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  1. It's worth pointing out that has some pretty grotesque beliefs though, such as believing that Keith Ellison shouldn't be a Congressman because of what religion he is and that 9/11 and Sandy Hook was "God's punishment". That sometimes gets lost when it really shouldn't.
  2. One town doesn't say much about the entire state. Also imo Akin's case (despite being on tape and playable for ads etc) was just something he said verbally and is not nearly as bad as what Moore is being accused of and what he's already admitted to (see his defense in the Hannity interview). It will most likely have a bigger effect on those who believe it. In my opinion barring a real write-in challenge Moore is still the favorite to win, but I also think Jones winning is in the realm of possibilities. Depends on how the next month goes.
  3. Fwiw, Todd Akin also lead in the polls immediately after his controversy.
  4. Prussian1871

    HOI3 game

    Yeah I don't have that.
  5. Pleased to say that this scenario has been elevated to become an official scenario of Prime Minister Infinity. Thank you to 270soft, as it really is an honor to have.
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    HOI3 game

    I have HOI3, however it's like the most the basic version. Darkest Hour, however, I do have.
  7. No no, quite the contrary. Moving between houses (as in just regular moving) may have been a better way to say it. Glad to hear you are still interested, though, and I too hope I'll be able to get around to it someday.
  8. Hello again everybody, I'd like to apologize for the lack of progress and commitment I gave to this scenario. I lot of my time and focus went to having to move houses, and well as things for college, so understandably this took a back seat to so many other things. Even though this has unofficially been on hiatus for quite some time, I'm afraid I'll have to put it officially on hiatus at this time until I can at least be certain to have the time and interest to continue this project once again.
  9. Prussian1871

    missing people

    Hello, nice to pop in again.
  10. Hello everyone, For those wondering what's been the news on this scenario, I have to admit that I got quite sidetracked from it because of life. However, due to a fellow scenario maker I know creating his own fictional, personalized scenario he was able to pass on to me the right 2005 constituencies, which is a big help indeed. I do have the leaders and alternate leader mostly worked out with the Lib Dems needed for completion on that, then it would mostly come down to putting in the percentages and candidates. I also want to say in my 2010 scenario, I have been looking at ways to ad
  11. I'm not currently working on 1992 right now (I've started with 2005 and have kinda got sidetracked from it), so you're free to work on 1992 if you want.
  12. Looks nice man! I'll give it a go when I get home.
  13. United Kingdom - 2005 Coming soon to PMI! Hello hello, everyone! I'm pleased to announce that after having a word with the good people at 270soft, I will be able to work on new scenarios from PMF 2010 including the 2005 election and others. For those of you who know my work porting 2010 to PMI, I now will be porting other scenarios as well, starting with the 2005 and 1992 base scenarios. I hope I'll be able to eventually do custom scenarios too, but for now I'm focusing on PMF's base scenarios. While the 2010 isn't technically finished with population numbers still at 2015 (I'
  14. Ron Reagan would be interesting. Especially if he became Governor of California then ran for the Presidency two years later like a certain somebody.
  15. Maybe add Wesley Clark as an potential Democratic candidate? That would be interesting.
  16. That's possible. I've considered adding other Tories candidates as well and maybe another Green. Which by-election was that? I can't really find anything on it.... I don't think the MRLP would really be possible to add under the left-right spectrum of issues, as their positions are nothing close to what actual parties have.
  17. I haven't added any events yet. From what I've played so far Cameron starts off with a strong advantage, so I'm not sure I want to weaken Brown. I did add three debates with a 15% qualification mark between Lib Dems, Labour, and Conservative, which will generally help better debaters like Clegg or Laws. Yeah, a lot happened in five years, huh? What I found intriguing while making this was the reality of the fall the Lib Dems had taken by 2015, and the rise of the SNP, Greens, and notably UKIP.
  18. Hello everyone! Just wanted to inform that I have completed all of the constituencies and have officially released the first version of the scenario! Go here to see it: http://campaigns.270soft.com/2016/05/14/united-kingdom-2010-infinity-edition/
  19. Thanks for all the suggestions, guys! I had thought about adding Blair, since it is a brilliant idea, however I've run into the problem that he wasn't in parliament in 2010, and his constituency of Sedgefield is being contested by Phil Wilson. Since I can't add different candidates under separate leaders (maybe this should be a feature?), the best I probably could do would be "Phil Wilson / Tony Blair (If Leader)", which is entirely doable.
  20. Half way done with constituencies, with 325 done and another 325 to go. I've also added the 2005 Conservative leadership candidates (David Cameron, David Davis, Ken Clarke, Liam Fox) as potential leaders. If you guys have any ideas for alternate leaders (especially Labour/Liberal) feel free to suggest them, as I'd much appreciate it.
  21. Well I'm about 1/3 the way done with candidates and percentages so far, which is pretty good. Btw, I'm increasing the base organization level of the Lib Dems from 1 to 2 since they are more stable than in 2015.
  22. Yeah, I also feel like 2010 would provide a good base for, say, 2005. And then so on and so on.
  23. United Kingdom - 2010 (Infinity edition) (Work in Progress) Hello everyone! I'd like to announce the campaign I am making concerning the United Kingdom's 2010 General Election. PMI takes a lot of work to make scenarios given the amount of numbers and people, but luckily I'll be able to use Prime Minister Forever's 2010 campaign for most of that. This is, as you can tell, a work in progress, so please remember that this may not come for at least a while. What's Done: -Historical Leaders -Some Alternate Leaders added (All Conservative 2005 Candidates added,
  24. So I have a question regarding the campaign editor: Is it possible to have two parties have an Non-aggression pact at the games start? I'm curious to know whether two parties can form a friendly truce at the beginning of the campaign.
  25. Hello, recently I had an idea to attempt to make some sort of parliamentary America using congressional districts as constituencies, but unfortunately my attempts to get such a map in PI haven't gone too well. I tried (and failed) to use the map from Congress Forever, but it doesn't seem to coordinate well with the campaign editor. I do recall seeing someone make one earlier, but I don't believe they made a link to that scenario. If someone could either help me figure out how to get the map to work or provide a link to a working scenario that would be great.
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