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  1. Trump 7 Cruz 7 Paul 7 Rubio 5 Christie 5 Bush 2 Kasich 2 Fiorina 1 Carson 1 Undercard winner is drunk old man Graham
  2. Add a description of what targeting and footsoldiers do for momentum, even I'm confused sometimes on that. The primary voting percentages should have way more undecided voters especially in the D. A high volume of undecided voters leads to awful voter turnout, I don't know your code so I don't know if this is a cosmetic bug or working as intended An option to increase or decrease overall voter turnout. Debate winners should get a MUCH greater modifier to momentum and/or overall vote gaining. Not winning a debate or not placing in top 3 of 5 or 5 of 10 should kill national momentum. Ads s
  3. Sanders has the most grassroots donors ever.
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