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  1. So let me ask you guys this. How old are you? (If you're comfortable sharing) Late 20's. Do you like Mountain Dew? My go to soda is Diet Mountain Dew. Not sure if that counts. Have you played Mass Effect? Finished 1 on the 360. Played i think half of2 and never got around to 3. Ever been to Arizona? To quote Lucile Bluth, "I rather be dead in California than alive in Arizona." But I haven't been there. Ideal place to live? The mountains of North Carolina, such as Ashville. Did you vote?(I don't care who you voted for. I'm asking if you
  2. If I were Trump, I would rather want a GoP Senate majority, and a smaller Dem House majority; than a Dem Senate and a stronger Dem House majority. But you do bring a good point. Beto O'Rourke barely lost the election but his strength in the suburbs of Houston and elsewhere helped carry many Democrats to victory.
  3. Texas, and Georgia would by my two states for Biden. The Texas State House, House seats and Senate seat are in play. Georgia has two Senate seats and one possible House pickup. However, Trump oddly could improve the GoP's standing in Minnesota and maybe Ernst in Iowa. Like from a campaign point of view, I am baffled by Trump's choices of where to campaign.
  4. If I were Biden, I would go to Georgia than Arizona. Georgia has two competitive Senate elections and a few House races. While Arizona's Senate race is essentially locked up, baring anything major in the next few days. Trump, I am surprised hasn't established a second home Minnesota given how Tina Smith is under performing in the polls.
  5. Instead of asking about Roe, I would ask about Lawrence v Texas. Because Roe is associated with abortion, but Lawrence's ruling came from the same mindset of Roe: the right to privacy. I would ask do you agree with the ruling in Lawrence v Texas in regards to the right to privacy, and how expansive is this right to privacy?
  6. If Trump were to lose in 2020, will the GoP see that as a repudiation on Trumpism? If Biden were to lose, where will the Democratic Party go?
  7. @admin_270 Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the Liberal Party was the more centrist/center-left party. Are they more conservative at the provincial level? Also, is there a reason why there were no Conservatives?
  8. Trump has the body of a full back, but he will play QB since he doesn't like taking orders from others.
  9. Why use a presidency when the perfect form of government already exist.
  10. The only area of the upstate I am curious on how it'll vote is the 5th District (especially York County). Because I want to see if the trend of suburban communities going blue has reached that area. Also to non-SC residents, the upstate is a safe Republican area; Greenville- Spartanburg is one of the few metro areas that favors the GoP.
  11. I live in suburban South Carolina. This is a traditional Republican area but is slowly turning blue; and it shows as I'm seeing less Trump signs. While there are more Trump signs, I should note there are a lot of Joe Cunningham(the incumbent Democrat) and for Jamie Harrison (the Democrat challenging Senator Lindsay Graham). I feel if South Carolina is more competitive at the Presidential level, maybe I'll see more Biden signs.
  12. I'm guessing 6-7%. There are certain sectors that will not recover by November(airlines and certain tourist adjacent industries) that will keep unemployment high. However, because everyone is ordering online, there will be an increased labor demand for ecommerce adjacent workers. What I am curious is how states reliant on tourism( Florida, and Nevada) will be on election day?
  13. Trump is so fat Thanos needed to snap twice. Trump is so old that he personally designed the golden calf from the Book of Exodus.
  14. I really want to push back on this statement because just before the 2016 election Clinton held a rally in Cleveland with Lebron James; and yet Ohio voted to the right of the nation! In Philadelphia(in PA, which I will include as a midwest state because of western PA) she held another marquee event, to only barely lose the state. There are hundred reasons why she narrowly lost the election, but I am skeptical if holding a rally would have made the difference.
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