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  1. It's a downward slope for 3rd party polling. The further away from the election, the more people that support 3rd party candidates, however, as we get closer to the election, more people realize that their candidate can't win, and then jump ship.
  2. There was some hypothetical polling from last year, that showed that Amash around 10% in Michigan.
  3. It honestly is troubling, and if it is true, then Biden should absolutely drop out, and have the DNC nominate someone else. While I may agree many Republican voters do not care about sexual assault allegations against Trump, it shouldn't mean that Biden has a free ticket out as well.
  4. Where I live right now, everywhere has been shut down. The mall is closed, we can only get delivery from restaurants, movie theatres shuttered, and the beach is likely going next. So what I have been doing is just relaxing at home, working on my studies online, and watching Netflix. There is not much to do around here anymore.
  5. Personally, this is something I worry about, not because it's likely to get too wide-spread, but because due to some of my medical conditions I have, I would be one of those to have the severe symptoms of the virus.
  6. Hmm, but it seems like this law may not apply to presidential candidates in many states. https://ballotpedia.org/Sore_loser_laws_for_presidential_candidates,_2016
  7. Bloomberg has invested so much money into the primary, and his main attack on Bernie Sanders is electability. I think that if he feels that the democratic nominee does not have a chance to win, then he may continue running as an independent as he may feel it will not affect the final result.
  8. I will say that in a recent poll (I believe it was Quinnipiac), Bloomberg was the best against trump, he held a 9% lead of Trump.
  9. The only thing that I can take from these early results is that Sanders is under performing in these three areas. However, I do not that will hold state-wide though.
  10. I think that him announcing this will discourage people that planned to vote for him there. He could fall down even more, and perhaps Yang could finish ahead of him..
  11. Michael Bloomberg won Dixville Notch both as a Republican and as a Democrat write-in vote. Klobuchar is currently leading the state-wide vote. What are y'alls thoughts on this?
  12. Honestly, it was a great week for Trump. The Iowa Caucus was a complete mess, and there are reports that they did not even count the votes right. This plays into Trump's argument that the democrats are chaos candidates, and they'd wreck the economy if elected. Also, it's great news for him that he has his highest approval rating yet.
  13. I personally believe that if Biden fails in New Hampshire, and especially South Carolina, that he will not remain in the race. At that point, I can see Bloomberg winning multiple states during Super Tuesday, or at least place second in multiple states.
  14. Bernie: 24% Sanders: 23% Buttigieg: 20% Warren :18% Klobuchar: 12% Yang: 1.5% Others: 1.5%
  15. I understand they have 0% of winning, there is no doubt about that. I was arguing about the possibility that a challenger could potentially gather a delegate or so. For me, I see them at most getting about 10-15%.
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