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  1. Yeah conspiracy theories that would have been relegated to the fringes of society(Coast to Coast AM, and short wave radio) have spread like wildfire. While some of these theories are goofy(Think Q assuming JFK Jr is still alive and would be the VP), the rest still carry the same dangerous anti-government stance that radicalize its followers.
  2. I think early voting will be an interesting mechanic. Depending on how strong your ground game is, x amount of days leading up to the election a percentage of the voting base will have already voted for you. This mechanic can make you immune(or close to immune) to last minute changes. Of course, you can edit the amount of voters in the state vote early(say set it to 10%, 50%, etc).
  3. The best wrestler of all time(from a non-wrestling fan) is obviously the man behind this speech
  4. I feel you, I wish I still had my Gameboy and Gamecube....but turns out electronics do not survive water damage. Also, do you play JRPGs? I noticed you primarily play strategy games, curious what else you play.
  5. I hope that Apple II is still around, because that will be so awesome if it was.
  6. Reliving memories of Morrowind long load times on the OG Xbox, and my one of my favorite gaming memories: leaving the sewers in Oblivion.
  7. HW played college baseball. And Ford played college football. The Republican team is unfairly stacked.
  8. So let me ask you guys this. How old are you? (If you're comfortable sharing) Late 20's. Do you like Mountain Dew? My go to soda is Diet Mountain Dew. Not sure if that counts. Have you played Mass Effect? Finished 1 on the 360. Played i think half of2 and never got around to 3. Ever been to Arizona? To quote Lucile Bluth, "I rather be dead in California than alive in Arizona." But I haven't been there. Ideal place to live? The mountains of North Carolina, such as Ashville. Did you vote?(I don't care who you voted for. I'm asking if you
  9. If I were Trump, I would rather want a GoP Senate majority, and a smaller Dem House majority; than a Dem Senate and a stronger Dem House majority. But you do bring a good point. Beto O'Rourke barely lost the election but his strength in the suburbs of Houston and elsewhere helped carry many Democrats to victory.
  10. Texas, and Georgia would by my two states for Biden. The Texas State House, House seats and Senate seat are in play. Georgia has two Senate seats and one possible House pickup. However, Trump oddly could improve the GoP's standing in Minnesota and maybe Ernst in Iowa. Like from a campaign point of view, I am baffled by Trump's choices of where to campaign.
  11. If I were Biden, I would go to Georgia than Arizona. Georgia has two competitive Senate elections and a few House races. While Arizona's Senate race is essentially locked up, baring anything major in the next few days. Trump, I am surprised hasn't established a second home Minnesota given how Tina Smith is under performing in the polls.
  12. Instead of asking about Roe, I would ask about Lawrence v Texas. Because Roe is associated with abortion, but Lawrence's ruling came from the same mindset of Roe: the right to privacy. I would ask do you agree with the ruling in Lawrence v Texas in regards to the right to privacy, and how expansive is this right to privacy?
  13. If Trump were to lose in 2020, will the GoP see that as a repudiation on Trumpism? If Biden were to lose, where will the Democratic Party go?
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