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  1. Still not as bad as the old US Presidential elections where so much of the Democratic vote was wrapped up in the Solid South
  2. What have you done?!?!?! That looks crazy!
  3. This is great! Yes, I can recognise metric units. I hail from Australia, the land of the sensible and literate. The non-official division of regions is fine. NE and S Ontario for example, in the Canada PMI, and in Australia, dividing up Sydney from NSW and Melbourne from Victoria. I definitely want to see a France 2017, because it's so interesting to watch to see who will win and the massive impact that it will have on the world, certainly more than Trudeau winning the Canadian election or the outcome of the Australian 2016 election.
  4. Would anyone be interested in going outside the English speaking world for a 270 game? I know Germany was done, and that was crazy complex. France will be very interesting and different. Hollande vs Sarkozy vs Le Pen: A poor campaigner with high integrity vs an excellent campaigner with no integrity vs someone in between them both would be very interesting. And since it's a Presidential style election, it works very well with the PI model. Thoughts?
  5. I'd say Haley is a more likely running mate for Rubio since Haley is a Governor and doesn't have to worry about a tough re-election this year. So I'd put SC in the Rubio column with that.
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