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  1. It's worth pointing out that has some pretty grotesque beliefs though, such as believing that Keith Ellison shouldn't be a Congressman because of what religion he is and that 9/11 and Sandy Hook was "God's punishment". That sometimes gets lost when it really shouldn't.
  2. One town doesn't say much about the entire state. Also imo Akin's case (despite being on tape and playable for ads etc) was just something he said verbally and is not nearly as bad as what Moore is being accused of and what he's already admitted to (see his defense in the Hannity interview). It will most likely have a bigger effect on those who believe it. In my opinion barring a real write-in challenge Moore is still the favorite to win, but I also think Jones winning is in the realm of possibilities. Depends on how the next month goes.
  3. Fwiw, Todd Akin also lead in the polls immediately after his controversy.
  4. I'm not currently working on 1992 right now (I've started with 2005 and have kinda got sidetracked from it), so you're free to work on 1992 if you want.
  5. Looks nice man! I'll give it a go when I get home.
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