's the whole problem. I'm not saying that all the people I mentioned were Austrians, that's missing the point. A big problem I find, and this is actually even worse with the Libertarian Party, is that for some reasons, the intellectual wing of these parties seem to think that good ideas win elections. They let perfect become the enemy of good. The Big-Ls have become too much like the Jedi Order to me. So caught up in dogmatic ideology that all sense of pragmatism goes out the window. For instance, I listen to a podcast of a certain Libertarian whose name I won't mention here b
  12. It's really quite pitiful that this is all you see them as, and that this was your primary takeaway from my post. I'm flummoxed. And I REALLY hope you're not implying that I would prefer slaveowners to run the government BECAUSE they're slave owners.
  13. I think there might be a small mix-up here. I can't speak for @admin_270 but just for myself, I don't defend any expansion of authoritarianism. The Presidency has become way too powerful over the course of the last 150 years. I would like to see a country where the Constitution is followed, and the Executive Branch (and really, the others too) are reined in so that they wouldn't be able to expand it at all. Wouldn't it be nice if we had the re-incarnation of George Washington in the White House, a Senate full of Jeffersons and a House full of Madisons. But alas, we don't. Now, there seems to b
  14. Ah but who defines "extremist?" I can picture the Harvard campus circa 1770. "We can't allow people to be talking about breaking from England. How scandalous! A people without a monarchy to rule over them?" In other words, it's all subjective. I tend to be an absolutist on the 1st Amendment. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Ideas, no matter how grotesque, that are banned will be forced underground where they will fester. Let them be out in the open to be fully criticized. As a Jew, I would support the right of a Nazi to speak on campus. There would be about 5 people in an auditorium of 200 a
  15. I think that reducing regulations, signing a "right to try law" and "first step act" are steps toward leaving people alone. But even putting all that aside, you still remain a Republican despite your hatred of Trump. Why? If yours is still a party defined by Trump, why are you part of it? The irony is, I'm NOT a Republican, at least until their leaders grow a semblance of a spine, and they get their social policy into the 21st century. But this has NOTHING to do with Trump. I feel I'm able to separate the man from the party and ideology. It seems like you feel you're obligated to bring in the
  16. Did I delete their social security numbers or something? I can't believe you're falling for the SJW line of "we're not safe," or "our identities are being erased" because.... we won't give in and let you use whatever bathroom you want? Gender dysphoria is a real and serious thing. I feel bad for these people but they need treatment, not special privileges. And this isn't even about personal choice. As a libertarian, I believe one is free to believe they're a girl, a boy, or a 30 foot long talking zebra. I also believe in a non-aggression principle. I also believe that one does not have the rig
  17. Reagan04, I'm trying really hard to maintain a civil relationship here, but I'm getting really tired of you making EVERY one of my comments into something about Trump, even when I didn't mention him at all. It's almost like you have such a visceral and unquenchable hatred of the man that you have to reflexively insult him even when he's not even the topic of conversation. Chill out, dude. But since you brought him up, Trump would not be President if the party didn't bend over backwards to perform oral on the Democrats.
  18. @admin_270 is there some way we can speak "ex parte"? I have reported a recent example, but prefer not to discuss this in public even though I have "ignored" those involved.
  19. The difference is this - I was asked once if it was harder to be a conservative in a blue state or a liberal in a red state. I answered the former, and here's why: The liberal ethos is more government programs, regulations, and the taxes that go with it. Conservatives generally want everyone to be left alone. Hence, a group of Bernie bros in Alabama can get together and form a commune wherever and whenever they want. If a city or county in Idaho wants to guarantee health care for its residents, there's nothing stopping them. But if a state like California bans guns statewide, you can't have gu
  20. We don't need a hug. We just don't understand why the other side does. We're talking about a group of insecure children who were so traumatized by Trump's victory that they needed to be excused from exams, given play-doh, coloring books and therapy dogs. If the University is a place for truth, why are conservative speakers banned and attacked? Why are conservative students afraid to speak their mind and get ridiculed and marked down on papers when they do? Why do conservative clubs get shot down by Student Senates? Why are Universities becoming the enemy of free speech?
  21. Better than what? Oh I said the p* and v* words. Get the stocks ready.
  22. Say what you want, at least it will help Biden win the swing state of California.
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