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  1. Abortion L Keep abortion as it is presently. Safe, legal, and rare. Keep partial-birth abortion legal. Significantly increase funding to Planned Parenthood. Business Policy CL: The business of America is business. But we need unions and laws to protect workers. China L Support a pro-labor tariff, but avoid any bellicose diplomacy that could exacerbate the problem. Take diplomatic steps with regard to human rights. Corruption C Washington, D.C. is corrupt. We need better oversight and reform. COVID-19 CL: COVID-19 is a major concern. Limited opening as conditions improve. Slowly open back up as conditions improve but listen to the science on the coronavirus. Coordinate with governors to achieve what is practically a national mask mandate. Cuba CR: Only loosen the embargo if Cuba actually starts moving in the direction of Capitalism, and Democracy. D.C. Statehood CL: The people of D.C deserve at least representation in the House of Representatives. Defense Spending CL Reorganize the armed forces to deal with modern threats. Fewer ground troops, more drones and airstrikes. Economy CL Obama created the conditions for strong economic growth, but Trump is about to blow it. Even so, the economy isn't doing well for many, and we need new leadership to get it working for everyone. Education L No school vouchers, large increase to federal funding. Modernize school system with more after-school programs. Reduce university tuition costs significantly. Electoral Reform CL Expand the House in order to make both the Congress and the Electoral College more proportional. Overturn Citizens United which gives too much power to corporations. Automatic voter registration. Election Day a national holiday. Fight discriminatory voter ID laws. Statehood for Washington, D.C. Voter-verified paper audit trail. Energy CL 50% of electricity from clean energy sources within a decade. Subsidize renewables and end oil company subsidies. Cut oil use significantly by 2025. New legislation to limit off-shore drilling. Environment CL We need to leave a healthy environment for our children. Work to reduce emissions and harmful toxins. Return to Paris Accord. Free Trade CL Protect workers over profits. Free trade must include labour and environmental conditions. Government Spending CL Focus on real priorities. More funds for military and social programs. Gun Control C Responsible gun ownership is fine. Increase age limits to purchase guns, expand ability to seize guns from dangerous individuals. Healthcare CL Keep Obamacare - it is much better than what came before it. Consider expanding public coverage. Homeland Security CL: We must defend ourselves only if attacked. Increase some security, funding for natural disasters. Oppose Patriot Act. Government surveillance is needed. Require the government to obtain warrants in those cases. Immigration CL Legal immigration is great. Zero-tolerance is immoral. Dreamers make our communities stronger - pass long-term legislation for DACA. Support guest-worker program for illegals and amnesty. L: Encourage Israel to work towards a "grand bargain" with the Palestinians and hostile Arab states. A two-state solution is needed. Keystone Pipeline CL: Cancel in-progress pipeline projects such as the Keystone Pipeline in order to reduce emissions and provide incentives for growth in other sectors. LGBT Rights L Pass more anti-discrimination laws for LGBT citizens. Celebrate accomplishments of the transgender community! Protect Transgender soldiers! Military Intervention CL For humanitarian causes or if we are attacked. Minimum Wage CL Raise the federal minimum wage to $12 an hour, $15 over time. Native Americans CL: What we did to the Natives was awful. The government should do something to counter act the lingering side effects of our history of anti-Native policy. Native Hawaiians CL: The Akaka Bill will provide Native Hawaiians at least all the same federal benefits that Native Americans have. It is the right thing to do after we overthrew the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1893. North Korea CL Diplomacy and economic sanctions should make North Korea see things our way. War is not necessary, but no cozying up to dictators! Offshore Drilling L Put an end to subsidies to Oil, make Oil companies pay for their damages because of offshore drilling! Partisanship CL Although we would like to be bi-partisan, the Right isn't exactly very welcoming. Puerto Rico CL The people of Puerto Rico support statehood. It is time to give them that. They deserve representation in the House and in the Senate. Racial Injustice L We need to work to prevent police brutality, to bring about change in our institutions, and to properly address injustices in the Criminal Justice System. Role of Government CL Government is not inherently a good or bad thing, but plays an important role in society. Russia L The US needs to be putting its trust in the international community, and in working through the UN to control and penalize Russia. We can neither let Russia slide for its actions, or launch ourselves illegally onto the scene. Russian Interference CL Based on the Special Counsel's findings, it's time for the House to continue investigations - Trump is probably guilty of collusion and obstruction. Russia is a corrupt regime, and a major foe. Social Security CL No to any private investment, increase funding. Student Debt L Forgive student loans after 10 years of income-based repayment. Pass legislation to make college affordable. Supreme Court Nominations CL Replace existing justices with liberal-leaning swing judges. Tax Rates CL Raise taxes on the rich, reduce taxes on the middle class, and reform the corporate tax system (eliminate loopholes). Trump Support L Move towards impeachment or removal of Trump because of Russia collusion or possible financial crimes. Investigate Trump on every avenue possible. Unions CL Labor Unions provide job security and allow workers to collectively better themselves and be paid a fair wage. Venezuela CL Gradually phase out Venezuelan sanctions until Maduro steps down. Wall Street CL Reinstate Glass-Steagle. War on Drugs L Legalize soft drugs, and consider the legalization of other drugs - decrease spending on Drug War. War on Terrorism CL A renewed focus on multilateral foreign policy aimed at engaging terrorism as a police issue. Protect civil liberties.
  2. One thing that DeSantis has going for him than Pence is that DeSantis loves to engage in cultural war battles in front of the cameras. Yes, Pence can engage in cultural battles also(look at his stance towards the LGBT community as Gov of Indiana), but Pence is too mild manner. DeSantis loves to make a spectacle for cable news, while Pence cannot replicate those "made for tv moments". I think there will be a segment of the party that will go to Pence, but if one were to see DeSantis and Pence on a debate stage, I cannot imagine how Pence will emerge as victorious.
  3. I doubt Trump will run. Mar-a-Lago is in Palm Beach County, and the two nearby districts are the now vacant 20th(Hasting's old seat), and the 21st (Frankel) are heavily Democratic. Though Brian Mast's district could follow the coast to Mar-a-Lago.
  4. A lot has been written about Trump's massive swing in the RGV(the heavily Hispanic communities along the border in Texas). But Biden made serious improvements within the suburbs in Texas. Collin County(Plano and Frisco- home of companies such as Dr.Pepper, Frito-Lay, Cinamark) shifted towards Biden. In 2012, Mitt Romney received 64.8% of the vote. in 2020, Trump received 51.4% of the vote. The 24th District(Irving, and northeast Tarrant County-Grapevine, Southlake) was a reliable Republican suburban stronghold. In 2012, Mitt Romney got 60% of the vote; to Obama's 38%. In 2020, the district voted for Biden 52-47.
  5. The problem is that Trump is loved/respected within the right that it is difficult to imagine who would be willing to challenge him. I could see DeSantis being craven enough to run quietly in case Trump fails to gain momentum(his weird blog site doesn't match the popularity of Twitter). But I don't see DeSantis openly attack Trump much like Sanford did back in 2016. Hawley and Cotton are both ambitious enough that they could try to outflank Trump on a more populist platform(think how Hawley's big pet project is attacking big tech)- but both compared to Trump have the charisma of a high school AV club.
  6. I feel that this might be the most important factor in determining Trump's success in 2024. Allow me to compare Trump to his favorite person, Hillary Clinton . In 2016 she had a large war chest, name ID(Senator of the 3rd largest state, and wife of a President), and close relationships of countless Democratic Party members. That last part helped clear a path for her to the nomination(with many not wanting to risk their careers by running against her). Now outside of the "resistance twitter" part of the Democratic Party, Clinton holds little sway within the party; Trump however is still influential. So the only primary challenger that Trump will face is the token moderate(your Hogan. Kasich, etc) or someone who feels that Trump is not far right enough-Bernie Sanders to Hillary in 16. But regardless, that last part, money be damned is why if he announces suddenly Tim Scott, DeSantis, and so on will stop flirting with running.
  7. I am uncertain if this is what you are referring to but Florida and South Carolina have benefited from this. While Florida has the demographics to be more competitive( high minority population, and large metro areas), the constant influx of retirees keep the state a lean Red. In my state of South Carolina, Charleston is rapidly growing and becoming more and more liberal leaning. However to things will keep South Carolina a red state: 1) growth in Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach(the two main retirement areas); 2) growth in the Upstate area(Spartanburg) that is fueled by blue collar manufacturing jobs.
  8. Yeah conspiracy theories that would have been relegated to the fringes of society(Coast to Coast AM, and short wave radio) have spread like wildfire. While some of these theories are goofy(Think Q assuming JFK Jr is still alive and would be the VP), the rest still carry the same dangerous anti-government stance that radicalize its followers.
  9. I think early voting will be an interesting mechanic. Depending on how strong your ground game is, x amount of days leading up to the election a percentage of the voting base will have already voted for you. This mechanic can make you immune(or close to immune) to last minute changes. Of course, you can edit the amount of voters in the state vote early(say set it to 10%, 50%, etc).
  10. The best wrestler of all time(from a non-wrestling fan) is obviously the man behind this speech
  11. I feel you, I wish I still had my Gameboy and Gamecube....but turns out electronics do not survive water damage. Also, do you play JRPGs? I noticed you primarily play strategy games, curious what else you play.
  12. I hope that Apple II is still around, because that will be so awesome if it was.
  13. Reliving memories of Morrowind long load times on the OG Xbox, and my one of my favorite gaming memories: leaving the sewers in Oblivion.
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